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Endless Words by Lane, Lin

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I am just a girl writing poetry (a woman) poetess like many and
it is sad how there are cliques that push their views
allmostlike . . . a gang         with an influential alpha leader
the center of attention in words and words( infinity)
abashing the non-believers (those of a different opinion)
a narrow-minded few and haven for personswithmeanbraincells
I am no stranger to this pain(this childish devastation)
they have no respect for right or wrong or hurting
will bash          anyone who stands alone . . .
the followers(like puppydogswaggingtails)follow mindlessly
oh gawd I don't like the clickclattercrackleclink    of endless words 
the cliqueycliquishcliquishly     the inner circle of bullys
held together by a thread of theatrical banterlikebehavior
I know this behaviour(Iwas5yearsold)
see it is not just adolescents girls who enjoy cliquishness
a small group of few can form a crew   agangofbashers
shameonyou  . . .       
but . . . I am proudstrong       I am not in a clique
I am independent(yearsofbullying)has been my companion
so echoic cliques are useless againstthehighwall I have built
to protect my soul    my spirit     my poetry(yet you can still)
breakanalreadybrokenheart . .  . shame on you      and
thissweetkindgirlwoman has had enough

May 30, 2015
Free Verse
Written by: Broken Wings
Submitted to the contest, Women Only #2, sponsor, Kelly Deschler

Fourth Place

Poem of the Day, June 1, 2015

Copyright © Dear Heart | Year Posted 2015

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Dimensions of Truth

Dimensions of truth
Spoken or unspoken ,
written or unwritten,
expressed or ever shared
Endless words ,numerous perceptions
and countless misconceptions--
are different dimensions to 
the truth.
It makes many people  wonder about what it is
and can anyone really define it?
Truth is something which pricks/breaks your heart
or makes you vulnerable.
 Might be a light invigorating,
which calms and brings peace
An experience which tests your very own
self and existence.
Mostly a power which many cannot handle
and afraid to confront it.
An encounter which gives us new perspective
and a tough yet content choice to live with.
Its hard and rude when you speak/articulate
and aggressive when you write it.
one has to transcend beyond himself and his mind
to know its nature and its course.
Though the time changes 
and people turning to different people
 but the truth remains  same.
Truth stands alone,may come many 
tornados and is stark naked
even when facing temptations.,
with head held high and looking into the sky.
Truth may be alone most of the time
but it gathers true friends -honesty and bravery.

Copyright © kenisha shines | Year Posted 2016

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''Broken Wings''

Bird in a guilded cage, a broken heart, a solitary soul
Road less travelled, a soul full of longing, my heart bleeds
On a wing and a prayer, my heart is a lonely hunter, a weary soul
    Kiss the rose, look into my eyes
    Endless words, my heart laid bare
    No man is an island, tears fall like rain

        Words that were left unspoken, over and over again

It's never too late to change, wish upon a star
Near and dear to my heart, when all is said and done
Give it a whirl, as time passes by, my soul is weeping, weeping

    Stop and smell the roses, till the end of time

May 9, 2015



Copyright © Dear Heart | Year Posted 2015

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Hear the silent way
It is those dark fears you hide
A slow way to breath

Silence is holy
The judgment spoken aptly
No more endless words

Words that bury you
With wary, meaningless time
To some, no replies

Speak always knowing
words are golden coins to save
spend them shamelessly 

Hear that which only
Has greater meaning for you
Listen closely now.

Copyright © julie heckman | Year Posted 2015

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Restful Spirit

This restful spirit longs 
for love that measures
inspiring pleasures that might come
my restless spirit knows 
that it will not come ...

Each day I wake 
looking for my sleep
at night I sleep among my candles
that I light before my rest
of endless words ...

Putting my feet on the floor
I cry and cry for more
my restless figure 
walks through the fire
wanting a new world to come....


Copyright © Brooke Dylan | Year Posted 2014

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picnic- Rumi

With a delicate shudder the wind tossed her hair
Auburn waves tumbling free through the air
And with gentlest ease did it flow with the breeze
This most perfect of moments we'd shared

Not a mere single word was uttered that day
With her eyes endless words were spoken
Just a wink and a glance I would answer and say
"Perfects moments should never be broken"

She'd give me her hand- AND I'D EAGERLY TAKE IT!
For no woman or man I'd forsake it
She'd clinched my heart in her gentle sweet clasp
There was never a doubt that we'd make it

We made Love- LOVE?…such a slippery word
Of this truth her and I were aware
But at this single moment I rested assure
That neither the one of us cared

"I closed my mouth and spoke to you in a hundred silent ways."-Rumi

Copyright © Ronald Wheeler | Year Posted 2015

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I Love You In Quiet Gratitude

I love you that is all I suddenly know
It is all I suddenly feel deep within
Three simple words said in many ways
Those words in some last for eternity
In others, a fleeting momentary thing         
In some, words to gain power and control
Or as a means to de-flower the budding rose
Words that bring hope, happiness or tears
That takes the human heart to a high plain
That builds and builds like an overflowing dam
Reaching a crescendo of overwhelming love
Or passion and lust that sends one hurtling into space
Words that can also shatter into a million pieces
Piece by piece to be united or just thrown away
In forgotten dreams or memories once sweet 
Poets with endless words convey the agony and the joy
Others write music so sweet to invade all the senses
With rapturous words and a never forgotten melody
These three words that so describe the feelings of my heart
I love you, you have awakened the hidden core within
Our paths may never cross again, but know this
I love you! 

Copyright © Lizzie Treetop | Year Posted 2011

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Endless Words

With unmerciful intensity is the ringing,
the sound of my voice but I'm not singing.
No music in delightful chords do I hear,
Only incessant echoes play on in my ear.

Over and over, are the diminishing sounds,
Like the baying howls of fox-chasing hounds.
What words are those, so repeatedly given
until to the brink of insanity I am driven?

As in a canyon, whose walls reach so high,
I cannot staunch the words that I hear cry.
They blare at first, then gradually drift afar
repeatedly saying, "Scars from the warrrr."

Such sinister words, 'scars and war,' an eerie pair,
Why does hearing them cause me pain and despair?
There they go again and again, but why should I care?
Echoing, "Scars from the warrrr, more than I can bearrrr."

Fear reached inside and nearly consumed my heart.
I had a memory of a death, forgotten, so I thought.
Those echoed words were the ones I had cried,
when I heard the reason why my husband died.

"Scars from the warrrr," the last words I remember,
echo inside my head;  an eternal smoldering ember.

December 12th 2015
Where Echoes Hide
Sponsor: John Lawless

Copyright © Lin Lane | Year Posted 2015

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Birthday Girl

Sometimes it takes a random gesture 
to warm the soul of the birthday girl 
I never met her before,
I know she is beautiful inside and out 

I want to tell you thank you 
for letting me write something so sweet 
to the unknown 
you could be my neighbor, classmate, or potential best friend 

All I know is, 
Its your special day 
your gifts should be endless words of 
encouragement, empowerment, and embrace 

Happy Birthday Linda 
your 19 and in a new found place

hey girl her enjoy your day sorry I don't know how to make it pretty I just started this profile today 

Copyright © sierra messam | Year Posted 2013

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Not everyone’s prolific;
Being so might be a curse.
To some, it’s quite terrific
But to others, the reverse.

For those who mass produce their wares
Perhaps are just obsessed;
And holding back a bit impairs
Their mojo, so they’re stressed.

A poet or a painter
Churning endless words or scenes
May find talent growing fainter,
‘Til incentive intervenes. 

But the converse may transpire,
For the adage clearly states
Practice often takes us higher
Than a blue moon generates.

So to those who are prolific
(I’m included in that bunch),
I conclude (not scientific)
We should all be pleased as punch!

Copyright © ilene bauer | Year Posted 2013

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A world of Words

they intrigued me

they made me laugh

they told me endless, illicit, Stories

of events that could or may not have

taken place 



spoken in just the right tone

won (one) could believe

in just about anything...



uttered, just before a kiss



yelled, out loud 

as a preacher bells out

thunder and Theology



given in youthful haste



with Criticism



of wisdom



tainted with lies 



endless words


and words use to make others believe

and, do wrong, to there fellow man/woman

Copyright © verlecia fields | Year Posted 2013

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For Quincy Mac

Like a missile I endeavor to send out these ill words that meet,
Skilled while the earth is grounded to my feet,
Onset I blend together sweet sounds using the alphabet,
No regrets what so ever, a gift for you from this clever creative acrobatic etymologist,
A linguist with retrospect, on track Quincy Mac ascends to attack,
All about one hundred percent, maxed out,
Inspired by other poet’s styles, the fire is felt by what they state,
The lines they create into verses, it’s what they invent and represent,
These Wordsmiths that calculate endless words for you to hopefully comprehend,
Bending thoughts that surely stimulate what’s in your head,
Unless the brain has no intelligence and poorly sends useless content,
Cognitive dissonance, a human flaw that will try to defend because of ignorance,
This prevents the minds performance,
So train! With genuine intent and insure well designed maintenance,
This will make a difference to your success,
So digest this and envision your future accomplishments,
These are not divine commandments,
Just basic insight sent,
Not to offend,
But rather for the women and men that see,
Including me,
That want to have a mind that’s free,
Because there’s so much brain washing from this worlds debris,
Yes indeed from what we watch, hear and read,
So we need positive vibes,
Well thought out and ascribed,
So forget about unpleasant failure and how hard you tried,
Respect that’s the past and no part of the present,
So be incessant and pack knowledge that stays mentally intact,
And those that are reading this…… this is mainly for Quincy Mac,


Quincy Mac
Date Written: 4.4.2016

Copyright © Quincy Mac | Year Posted 2016

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By Michael J Falotico

                                            Personification of our souls...
                                            Only way to script our dreams..
                                            Endless words poured from torn hearts..
                                            To tell our stories in rhyme or not..
                                            Rolling letters just on paper..
                                            Yes ,being the most positive word...

Copyright © Michael J. Falotico | Year Posted 2011

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Flameless Smoke

Like endless words
emotionally meant
Like tideless memories
erratically spent
Like dreams that weave
a few days content
Like flameless smoke
love lies dormant

Copyright © Jack Kenny | Year Posted 2009

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Just a Note...

I’m looking through the pictures,
Of you and me, amongst everyone else,
On various occasion,
And I wish we have more.

I’m reading through the e-mails,
Through endless words,
Of Hellos and Good Byes,
And I wish we have more.

I’m remembering every second,
When we meet,
When we talk,
When we simply smile to each other,
And I wish we have more.

I wish we have all the times of our lives,
To laugh, to embrace, to call each other names, 
To say something silly,
To be side by side,
I just wish we have more.

Cause when a couple of days are not enough,
And a couple of weekends are mere seconds, 
May I suggest a lifetime?

Copyright © Erika Lee | Year Posted 2008

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This emptiness falls deep from my mind. 
The sanity is out there for me to find.
Countless thoughts that stress to the max.
A soul that never get’s a chance to relax.

Endless words that continue to wander.
Myself I will then start to ponder.
Pain that taunts and sticks around.
Silence that fades and is never found.

Running around in circles until I am weak.
Guidance is now left for me to seek.
Raging thoughts that need to escape.
My life, I am trying not to break.

Words are seeping deep in my brain.
Myself I try not to drive insane.
“Back off world, Leave me alone”.
My heart lets out a final groan.

“Get out of my head, I didn’t want you here”
I grab my life by the wrist and begin to steer.
Trying to swim in my river of tears.
Still staying above my countless fears.

These thoughts seem to follow me wherever I go.
Myself, I fear others will get to know.
Haunted by thoughts that don’t know how to leave.
Still thinking the truth, no one will believe.

Copyright © Whitney Warren | Year Posted 2011

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Vanity spewing unchecked to an unwillingly captive audience
"I am this and I did that", "look at me, me, me"!
"Make me pretty, I am pretty, I am aren't I"?

Maybe I am just tired or tainted
or just possibly because I am bald by choice

So much time spent on words without value
time that will never be retrieved
a seemingly limitless future of endless words
if only that were true.

This one minute, one second, may well be the last
the one that truly matters
use every word wisely
you may well be having that final word.


Copyright © Stephen Allen | Year Posted 2012

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the endless page

The endless page is a story of meaning
that she has so excellently sewn
The endless sentence is but a fire
that she has so excellently extinguished
and she mixes quill and ink.

Among the morning dew is when I had to leave
because of her unconscious fallacy
And she may not realize it yet
that it troubled me so
She writes the endless page,
with endless words.

I who lives one-thousand miles away from love
I who has decided to drain himself of rationality
am announced upon a letter from the post master
and I who is shamefully evil
entail the details;
the endless page.

"My Dear love,
to whose actions I cannot express
why am I such a deceit to you?
The deceit to which you left little explanation
the girl to which you killed with burning ambition
Why do you fare with my heart 
why must you treat it like a poppet?

"My Dear love,
I'm forever sorry for never detailing
just how much I love you
And the pain to see you everyday
just reminds me of the darkness;
my dear love
I'm in the ground now,
as you read this endless page."

Copyright © Jake Brunton | Year Posted 2017

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Possession of Time

Enchantress dancing in silent solitude
Sparkling above shaded clover
Possessing movements
Invitation to blindly emerge
Endless words lost in a caress of time
Broken light shades the birth of love
From heaven above
Awaking time leading in bearing fortion
Forever the embrace
Not to ever end

Copyright © Repunzelle Garland | Year Posted 2005

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Feeling hopeless
The only word crossing my mind is sorry
sticking to the path I'm choosing
but the day is becoming night
and I can't see clearly
Walking down one road 
only to turn tail and begin from start
like I'm just stuck on the game board of monopoly
The writing on the wall
the art of illusions
or maybe I am just blind
Just...I'm only being guided by
the endless words of a sad song
while I'm just mumbling
I'm sorry as I drift into the night
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
I'm sorry...

Copyright © Crow thepoet | Year Posted 2016

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her soul took flight

you made the sun shine
you brought sands to any beach.
endless words i have written
 your out of my reach.
my heart it clings to you 
my beautiful only daughter.
my tears they fall like rain
at the thought of never seeing you again.
my hearts now filled with such sorrow
its in so much pain.
a mothers and fathers worst nightmare
of loosing one of their wains.
my heart now will never be free
as your not here to share it with me.
my heart crys now everyday
as god has taken you away.
my tears they fall now like rain
as her soul it took flight.
i think of you my dear daughter 
each day and every night
as i long for you in my sight.
i know you have your wings now
its my heart it clings to you 
it will never ever again be free
it will always be waiting to reunite with you.

Copyright © Rosina Quigley | Year Posted 2018