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Fantasy Vs Reality

I’m livin’ the reality as fantasies haunt me
With butterfly thoughts like fantasies serene
The reality I’m livin’ is so overwhelming
So let the truth hurt while I live in this fantasy
So Imma live with Wonka in the chocolate factory
Reality’s incomplete as it kneels down on one knee
Proposing to me at a chance on life
But fantasy in my ear beggin’ me to be wife
I’m on this emotional roller coaster with reality
Tryin’ to face myths of “ The Fantasy Extreme”
Extremities of fantasies read the thoughts of my body
As reality sinks in consuming my soul’s mind….legally probably
I dream with fantasy only to wake up to reality
They say in reality dreams come true at the scene
But I wonder if they know that fantasy fulfills my lustful needs
When reality is boring and I just don’t wanna dream
So I guess since fantasy is fiction I can’t do nothin’ with it…
I’ll just keep writing on this path of Non-fiction
Cause at least with reality…when I speak…you listen

Written by Aleasha Martin

Copyright © Aleasha Martin | Year Posted 2013

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Dispatchers - The Voices Behind the Radio

Voices Behind the Radio

I have chosen to be a dispatcher, working hard to save a life
It is our job to obtain the information from the chaos and the strife.

We do our best to get the location, and the nature of the call
Each call is always different. Sometime we cannot obtain it all.

A patient not breathing, a burglary, or a traffic accident could be the call
We ride the emotional roller coaster, remaining calm throughout it all.

We give instructions to the caller, while keeping them on the phone
Re-assuring help is on the way, and that they are not alone.

With the units enroute, caller still on the phone, we add notes to the call.
We never withhold information obtained, we gladly provide it all.

The Officer needs the address again, the Fire Chief more units to staging
The Medic the nature of the call, it is our job to keep updating.

When we hang up the phone we have done our job, our units are all Code-4
The calls can be overwhelming at times, Sometimes we would like to run out the door.

We have to be ready for that next call, Police, Fire, or EMS
We rely on our training as we strive to do our best.

We ride with you in your Police Cars, Fire Trucks, and Ambulances to each call
We are the lifeline that sends you out each time, and wants you safe throughout it all.

We are usually the face of the department, and the first to be left out
Those faceless voices behind the radio, you depend on without a doubt.

Thomas Nedzbala

Copyright © Thomas Nedzbala | Year Posted 2015

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Role Reversal

I knelt down and did up her zipper -
She struggles with her sight you see
She kissed me gently on the top of my head 
Saying ‘things I did for you as a child now you do for me’

Jan Allison
12th April

The above happened yesterday - I am on massive emotional roller coaster with mum at the moment 3 amazing days and today she’s not so good and I’m struggling with the emotions

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2014

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- Together They Were Strong -

A strong and new friendship was born at the cancer clinic
Both cry, they had lost the driving force to look forward
The pleasure of a long life and everything they had planned for the future
Hopes and longings ... lost dreams like the shadow of the snake in paradise

// Brotherhood, together they were strong
   Every day they fight a fight
   Everyday life is characterized by grief but also joy
   They knew how precious this friendship was //

They talk about everything, even what has never been told before
Like two burning lights that become one
Dealing with the strongest storms ... incoming waves that wrap
Emotional support and confidence in death's waiting room

// Brotherhood, together they were strong
   Every day they fight a fight
   The inkhouse at the writing desk, the tears turn black
   They do not have time to wait, see if the wounds will grow //

Life before and after diagnosed cancer of the pancreas
Uncontrolled cell growth, the most dangerous cancer
There are many emotions, thoughts and reactions
A journey separating the road from the deep mountains

// Brotherhood, together they were strong
   Every day they fight a fight
   Anxiety, the treatment is tough, they both know it
   An emotional roller coaster, they both spin //

Brothers without blood tie, neither the same mother or father
The last journey was planned without luggage
Two young men, the youngest 28 and the oldest 32
I know, because I followed them as a nurse at hospital

// Brotherhood, together they were strong
   Every day they fight a fight
   "Light a candle for us tonight, nurse Ann"
   A small wish in meaningless battle that eventually ends with a loss //

            ~ ~ ~

Listen ... clear clinking from heavy keys,
on the other side of the door
The angels are waiting
The pain disappeared
The sun went down
Rest in peace

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

1st place in the contest

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2018

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I Could Not Do It Before

I Could Not Do It Before
By Dr.  Tina Medina

I could not do it before
I dare not shut the door
My heart yearned for something more
I loved you to the core
Even though I did not keep score
It was obvious who loved who more
Yet what for?
Yet what for?
It may be time to shut the door
The door to my heart is what we are talking about
It can’t be bought with finances, prestige, and clout
The key was always within me
You thought it was yours at any liberty
But you do not define me
I was once blind about you, but now I can see
Today I awoke and something was anew
I did not even have a clue
Yet I knew there was something I had to do
I had to shut the door
For a promise of so much more
There was a proposal to me on a silver platter
Shut the door, the time is latter
You, my daughter deserves so much more
Do not let him treat you bad as I promise to settle up the score
All because I want you to have more
Do not make the mistake
He is not a piece of cake
If you dare to move forward in motion to me
Do you think I will not answer your plea?
I have seen the way he has treated you
There is no excuse, you are not a person in lieu
One day, a revelation of you will ensue
Yet you may not want him to pursue
His love is not strong as glue
I simply thought you knew
The past is the past
Yet the negative emotional roller coaster still last
Why is he always moving so fast?
He is quick to throw you into an emotional cast
All at your expense to see how long will this last
It is to your advantage to let him go
You can’t stay with him emotionally low
You woke up today
Because I had something to say
The message was for you and there was no delay
Push him away because all he wants to do is play
Letting go of our problems of the past
only means you value yourself first, no longer last
I loved him more
Yet somebody upstairs was keeping tight score
The verdict is in
There is no more time for a conversational spin
Your smooth words no longer affect me
I just gained a prophetic victory
I was blind about your ways, but now I can see
My love was not for sale
But it has rare weight on the trust and loyalty scale
I am not looking for any male
My words can make you pale
The truth is that you made my heart ail 
True emotions expressed will never fail
I just read your damn mail
Year after year, I could not shut the door
But in 2017, God says there is something more
Oh my God, there is something more if I dare shut the door
Why could I not do it before?
Why could I not shut the door?
What was I waiting for?
The time is now as my career is ready to soar
For many years I loved you, and it simply did not matter
Your lost in the game of lots of women, scoring, running, and scatter
What happens to you in the latter?
My love, my compassion and my integrity is in tact
I can no longer be lost in your comedy act
Oh, that’s a fact
I dare not to be a part of your tactical plan
The one in which you think I really need a man
The one in which I am a pawn in your game of chess
I am so sorry, I am out of this emotional mess
The plan in which you think I would do anything for you
The plan that allows you freedom to do what you do
The plan that hurt me and my integrity
Because it is just not part of me
As I long for truth and liberty
Have you ever loved someone that brought you so much inner pain?
It’s not you at all, it is all his inner heart strain!
You loved at a level that he caused you to be emotionally drained
Something is wrong with this picture, its out of frame
Or maybe he just lost at his own game
He took your love and used it like fuel
All to boost himself up to act really cool
Today, your plan was dismantled by heaven above
All because of some serious love
I am a Daughter of the King
I bear His signet ring
I do not need your imitation bling
I have to stop myself and sing
Being free from potential death is a beautiful thing
I was told if I shut this door, a new life awaits me
God finally has heard my plea
A deal is on the table
I can only pursue it if I am able
This is no fairy tale or fable
A new life, one that I have wanted for and dreamed about
It has nothing to do with money or clout
It is all about the writing and the poetry in motion
It’s all about the words and not the Southern gentlemen’s sly potion
You, my former love are obsessed with material things and objects of high value
Yet they are not the essence of you
The riches of our heart are not based on the type of cars we drive
What really matters is that you are spiritually alive
My God says there is something more
So I have to shut this door
I have to be strong now because there is more
I have to shut this door
I am sorry to let you go, but what if there is really something more?
All I have is a promise from the King
A new version of my life, a very precious thing
I would rather take it than staying in the dark and the spiritual strife
I really need more precious life
I do not like the omission of truth that you can cut like a knife
The door is shut now
I really do not know how
It happened so fast, there was no time to react
The most important thing is that I never lost track
It happened today 
That is all I have to say
It happened today
You can go back and play

Copyright © Tina Medina | Year Posted 2017

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Don't fall in love with a poet

Don’t fall in love with a poet.
By Jude Kyrie

I look into your trusting beautiful eyes.
You are so lovely so gentle and loving.
I wonder if you know yet
you will leave me.
For you are playing
with a tinder box.
And I am a gallon of gasoline.
The fire is inevitable.
You will find out there
A man who is gentle
with a loving heart
He will see only
the beauty in you.
You will have become
tired of my poetry
The emotional roller coaster
I choose to live on.
Weary of the poets afflictions
for red wine and infidelity.
You will fall into his bed
and he will welcome you.
Into his much stronger arms
than mine can ever be.
I shall return
to writing love poems
Poems that are
real to my heart
But to a woman
that cannot ever exist.
I shall frequent
the slam bars of the city.
And sleep with
the women who think its
Romantic to bed a poet.
Yet never ask
my last name.
So strike your tinder box.
Create a spark.
Save yourself
as I ignite into
flames before you.

Copyright © Jude Kyrie | Year Posted 2016

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Emotional Roller-coaster

Words run a race
Inside my head
My heart quickens pace
Inside my chest

This roller-coaster brings no thrill
To my emotional state
My thoughts run fast but I stand still
In these hectic days

Copyright © Marilyn Hernandez | Year Posted 2012

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'Emotional Roller Coaster'

emotional big dipper
going up and then
   speeding down
my mind is in a spin
   how did I get here?

I don’t like the face staring back at me
   so cheerless
hazel eyes without their shine

a broken mirror
  dissimilar views
in between the heartache
  and expectant dreams


Copyright © Wilma Neels | Year Posted 2011

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you never let go

When people come into our life
and shatter our hopes and dreams
 it feeels like we on an emotional roller coaster ride
But the Lord will alway stay by our side
he will hold on to us and help us to stand firm
as we grow and as we learn
when we are hurting he will comfort us and help us every step of the way
and he will keep on Loving and blessing us every single day
he will wrap his arms around us in a  warm embrace
and he will constantly watch over us in each and every place. Amen

Psalm 108
v 13 	 With God’s help we will do mighty things,
for he will trample down our foes.

Copyright © diane christian | Year Posted 2011

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Conflicting Emotions

Conflicting emotions, twirl inside of me, emotions or anger, rage pain and 
Crying out for release, wondering when it will cease, this raging beast of 
conflicting emotions, no love potions, up and down on an emotional roller coaster
Feelings of helplessness and despair, am not aware of the many hats that 
I have to wear
Doing what I need to do to survive, just barely alive, does not understand the
contrivance of man, or woman, the sinister appearance of a friend, til the bitter 
Spread vicious lies and deceit, anger and hurt does not retreat, as I shake
my head in the sadness of despair
Do they care or have to bear the scars of the conflicting emotions, that are
left behind
Anger and rage barely un-controlled, trying to maintain a measure of composure,
exposure to the unbridled truth
Your varnished perception of the truth, may not be truth at all, but it's your call,
to help the fall, or downfall as it were to dissent, because you feel inferior
The hallowed walls of interior, the grappling to make yourself feel better, because
of your inadequacy, you'd have people believe that you are honest and true

Truth not in you, and you have no soul, that's why you are not whole,
and complete within yourself
To make you a better you, you try to be the un-doing of me, a portrayal of 
But I will never give in to the conflicting emotions, swirling around like a 
ravaging ocean
What you tried to do to me, knock me to my knees, and have me plead
trying to break me, while you do you, will never hold true, and you will one 
day rue, what you have spun together in your web of lies
I will not cry, nor will I die, I'll hold my head up high

You can never be the un-doing of me, You can never rattle my faith or shake my 
integrity, the way that you have thrust out your hand against me, you cannot
touch me, cause I am whole and you cannot touch my soul
For there is a power higher than you, and you will never break thru
The old adage still forever holds true, and you will one day know,
That  you will always reap what you sow

Copyright © Deneen White | Year Posted 2007

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As vivid as lightening striking a tree, the storms of life possesses me. My fascination is in my highs and lows. There are no reasons to feel baffled. Once the storm starts, issues will unfold. Your inner being will begin to form. The storms of life define the saddest love. * In a depicter state, she stood. Her body trembles in the multitude. A man from across the room, she found, observed her. She read his lips as he murmured that she had entered the storm. She knew he wondered what her troubles were. She sniffed and said I am in love. The storms of life are an emotional roller coaster. They will bring many hopes and disappointments. Brace yourself for the heights because the rush just may take your life. In a mental-physical world we all live. When your storm hits, be prepared. He depicts his own faith. His keeps his feelings in a mood swing. He is not out to be depleted emotionally. He knows his highs and lows. He capitalizes on his passions. She hears him sigh. This is a sign of the storms of life. He wonders why she stares. She knows that one, within the near future, will defeat his rages and desires. The storms of life to him are a nervous breakdown. Paroxysm is eruditions of the storms of life. A child in famine cries. In a mental-physical world, a humanitarian purpose must thrive. This is because the storms of life are devised. * “Thou I walk in the shadows of death, I fear no evil.” STORMS OF LIFE ___________________________| PENNED ON JUNE 26, 2014!

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker | Year Posted 2014

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Him Or Me Pt 1 (adult content)

Him or me?  Sweetie who's it gonna be?   You have me waiting, anticipating.  This 
question should not have you hesitating.  I've sat back and listened to you explain.  Your 
need for me but love for "what-his-name?"  It should not be so hard for you to decide.  For 
he keeps you on an emotional roller coaster ride.  Take a look back when I was before him.  
It's not difficult to comprehend.  I was your honey. lover, friend.  Just follow your heart and 
follow what your body tells you.  It's a start when you acknowledge I've never failed you.  
Damn-it woman you hold the power.  Who do you think about in lonely hours?  Who do you 
imagine touching you in the shower?  You know I'm the one who goes deep.  Sweetie you 
know my love is unique.  You know I'll do what he won't in the bedroom.  You know when it 
comes to you nothing is sexually taboo.
       I'm the one who takes you out on the town.  You know I like to go down.  You know I'm 
far from selfish in bed.  Does he wake you up to morning head?  Come on don't lie.  Does he 
gobble, make you hobble after eating your apple pie?  Does he keep your kitty on a sexual 
high?  Does he flip, dip bite into your battleship?  He probably see's it as invalid.  So I know 
he don't toss your salad.  Baby you know what I'm about.  Does he make you cry out in 
ecstacy?  When you're with him do you think of me?
       Tell me, does he show you public affection?  Was he there with you watching "Obama" 
win the election?  Is he there for you, share with you special moments in life?  Will he 
sacrifice his career?  Does he whisper sweet words in your ear?  Does he kiss the tip of your 
nose?  Surprise you with a rose?  Does he massage your feet?  Take you out to eat?  Does 
he make your heart smile?  And to comfort you, would he walk a thousand miles?  Does he 
do these things and then some?  No!  He's silly and dumb!  Always on the run, always on the 
go and no!  "Attention" he doesn't show!  He don't know that I'm the one who understands.  I 
support your goals and plans.  I know you like no other.  You don't need advice from your 
mother.  She even knows I'll catch you if you fall.  You know she see's me as her son-n-law. 

Continued on pt 2

       Note: Spoken word piece.  Sometimes ladies you let that best male friend get away and 
end up with th wrong man!

Copyright © Jimmy Anderson | Year Posted 2009

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Death the final frontier

We are born to crying 
Tears smiles and pride
Live our lives hearts desire
Emotional roller coaster ride
Guidance from our elders
Often not absorbed
Until we make mistakes
Than are questions are ignored
So many paths to follow
So much to learn
Feed your brain 
Buy a house money to earn
We all end the same
No air to breathe
Blood drained from our veins
For some it's magical
A ride of pure delight
Others drown senses
Obscuring every plight
Many blinded by 
Lessons of life
Will make a second quest
On earth 
souls torture and trife!
Death, the final frontier
Infinity is ended 
You no longer 
Have a care
The living are left
To clean and carry on
Make sense of it all
Long after you are gone.

Copyright © Kelli White | Year Posted 2015

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Queen Eileen

Everyone who is anyone Knows of our darling Queen Eileen I graciously bow in her presence each day In respect for her lofty station on the Soup It's an emotional roller coaster we ride But when we hitch a ride with this beauty We are assured we will make it through Queen Eileen's passion for life Is contagious infecting everyone Whose lives she touches I am proud to say, Cathie and I Are two of those fortunate souls To call Queen Eileen an extra special Most loveable of loving friends Everyone who is anyone Knows of our darling Queen Eileen © Jack Ellison 2014

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2014

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roller coaster

Here i am back on this emotional roller coaster... im getting sick from all these damn turns, 
swinging my feelings this and that way making me feel ways i would rather not say! praying 
that this ride is safer than the last, the last ride was going way too fast and the bolts came a 
lose and i crashed.
i was hurt for awhile but of course i had to get back up and try it again...
this ride that im on now is different its exciting but i feel safe, my seat belt is fastened and 
im holding the grips extra tight, cause ill be damned if i fall again, sick and all im going to 
stay on until this ride stops and when it does stop i will just get another ticket and ride this 
ride all over again...

Copyright © micheylle pough-hunter | Year Posted 2010

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Devastated and delirious

Devastated and delirious

Feeling so suicidal
feeling so devastated
devastated and destroyed
devastated and ravaged
ravaged and ruined
ravaged and wasted
wasted and inconsolable
wasted and brokenhearted
brokenhearted and afflicted
brokenhearted and grieving
grieving and mournful
grieving and anguished
anguished and in despair
anguished and despondent
despondent and dejected
despondent and depressed
depressed and disheartened
depressed and downcast
downcast and gloomy
downcast and saddened
saddened and pitiful
saddened and pained
pained and anxious
pained and moody
moody but encouraged
moody but heartened
heartened and comforted
heartened and hopeful
hopeful and reassured
hopeful and contented
contented and cheerful
contented and happy
happy and merry
happy and joyful
joyful and delighted
joyful and radiant
radiant and jubilant
radiant and elated
elated and exhilarated
elated and exultant
exultant and gladdened
exultant and blissful
blissful and ecstatic
blissful and enraptured
enraptured and transported
enraptured and delirious
delirious and walking on air
delirious and transcendent

50 line blitz

emotional roller coaster what a ride!

John Derek Hamilton
July 26,2016

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2016

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Holding a secret prayer

Today I’ve been leading my heart on a lonely chase
 Thinking of things in a million ways
As time just keeps slipping away

Like the rain falling from my sky 
Every day and every night  
Knowing the stars disappear because of the many clouds in sight 

And Inside I hold a secret prayer 
To have someone who would understood the tears I hide
 And all of my emotional roller coaster rides

 That has been bottled for year’s cause of pride
Oh so many times I‘ve tried to make a few new friends 
Some hang around for a while then they disappear again

Just casting me aside far and wide
While my feelings cave in like a rising tide
As try not to cry wondering why I just can’t be satisfied having no friends in my life

And I know that just hanging out with me is getting kind of old 
But I am so tired of being treated like I’m a common cold
Sure is a lonely road to not fit in where ever I go
Although I will keep holding on to my secret prayer 
For that special friend out there somewhere

Copyright © Jane Kostman | Year Posted 2012

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Emotional Roller Coaster

What do I say
That Im okay
Lieing to myself
And others anyways
Emotions caughtup
Aint got no luck
Nothing to hold on to
Right now, it just really sucks
The fact that Im left behind
With no extra time
To think about whether to hold on
Or just let it go and hope everything's fine
All my words caught up
Dont know what to feel
Dont know what to write 
Wish it wasnt real
There's always something wrong
That can never be turned right
Just wanna be happy 
With love and delight
Too bad 
Oh well
Im sad
Cause Ive failed
My life
My feelings 
What's right

Copyright © Tykeia Lake | Year Posted 2009

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Going Through the Motions

Author Dana Redricks
January 22, 2017

I’m hurting 
I’m laughing
I’m crying
Sometimes I feel like
I’m dying
I’m living 
I'm loving
my life feels like 
Emotional roller-coaster
so many emotions
So unsteady like the waves
On the ocean
This is my life going through
The motions

Copyright © Dana Redricks | Year Posted 2017

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A Break Up

I chose to be completely honest when I decided to break up with her.
 "Sorry," I said, 
"but I don't reach the height requirements to ride your emotional roller coaster."

Copyright © Billy TheKidster | Year Posted 2012

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The speed of lust
The fury of pain
Pitch dark feelings
Wrapped in a ball of flame… 'that’s emotion'

As the storm of sensation
And your heart collide
And it’s like the ocean
Bashing against the rocks at high tide… 'that’s emotion'

As the emotional roller coaster
Dips twist and turns
You can feel the winds friction
Yet you yearn for the burn

Traveling faster and faster
Without safety’s concern
You crash and free fall into a bottomless pit
Realizing emotion is long term.... 'It's forever'

Rushing through your veins
Like adrenaline for the brain
You can feel the battle between love and hate
Making you cry for novocaine …..'that’s emotion'

-E- is gasoline 
-MOTION- is its fire
Never fully satisfied
Yet its sparked by desire

An incredible encounter
Overwhelming in its capacity
Emotion is the master of manipulation
Dealing cards of joy and tragedy

So don’t worry be happy
But be afraid be very afraid
Although laughter is good medicine
An overdose will cause stress and strain… 'that’s emotion'.

Copyright © Cortez Maurell Lewis | Year Posted 2013

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My mind, my heart, my soul,
Is so frustrated, tired and confused.
They have all turned darker than coal,
They are so angered, hurt and tortured.

They all have different solutions,
Different opinions and rules.
They can’t decide on one conclusion,
They just don’t have any clues.

They’ve been riding for a long time,
On this emotional roller coaster.
they’ve been punished, not knowing their crime,
they’ve been pinched by pincers of a lobster!

They’ve been twisted and turned,
Sometimes on ice, sometimes on fire.
They’ve been called, “cheat” and “liar”…
What is this upon me?
I’m only, just a teen.
How can this be upon me?
God! Save the queen…

Copyright © dark queen MH | Year Posted 2016

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Being with you is an emotional roller coaster …instability
You circulate my emotions from the heights to the dungeon 
my guards are down I own the humility
You are the destroyer of my being, my soul sponge
Being in love with you is my only addiction
Escapades of the heart is uncontrollable
Possessiveness, jealousy, fear of rejection
It’s false evidence, a delusion, complete fiction
I sacrificed everything, now my life takes precedence
Involuntary passion is not consolable
Good bye codependence; hello independence
You love me and then leave me alone
Loving you is not good for me, it’s recklessly wrong
It’s Dysfunctional!!


Copyright © SHERRY BECK | Year Posted 2016

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The Poet

To read a poem is to read the writers most intimate feelings.
The gnawing pain the empty loneliness the utopian joy; dwelling on one at a time or on all of them at once as if the writer were on an emotional roller coaster.
You see the poet takes you on a ride to where you almost never go.
Into yourself: Making you pickup what you so often try to keep down.
Tempting you to touch what you sometimes deem forbidden.
So! let the poet take you on an adventure of new discoveries.
Pickup and touch those things you are afraid of and you just might find they help more than they hurt.

Copyright © Edward McCall | Year Posted 2016

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Broken heart longing to be loved

An empty heart that has tried and failed many time has picked up the broken shattered
 pieces of her heart,only to trip over her own feet and scatter them further than they 
were at one point.Wondering if it's meant to be, for someone to love her despite the 
fault she has; is there anyone that can look pass the way she look? the way she talks the 
way she smile and her personality tell you a different story than what to see on her 
outer appearance, or will you let that stand in the way of knowing who she really is? 
Ready to give up on love,the emotional roller coaster so worn down and worn out and not 
one bit of honest there is the relationship longing to be love just for who she is she's 
just another statistic of a  broken heart longing to be loved.

Copyright © Sharice Lewis | Year Posted 2005