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I've made a decision, a drastic solution So I don’t have to make a New Year’s resolution This year I’ve decided to become a nun… My ‘habit’ will shield my head from the sun I will resolve to join a silent order Mother Superior will act as my warder I’ll give up chocolate and drinking and smoking Hey poetry souper’s, you know I’m just joking! For many years I have not celebrated New Year So whilst others party and whoop and they cheer I’ll wear my flannel gown and go early to bed There I’ll write poems until sleep fills my head Good luck if you give up drinking or start a diet On New Year’s resolutions I resolve to stay quiet! Happy New Year to everyone at poetry soup Enjoy your holiday and in 2018 we’ll regroup Update for New Year Contest Sponsored by Janice Canerdy 12~22~15

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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from always under to mostly over

Ode to the Senior Golfer Pitch and putt I never worried about ‘cause all my drives were long and stout Now off the tee it doesn’t fly so far And all I can do is hope for par On my card 3’s are 4’s and 4’s became 5 Oh how I long for a 300 yard drive It’s only a game, some say unkind But it grabs at your heart and messes your mind It’s only a game still others proclaim Front nine was fun, the back nine shame So before I tee, I ask my Lord Just once put my name atop the leader board Now it’s early to bed so I can dream Of birdies and eagles and a jacket that’s green Written by my caddy Sir Duffy Mulligan FOUR!

Copyright © Warner Baxter | Year Posted 2014

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Unquotable quotes - I

Unquotable quotes - I

A friend in need is the goon who stokes your greed.
A journey of a thousand miles ends with the last broken step.
Don’t kill the brother-in-law until the sister is dead.
Butter your toast on either side to lick hands.
Hang not the hangman with noose: you’ll lose booze.
Half a loaf is better than no love.
Even a blind cat can smell a rat that bells the cat.
Take care of the pounds and the wife will pound you.
Take the load off your own fat.
Shoot to kill only if you can’t stand still.
Slow and steady are two legs in a sack race.
A marksman is the marked man’s also-ran.
A blacklisted writer is on every publisher’s reading list.
A dime a dozen is no denizen.
He who cries thief knows no mischief.
Turn coat and capsize boat.
A snake in the grass may miss Mass but is full of grace. 
Early to bed catches the worm.
All that glitters cannot be sold.
Immolate yourself to moult your soul.
Even if you’re forced to burn your boats, fly by air.
Where there’s a will, there’s no giving way.
Run also with the hares and the hounds will eat you.
A little knowledge makes the master grin.
Birds of a feather share the same tailor.
Don’t judge a woman with a book by its covers.
If you kick a can down the street, empty it first.
What burns up and out is the gas in the gut.
A stitch in time saves kith but not kin.
Forewarned is foredamned.
Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, just lay them.
If the hens begin to crow, the cocks will lie low.
If you pour oil on troubled waters, Mid-East will dry up.
Still waters run in sleep.
Parallel lives never meet or greet.

© T. Wignesan - Pris,  2016

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2016

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Unquotable quotes - V

Unquotable quotes – V

Constant dipping wears out the hardest bone.
Out of sight, out of bind.
Too many cooks spoil the school books.
Be a cuckoo and lay your eggs at the cuckold’s next door.
When lightning strikes, the fire-brigade rides.
Don’t cry over spilt tears on a tilted table.
Give a dope a long rope to escape prison and hang yourself.
Till the cows come home lone and married.
Do not teach a dog how not to bark.
A shark’s « fin » is the end of the film.
A rhinoceros’s horn makes the infidel a born again thorn. 
Early to bed, early to rise makes the wife stealthy, squelchy 
    and clock-wise.
A lawyer is a liar/Who rides a bicycle on a live wire/Smokes a 
    salmon in her office oven/Slurps noodles with poor 
    poodles/Makes fudges out of judges/Ends up selling 
    divorced wives/On the internet stock archives.
A two-timing two makes fools of fours on all fours.
Go fly a kite when you’re tight out of sight.
When the garden warbler trills on oblivious, the magpies 
         ensemble grumble.
Patients can undo all the good doctors do.
Even cars can become chronically ill.
Children need not be seen so long as the noise they make 
         reminds us of them.
Authority always provides cover for cruelty.	
The nation is always worthy of the most scurrilous crimes.
Religious service serves only the ritual’s hollow promise.
He serves God best who serves all creatures first.
God cannot be in need of help. Nor does He need adulation.
Is religion an attempt to bribe God ?

© T. Wignesan –Paris,  2016

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2016

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Taking Care Of Business

The thing about you and me babe
We're like two peas in a pod
You go to work every morning
I stay at home with no job

But don't worry that's okay
Somehow we'll both survive
I'll take care of the business 
You do your 9 to 5

Oh, I almost forgot the kid next door
Says he's going to do the lawn
Could you leave some money for him this time
It's embarrassing when I have none

I see that bothers you but that's okay
You do the best you can
You only let it happen once
And I'm an understanding man 

Of course when it comes down to it
It's hard to get much done really
With so much action going on
The daytime soaps on T.V.

So you run along now and have fun
The rent is due next week 
And we don't want the landlord throwing us
Out in the middle of the street

Later that day....

Honey, I know you've had a hard day at work
So I ordered us both something to go
If it's not too much trouble
Could you pick it up on your way home

You know I know what you like
It's your favorite Chinese
There's really no need to thank me
I'm just here to please

And don't worry after dinner
I'll clean up the mess
Certainly can't be having you 
Worry your pretty little head

You can just sit back and relax
Take time to unwind
In fact the trash will be here in the morning
You and I need some snuggle time

There's a good game on the tube
Or maybe go early to bed
So you'll be all fresh in the morning
To get up and do it all over again

Copyright © Mike Hauser | Year Posted 2016

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Too Wired For Bedtime

The scratchy fog will not alight,
upon the eye's shield to the night.
On upward drafts of rumination,
Hypnos whirls past his noble station.
Like Greeks concealed inside the steed,
thoughts - swords drawn - wait to be freed,
upon a mind in blind delight,
which had prepared for restful night.
No sooner than my head was laid,
those Greeks unleashed their thund'rous raid.
Early to bed,
Early to rise.
"Never!" shout my untiring eyes.
Marauding Greeks, they battle still,
awakening every thought and will.
Hypnos! Have you forsaken me?
Like windless ship upon the sea.
Set sail from land of toil and schemes,
to reach the newfound shore of dreams.
Stuck bobbing on an ocean that,
but for the breeze, lay calm and flat.
And while a calm sea does evoke,
a peace in the more mundane folk.
It will not carry those who aim,
for distant haven o'er the main.
And so I utter this eclogue,
to beckon forth that scratchy fog,
to lull me down in the moonlight.
Happy slumbers to all,
and to all a good night.

Copyright © Carolyn Fish | Year Posted 2016

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The internal department of the psychic friends,
Aggravation can find a dollar before it is printed,
Like Christmas tax day comes once a year,
It will take that long to pay one bill,
Ask Santa for it under the tree it will appear,
The parasite, the invalid, it can't help itself ,
It's eating away a the system,
You can't kill it, it's like bad grass,
It just sucks your blood and laughs,
The more you give it the more it wants,
They use your mind, your body, and your soul,
No matter how bad it hurts, it can hurt somemore,
Hand stretched out arms open wide,
It invites everyone to be on it's side,
It runs like water it's hard to hold,
It rund out of your pocket until there is no more,
Like maduca the seven headed moster with a sore,
It won't stop kicking until you are  is sore,
Men ain't free it's a IRS guarantee,
They can not stand the sun to shine,
They tell you what to think,
You can't fight City Hall because they put up a ten foot wall,
They can't hear, can't see, and won't speak no evil,
A crooked road where will this lead us,
To the deaths of the masses,
It spews hate it's the only thing that lasts,
Everything else is a worn out song,
"Follow the IRS you can't go wrong,
The IRS and it's sympathizers,
Go early to bed they are early risers,
Can't make love you can't go to war,
Not for a good reason or things worth fighting for,
Who's your daddy? What's your mama name,
Ask me no questions it's the end of the game,
Stand up sit down what should I do?
The IRS wants to get next to you,
They'll burn your house, they'll take your child,
Can't have it, ain't getting it,
I ain't got and I ain't gonna get.

Copyright © marla powell | Year Posted 2007

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Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables
At separate meals everyday

Run or walk a reasonable distance
To burn food and dispel toxins 

Drink water or fruit juices everyday
To nourish and cleanse the system

Walk or sit in sunshine moderately
To allow vitamin D be absorbed

Control yourself against harmful habits
Use in moderation good things in life

Breath in fresh air everyday 
Ventilate your  home and workplace

Have time to rest from labour
Early to bed,early to rise

Have no time to worry too much

chipepo lwele
*special dedication to naturophathic  doctors.
PS;I believe natural remedies can cure`incurables`

Copyright © chipepo lwele | Year Posted 2012

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Small Hands, Small Feet

Her life is not one of shopping malls,
those fancy purses, and shoes to match.
No her life is not fifty dollar hair cuts, and
manicures, followed with a pedicure, to show off her
french style toenails.  
Her parents didn't buy her a new BMW for 
graduation, with a tag on front, that reads,
Hers is a life of fighting for the freedom to 
be able to keep the right to do all these things,
hers is an American Soldier.
Her camaflouge is the going thing, and her
Humvee is the only vehicle she drives these days.
She can't sleep late on the weekends, and watch TV
all day, then get ready for a night on the town, hoping
that cute boy in one of her classes ask her out.
No hers is early to bed, early to rise, and her friends
in her unit are always watching her back.
The choice she made  to give her all, came without
hesitation, she answered the call.
Discipline she has learned, through many a tough call,
and being a soldier gives her great pride, these things are
not found at the mall.
Small feet, small hands, ready to fight, no matter the
time, day or night. 

Copyright © Christy Hardy | Year Posted 2007

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Buddy Graystone - Pet Rock

Today I found my long lost Pet Rock
You know, the one from the 70's
I was sure years ago I'd lost him for good
Go ahead, ask if I'm happy

I found him on the side of the road
Just relaxing at doing nothing
I guess without me in his life
He was major bored or something

I picked him up and we both hugged
It was a very emotional moment
I know what your thinking to yourself 
Kinda brings a tear to your eye now don't it

After exchanging the usual pleasantries
I placed him in a kerchief of silken lining
If I didn't tell you I skipped all the way home
You know I would be lying

Getting back to the house all tuckered out
We went early to bed
I fluffed a pillow up just enough
So Buddy could lay his weary head

I can't tell you how good it feels right now
To have my Pet Rock back home with me
At last my life can get back into
A mode of normalcy

Wait....You didn't honestly think I would end it here did you?

When we woke up early the next morning
I poured Buddy a bowl Fruity Pebbles
He looked at me rather strangely
As if questioning, what do you think I'm some sort of cannibal?

After that little speed bump in our relationship
To get our friendship back on track
I suggested we go somewhere special
Buddy suggested we take a nap

I'd forgotten after all these years
How much he liked to lay around
Guess nothing much has changed
On this, his side of Gravel town

Buddy and I do everything together
My Love for this rock, can't get out of my head
Where my life was once filled with immeasurable sadness
Now overflows with loads of joy instead

That is until the day we went to the park
And he wanted to skip across the lake
At that point I realize
He and I might have made a grave mistake...

Copyright © Mike Hauser | Year Posted 2016

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The Morning Rush

The Morning Rush

Early to bed early to rise, makes one healthy and wise....
So here I am,  wide awake and awaiting sunrise....

The millionaires, they sleep on, not a surprise...
If they awake before noon, that itself is an event.....

For even when they sleep, their money  they make....
Why awake up early, more money to be  raked...

The poor working man, well before sunrise he awakes...
Just so he would not be caught in traffic jams or be late...

He deludes himself into thinking being up bright and early...
He gets all the morning worms and he'll be as chirpy as can be....

Ballyhoo, what a fallacy, that is plain lunacy...
Awakening early is a sin, a criminal act bordering on insanity....

Forgoing precious early morning sleeping hours...
Just to hit the road to be an early one to report for duty...

What a sad delusionary perspective  to a beautiful morning...

Copyright © KENG CHUAN SENG | Year Posted 2017

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My alarm clock
was out of 

I went to 
and bought a 
to help me 
wake up
sharp at dawn

my cock crows:

Hurry up 
please its time
Hurry up 
please its time

my cock crows:

Early to bed
  and early to 
makes man
wealthy and 

Copyright © Mandal Bijoy Beg | Year Posted 2014

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Early vs Late

Early vs. Late
Dr. James E. Martin
©January, 2014

An early start was his intent,
To accomplish this goal he must not relent.
A problem, however, arose in the mix,
Too many late hours he had earlier spent.

He speedily discovered to his dismay
That he could not stay up late and play.
Early to bed and early to rise
Would result in accomplishment of his intended way!

Copyright © DrJim Martin | Year Posted 2014

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Broken Dreams

Escaping another day of screaming rows
Another day of threats
The endless arguments
Growing rage
Escape the next sting of pain

Sent early to bed
For what, not sure
But at least in sleep I hope
For a little break from fear in wake

Lying on the side
That isn't quite so sore tonight
Their screams and shouts thankfully fade
As dreams gently invade

I play far from reach
Of the nettles that sting
In a field free of fear
I dream the dream captures me here

Clouds cruelly appear
A storm rips flowers from the ground
Trees tossed into the air
Colour drained from near and far
As my dream is shaken

With a slap to the face
I am awakened
My temporary haven
Brutally taken

Failed to reach my quota today
For an hour to lay in abusive rain
The rain mixing with desperate tears
Desperate for a dream to take me away from him

So desperate that a child's mind
Should wish to die
So desperate a child
Should try and take its life

As I move to the side
That now hurts less
As he lay drunk
His fury spent
I dreamt of a day
That was years away

Copyright © Christopher Wellbelove | Year Posted 2007

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Early to bed
and early to rise
morning glory

the cookie
still flat on the sheet
lazy kids

he tenses
on ready to sprint
the wild cat

at half mast
the flag begs raising
un-baked cake

the small child
learning his manners
thinking twice

  Charles Henderson

Copyright © Charles Henderson | Year Posted 2017

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Sugared Watermelon

Bought a tiny watermelon
Going to cut his top right off
Then cut his round bottom
So he won't topple and doff

Going to gut him with a scoop
Eating the guts until covered red
But spit out all that black slimy poop
Tonight won't be very early to bed

On the remains drawing a scary face
It will be so grotesque not a disgrace
Sharp, razor sharp exacto knife
Stab cut out those outlines all life

Now his grotesque face shines
So brightly that almost blinds
Our Jack-o-Latern will be best beast
A spooky treat a very delicious feast

(Rhyme sorta)

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2009

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Soon the magic will begin,
that special time, for all children.
Early to bed, early to rise,
with that Christmas look, in their eyes.
Toys galore, covering the floor,
and when grandma comes, there will be more.
Turkey baking, it smells divine,
it blends in perfect, with the aroma of pine.
Christmas stories will be on TV,
and dad relaxing, waiting on these.
Mom has been busy, baking cookies, and all,
and saying Merry Christmas, when anyone calls.
Yes, magic and miracle, describes this time of year,
and one special birthday is getting near.
Happy Birthday Jesus, you are welcome here.

Copyright © Christy Hardy | Year Posted 2007

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My life

Week to week check to check living thee American dream living in dept,
middle class friend to the Joneses only seeing the greener grass behind high fences,
early to bed early to rise sore feet an aching back with blood shot eyes,
wasn't told as I walked home from school playing kid playing a fool,
thought worries were for the weak 30 years later worried this ship might sink,
it was like it was yesterday I was going to do it my way,
now yes sir yes ma'am I'll do it this way that way any way I can,
hoping for some day the end of the rainbow when I no longer hear what they say,
I did it and I do it the best I can there is no giving up no no in this man,
a dogs day to say the lease but this dog doesn't tug on his lish,
I know I know a man is only as good as his soul
so I cry no tears I take with me no regrets this is my life and I'm not done yet,
and no matter the climb or how high the wall I know I may fall,
                             but I will get back up dust myself off and always stand tall.

Copyright © michael romero | Year Posted 2008

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sisterly support

Sisterly Support 

I was thinking of my sister she had a blue and a green 
eye I adored her when a child I followed her around 
“Bormann” she called me and since I was not socially
 adept she promised to look after me when old.
She has been dead for forty years
All the women it was like playing poker with cards missing
Kings too posh Knight not my game, I gave up went to 
another country and bought a new set of cards…and won
Her eyes are onyx but that was Ok, before her I had met 
a woman who had sea green eyes and I nearly drowned in 
the embrace as deceptive as the North Atlantic Ocean 
 I was lucky to make it ashore. 
So I made it then to old age take my pills go early to bed
and say to myself: you lucky old bastard you 

Copyright © jan oskar hansen | Year Posted 2016

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Fade Away

My Grandfather was a wise old-bird
Used to leave me hanging on every word
As amazing a man as there could ever be
Used to play music with the leaf off a tree
These days as the sun puts and gets me out of bed
I think of a saying he instilled inside my head
“Early to bed and early to rise
Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”
He didn’t write it but know this is true
He lived those lines his whole life through
He was tough as leather and strong as steal
An iron man with an iron will
As I look back at what I turned out to be
I think these days he would be proud of me
I loved him more than words could say
As the memories of him start to fade away

Copyright © Michael Jordan | Year Posted 2008

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Early To Bed

Dan is gone with no regret

Blamed myself could not forget

His eyes were always reddened from the tears wiped from his face

I could never quite tell why he couldn't tell me

Where has he been

Was he hiding in the field waiting for night

So he could sleep underneath the stars

Now he sleeps in the skies

No more reason to hide his face

No more reason to block his eyes

Never told a soul why he couldn't resist the urge to cry

Everyone would just point and stare

Not a single ounce of care

In his head all he could see all the flashback memories

But nobody ever said a thing

Now he has his wings 

He watching down on everybody who never showed him a bit of sympathy 

Yet now they gather around his stone

And now they see what he had been through at home

Never too late to say sorry but it can be to early say good bye

Now they visit everyday

To try to understand his pain

Thirty years from now they'll still do the same

And every time they see a cry for someone to hear

They will try to hold him close 

Wishing it was Dan so they could help overcome his fear

Copyright © Raven Tones | Year Posted 2017

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Early Bird

Waking up early is her favorite part 
Dozing on time is her passionate art.
Early to bed and Early to rise
She does think so very wise.
Days never the same as he came into the game
Mornings were late and nights into dates
Texts and Talks were never sore mates.
Late to bed and Late to rise
What she thinks is not once nor twice.
Loving the change... and living insane
Love is on to her..... forever.. to claim.

Copyright © Pratap Venkatesan | Year Posted 2017

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Office Worker At Sunrise

Office Worker At Sunrise

Early to bed early to rise, makes one healthy and wise....
Ready yourself, it is a new day with each sunrise....

Spring quickly out of bed, put some life into it....
Grab a quick bite, got to start the day right....

Grab your bag, hit the road and make it to office by 8....
Tarry not, dither not, there's a mountain of work to be done...

Grab a sandwich lunch, tea time indulge you cannot...
That's the spirit, finish off all the paperwork, the whole lot...

That's the right working  acumen, no question about that....
What do you expect, think it will be a stroll in the park...

That's your boss in there, he calls all the shots...
What? You have an idea? You think it is worth a shot?...

Can it, bud! 
We all have been there,  tried that and done that already....
This company has been here long before you were even a baby...

Just toe the line, we work 8 to 5, just don't step out of line...
Everything will be just fine, you're just a worker here, remember your lines...

Copyright © KENG CHUAN SENG | Year Posted 2017

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ZooKeeper And Friends 

He loves to keep them all well fed 
his mantra is always quip and trim 
early to rise and early to bed 
but Ali, well he loves to sleep in 

Copyright © Pixie Dust | Year Posted 2018

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Ben Franklin and Son

It was not yet noon
when Ben said
a host of lovely things.
As far as we know,
no one accused him
of being publisher shy,
or sleeping in.

Ben said,
Early to bed
Early to rise
Makes a man,
and perhaps women and children more especially too,
and Wise.

Ben did not advertise a brand name
of any particularly aggressive nationalistic bed business
for optimal wise healthy-wealth profit-making.

Ben also did not
claim to be the very best bed business CEO
Pennsylvania had ever seen

Or the wealthiest bed-making CEO slept early upon,
or intimately nearby.

Ben did not
disinform all media outlets
of what a great pacifist constitutional lawyer job
he was not doing.

Ben did not even take responsibility credits
for the revolutionary work
the personal cooperative democracy investment
of armed militia freedom-fighters.

Ben found it unwise
to separate health from peaceful loving wealth;
Unwise to believe we could grow violently unwise
without also becoming unhealthy inside
where peaceful light 
prefers to warm-glow reside.

I was trying to remind my oldest son,
now approaching his middle twenties,
that dis-associating wealth
from health
and healthy aspirations
is not wise.,

And, to re-associate chronic late night revelry
Sunday through Saturday
with challenges upgrading resiliently livable wealth.

Hopefully, I mentored a more wisely balanced presentation,
rather than unwise health segregation
from wealth of fun,
rather than exhausting already bad air
polluted by late night escapist entertainments
consumed too much
and producing insufficient outcomes.

I'm sure I went on too long
about our cultural systemic Win or Lose competition problems,
Losing health and losing wealth
long-term played-out irresponsibilities
of fake anti-ecological revolution authorities 
growing wary of fake-promised health-wealth raptures
originating from a fundamentalist Protestant
anti-scriptural dualistic 
healthy nature v wealth-hoarding monocultural Spirit 
punishing muilticultural theological experiences
of healthy Here
with wealthy Now

Segregating secular nature's healthy development
from sacred Spirit's wealthy multicultural co-investments
which would have been unthinkable
to a Jewish 0000 4D Jesus
humane natured Lover
Because also Divine-Holy Matriarchal Spirited.

I probably then too slowly turned 
from Gaian theological v ecological disassociation problems
of too fiercely segregating rapturous healthy spirits
from blissfully wealthy long-term natures,
to problems of Great White Father's social-systemic discriminating nation
between unhealthy Win or Lose competing ecopolitical behaviors
causing disabling,
chaotically oppressive
lack of therapeutic social development,
absence of conservational attention
to ecologically sound long-term NatureStudies
theologically non-violent HolySpirit Win to Win integrity research.

Both of which seem to agree with Ben,
and probably even J.C. Himself,
Sleeping under the stars,
praying, walking and talking in Gardens,
meditating on healthy fishing vocations
while early morning sitting
and walking on wealth of salty Seas,
and planting sacred trees
in early Spring
to lovingly harvest
for carpentry pruning time each Autumn
in a pre-deforested MotherSoil CoOperative

Early to natural bed
Early to spiritual dream co-wise
healthy bodies
wealthy minds
ego/eco bilateral
nature/spirit binomial
healthy/wealthy ZeroZones
of RealTime 4D Wise.

I would call my son
to apologize
for keeping him up so late
with my health-wealth therapeutic evangelical gate,
but I doubt he's up yet,
before noon,
when Ben said the very best lovely things
any health-wealth constitutional deliberator
for restoring Earth's peaceful justice
ever said.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2018