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NAUGHTY & NICE I want to explore your womanhood. I want to take your mental essence to higher plateaus. I want to kiss you in the most sensual place. My desire for you is driving me crazy. No need to worry love the time has come. I am yours for now and beyond. Here I am standing before you. I am yours to adore. Give me some sex. Make me wet. I am yours to fulfill. Let’s enjoy ourselves. Let us make love in the moonlight. My body yearns for yours. Your body yearns for mine. We are both dramatized to captivate each other minds. Give me some sex. Come to me with your fine ***. Make love to me between these satin sheets. Please me. Shh, say no more. I am yours. |_____________________________________________| Penned On November 17, 2014!

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker | Year Posted 2014

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Ambitious Girl

Ambitious Girl, your ideal for me

We living in a fake world, but you kept it real for me

Your drive is driving me crazy

Steering me to your direction,

crashing into your heart like I'm drunk doing 180

Make-up, you don't need it boo

Your beauty is a reflection of GOD and the image on the screen

You don't feed into

I love how your determined to follow your dreams

Be the next star on the movie screen

Not focused on material high price jeans at the venue

I love the genes thats in you

Love what you aspire to be, you inspire me

To do the same

You getting older so you don't have time for the games

These other girls can't even fathom your imagination

They show off ***, you showing off your aspirations

I'll be there for your graduation, you got all this passion waiting

My last one didn't have what your packing which is fascinating

I can tell you love the thrill of the chase

Don't smoke but these drinks you willing to chase

To have the pain erased, still hold that smile on your face

Your spirit can't be replaced

While you logging into school, in your dorm

Your honey to these niggaz who B ready to swarm

 I'm here to help motivate,

My heart is a home for you so you'll 4ever have a place

To rest

From the Stress

From MD to wherever, our mutual respect will connect- GQ

Copyright © quincy cannon | Year Posted 2015

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Poetry is my insanity

Poetry is my insanity

Poetry is my insanity, 
sparks collected on flat mirrored walls,
frantic phrases floating
in a spectrum’s pulsating palette, 
picturing Dali-esque icicle melted webs
and chromatic landscapes
blurring in the distance

Dancing to the demented sounds
of brain cells singing, Zappa inspired
A cappella rhythmic compositions,
ringing monotone echoes
in between Jupiter and the ghosts
counting off beat pendulum swings
on fingers and toes

Words with eyes, they see, they stare
they blink, they close,
wandering attic crawl spaces
casting neon shadows,
illuminating ideas
passed on to the next pair
lashing out as another retreats

Pulling on my heart,
squeezing every last thought of love,
oozing in blacklight ink, day-glo sunrises
of roach clip offerings on psychedelic posters,
depicting ceramic moons
fluttering midst crayon heavens
eating stardust candy…

Poetry is my insanity
and it is driving me crazy…
in the best possible way

Copyright © Chris Green | Year Posted 2017

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You were never my girl
I barely knew your name
So why am I falling to pieces
Like we were old flames
I’ve been walking away now
Day after day
So far from the start
But here in my mind you stay 
I tell myself..

I’m not interested in your sexy lines
It’s not my fault that you’re so blind
It doesn’t bother me.. what you do
Ignore these tears.. I’m better without you

Girl, why are you still in my head
You’re just a yesterday
I don’t want you... or maybe
The truth inside is driving me crazy
I’m talking to myself
Telling me.. I’m glad your gone
All alone, it’s getting hard to hide
God, I wish you were by my side

Cause I’m missing all your sexy lines
It was my fault how could I be so blind
Night and day.. what am I going to do
Going to dry the tears.. I’m better without you

Lying to myself.. I’m better without you
I’m better without you
What am I going to do
Knowing it’s not true
I’m better without you

~Lyric Man

Note: Melancholy madness is in my life right now. I might break out tomorrow, but for tonight the deep surrounds! 

Copyright © Lyric Man | Year Posted 2018

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frantic thoughts

things just arent the same...
with you gone 
its like you were never there
like a ghost...
haunting my mind
haunting my dreams 
its driving me crazy
i sometimes wonder
what it would have been like...
but no...
i dont want to think that
it makes you being gone harder to deal with
every single day is hell
because you left me alone to do this
and i cant...
im not strong without you
it was us...against the world
and you vanished before my eyes
leaving me to fight 
but i cant.
because every single moment of this life is a struggle
you held me up when i was weak
and now im left falling forever in this endless hole of pain...
drowning in my own tears 
wishing you were still here to save me
but youre not...
and im still here.
wondering if you were ever real
or just my minds way of saving me
but you have to have been real
i still feel you beside me 
i still hear your voice...
you have to have been real...

you have to have been real...

were you ever real? 

but where does this leave me. 
stuck here in a trance
trying to make myself believe 
trying to remember what your voice sounded like
trying to remember your smell
trying to remember your laugh
the memories are to vivid. too real.
so thats it then. 
youre just a memory to me.
maybe thats how its meant to be....

Copyright © katie livingston | Year Posted 2013

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Tell me it isn't true

Tell me it isn't true
That he didn't hurt you too
Tell me that your not crying
Please tell me your lying
Why I ask you
Why I say
Why should this happen today
Onlt 13 years
Now we shead 13 tears 
13 forever
Will my soul recover
My days and nights gets longer
Wondering if my days will get shorter
Feeling my heart getting heavy
The wish to hear his voice is driving me crazy
In loving memory Christopher Monte' Rivera

Copyright © Alesha Roche' | Year Posted 2007

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Can i ask 
a question love smiling 
in all honesty
are you real 
or has it all been me dreaming 
because you're lighting up all the space 
residing inside my thoughts
You're beautiful smile 
is driving me crazy wishing 
that I could kiss you
upon the lips 
my dream delight 

Or could it be possible
that I am a fallen angel 
as you touch me with your grace
healing a miracle 
at the hands of love

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2014

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Put A Ring On Your Finger

When you kiss me
I get high like I could 
touch the sky.

When you touch me
I get them butterflies.

Something about you 
really turns me on.

Might be your looks,
or the way that you 

But one thing's for sure,
I can't get enough of you.

I can see myself spending
the rest of my life with you.

You're driving me crazy,
I'm in need of you daily.

I'm hoping that you feel 
the same, so we can make 
things official between us.

Put a ring on your finger,
and become husband & 

Then live our lives 
in paradise.

Written by: Poet Shi

Copyright © Poet Shi | Year Posted 2014

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A Mother's Sorrow

I can't see past rain and sleet
All's obscured beyond two feet
I can't see a road or trail
Through this harsh and blinding hail

I can't see obstructions near
In time to safely steer us clear
Can this heater keep us warm 
Through this nasty winter storm

I can hardly sit and steer
Kids and great dane interfere
This is driving me crazy!
This is driving me crazy!

I can't see to safely drive
Dear, I hope we all survive
Dear, the car is acting odd
Dear, I hope it's not a rod

The road is packed with ice and snow
That is why I'm driving slow
I must stay alert and drive
So that we can stay alive

I've become a mom of woe
Weaving helpless through this snow
O! no, I can hardly see!
Weather, weather blinding me!

I think that I shall sigh a sigh
A gas station just passed us by
I will quickly turn right here
I see no policeman near

O! how timely gas tank dry
Now we've got a fresh supply
My energy has fled and gone
We're nearly home so let's press on.

Copyright © Jon A Cavanaugh | Year Posted 2012

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Guilty Conscience

A tortured soul,
full of guilt and sorrow,
God help me through the night,
so i can awake tomorrow.
I need to find peace,
I can't seem to clear my head,
it's forgiveness i seek,
forgiveness from the dead.
It's driving me crazy, 
It's down right madness!
it's killing me slowly,
burning tears of sadness.
I cant move on,
cant leave it behind,
it replays over and over
inside of my mind.
A lovers young  life,
gone in the blink of an eye,
it all happened so quickly,
I didn't even get to say goodbye.

Copyright © Amanda Turnure | Year Posted 2012

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He Whispered

                                             He Whispered!
Finally I was going to get what I had long anticipated. Taking me by the hand he gently yet with urgency pushed me onto the bed. Climbing in quickly he whispered, “I’m going to make you mine.”
  Without hesitation he stretched my arms above my head and positioned himself firmly at my core. Kissing me he paused to whisper, “There’s no turning back”. 
  Deep inside a passion burning, filling me with such pain and pleasure; I would do anything as long as he didn’t stop! He had control; driving me crazy, only please escaped my lips. I heard him whisper, “I’m never letting you go.”
  I couldn’t believe how good he felt or that he had such control of me. As long as he was taking me, giving me what I so badly wanted he could do anything. Just don’t ever stop! He told me never tell him no. I needed this man who’s forceful and sexy yet I knew would never do me harm. Bringing me such pleasure I could hardly breathe; then he whispered, “I love you.”
  Sharing pleasure and exploring fantasies passionately he then whispered, “Your mine.”
                                                                                Debbie Knapp

Copyright © Debbie Knapp | Year Posted 2011

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Poetry Zest

Laptop at hand buried in my cozy bed

- Distraction -
raining outside but words stuck in my head
- Focus -
is needed to clarify my thoughts, get them out
- Teasing -
messages from him to my inbox right now
- Consuming -
driving me crazy with emotions all intense
- Insanity -
overloading, give me some peace tonight
- Relax -
be in the moment, breathing calmness and still
- Creative -
is when my mind can be free at it's very best
- Reflect -
on experience, putting it together to connect
- Luring -
all my mind heart and soul into poetry zest

Copyright © Shaz Cheesman | Year Posted 2012

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Death's Game

   Bright. I remember it being bright and knowing that I wasn't at home. Where am I? Oh yea, nowhere... After Brandy I couldn't stay in that town. There were too many hurtful memories to be told. I had to leave, run rather. More like hell on earth than a little peaceful town. 
  She was coming over to see me, I had been deployed for 27 months. So much for coming home... Yea, I'll come home to more than family, death... He won't leave me alone. Driving me crazy, stalking, watching, waiting for the kill. He commands me to slowly, painfully walk to him but I struggle to even breathe. Those battle fields haunt my dreams, so does she...
  "Brandy!... Hold on! Please! Fight it, fight for your will to live! Please! Don't you leave me now! We have too many plans for you to leave like this! Please..." Why couldn't they have saved her? They could of if they tried. "It's to late..." He told me. "It's to late! You can save her! What  do you have to do to save her!? A heart?... You need a working heart? Why not mine? I'll give it to her! It needs to match? Match what? Her blood type?! But a heart is a heart... right?..."
   Apparently not, it needs to match her blood type. So much for saving her. Why did I bestowe this on myself? It was going to happen anyway I guess... But why here? Why now?... Why couldn't Death just wait...

Copyright © Foster Gregory | Year Posted 2014

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The Tale of My First Car

I never even drove till I was maybe twenty-five,
but then I learned, and so we bought a car for me to drive.

For fifteen hundred dollars, I got a crap sports car
with color kind of pink. That Monza never got me far!

Its brand I think was obsolete; I can't recall its look.
All that I recall was all my money that it took.

About a month I had it till our whole small family
used that car to take a Christmas trip out of the city.

So headed for the south we left, and yet we had no clue. . . . 
Not even halfway out of our own state, the engine blew.

We had to pay to tow it home, and I cannot recall
If we later took our truck to make that trip at all!

Fixing it was not worthwhile. The engine block was shot.
Thanks to that, I got a blue Camaro, used but HOT!

And so the life of my first car, once I got it home,
was just about as lengthy as the lines of this short poem.

For Paula Swanson's "Driving Me Crazy" Contest

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2011

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Super Size Me

         SUPER SIZE ME
What took you so long?
I been waitin here Baby.
I'm still alone.
Waitin's making me lazy.

Super size me.
Don't let me stay here all alone.
Super size me.
Love Me all night long.

What took you so long?
I been wondering, Baby.
Were you alone?
Thinking's driving me crazy.

Super size me.
Don't tell me where you been this long.
Super size me.
Love me all night long.

Super size me.
Don't let me know our love went wrong.
Super size me.
Love me all night long.

What took you so long?
I don't need to know, Baby.
It's not so wrong
Just keep driving me crazy!

Super size me.
Don't let me stay here all alone.
Super size me.
Love Me all night long.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

Copyright © Vee Bdosa | Year Posted 2014

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Get Off Your Ass

"Am I Crazy?" If you can ask yourself that you're not, right?
Crazy things have been happening to me lately day and night.
Inanimate objects, non living things,
have been having with me "conversations."
Take my Buddha tea lite candle holder for instance.
We recently had one of those "conversations."
Looking out my window I came to see,
a woman whose shopping cart fell apart completely.
Scattered on the ground were all of her groceries,
it was then that Buddha began saying repeatedly,
"Get off your ***, get off your ***," over and over again to me,
"Get off your ***, get off your ***," he wouldn't stop, 
he just kept going on relentlessly,
"Get off your ***, get off your ***," 
It was driving me crazy,
"Get off your ***, get off your ***," 
and so to Buddha I surrendered completely,
Buddha said his last "get off your ***"
and granted me a moment of silence and peace.
I went down and helped her gather all of her groceries,
and gave her my shopping cart to keep.
"Hey, you're the guy who takes care of the feral cats aren't you?
I've been wanting to give you something, 
but didn't know how to reach you."
She reached inside her purse and gave me a check,
$1,000.00 payable to Cash.
"I think it's a great thing," she said, "what you do,
and I wanted to give a little something that could help you."
She thanked me again and shook my hand,
"It was a pleasure meeting you," 
she said, "you're a very good man."
"Wow," I said in my apartment, "$1,000.00 payable to Cash,"
that's when Buddha said, 
"Aren't you now glad I got you off your ***?"

Copyright © Billy TheKidster | Year Posted 2015

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Loneliness is Driving Me Crazy

I wake up in the morning and have to decide which side of the bed I will get out of today – it 
doesn’t really matter, because there is no one there to block my exit on either side.

I turn on the TV, not to see what’s on, but just to hear another voice in the kitchen other than 
the one’s inside my head reminding me that I am having breakfast alone once again.

I once thought that working from home, through the internet, for myself and by myself, 
would be a wonderful thing – but, that was when I used to change out of my pajamas at 
some time during the day.

Now the keyboard sits there mocking me in my loneliness.  The monitor acts more as a 
mirror to remind me I haven’t shaved in weeks than it does to display words of a manuscript 
that I should be working on.

How lonely am I?  I actually called my mother the other day.  Rock bottom.

I watch out my window for the approaching mailman so I can open the door as he is 
depositing bills I can no longer pay into the mail slot on my door.  He says he likes my 
Spiderman pajamas the best.

If I had a reason to do so, I would probably take a shower.  But then, I have become 
accustomed to my own stench and there is nobody else around to offend, save for the 
mailman, who I noticed doesn’t hang around to talk much any more.  Could be related, I 

I don’t even please myself any more.  My imagination is not sharp enough to fantasize about 
things I haven’t experienced for real in such a long time.

There was a time when I would not answer my phone when an 800 number was displayed on 
the handset.  Today I do.  Talking to someone bemoaning that I am late with another 
payment, again, is, at least, talking to someone.

Stop mocking me Qwerty! 

I have given names to the inanimate objects in my apartment.  At times, they talk back to 
me.  I think today may be my birthday; the dishwasher was smiling at me.  The dirty dishes 
inside now have mold on them.

The mailman didn’t come today – perhaps it is Sunday.  I wore my Spiderman pajamas for 
no good reason.  

I didn’t write anything again today.  These words are just floating around in my head.  I am 
pretending you are a stranger reading them to make me feel a little less lonely.  You 
believing you are that stranger is just further validation that I am, indeed, crazy.

Copyright © Joe Flach | Year Posted 2010

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Ol' Bess Was A Bust

Young and single, just got a job in a neighbour town, Thought I’d buy a flashy car so I could get around, My boyfriend at the time said that I should get a Camaro, It was new, orange and shiny, how could I be so narrow. I crowned her Bess and drove her home with pride, All my friends called, they wanted to go out for a ride. Summer was so much fun, what a splash I was making. Then gone, both summer and the boyfriend I was dating. Winter rolled in with tons of snow and patches of ice, Getting to work in my Camaro, was like rolling the dice. Ol’ Bess would skid to the left and swerve to the right, Wow, I held on to the steering wheel with all my might. So I resigned that Bess was not good in cold weather, Even with snow tires, she blew around like a feather. Then suddenly a new quirk started as I turned on the key, She spluttered, oh great, guess I won’t make the grand prix. Bess would start well at times then for no good reason, She’d stammer, then stop, reek of gas - in any season. Bess and I visited many auto repair shops by way of a tow, The carburetor was like a fountain, out of it the gas would flow. Apparently a carburetor is needed to make Bess purr, So I had it rebuilt, then replaced, oh the bills, what a blur, Then a starter motor and strut, remember Bess is brand new, After three years of aggravation, I traded her in, I was through! Guess a cool single girl may look good in a splashy sports car, But if your car doesn’t start or run, you won’t get too far. So I put on my sunglasses, look cool but feel like a real wart, As I drive to work in sleet and snow in my old Ford Escort. Written for Contest “Driving Me Crazy” Won 6th Place

Copyright © Lee Ramage | Year Posted 2011

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your driving me crazy

with you i find myself in a state of flux
from happy to sad to confused and confounded
in due course an end will eventually come
but now, i wait indebt, out of control
under your control, lost inside my head
and you with your features, promises
no out right refusal, you thread me through
and when i'm away from you i write poetry
such as  you have never seen
that can never be felt by princess or queen
who have never felt the depth of my being
but to you i assign this power so sacred
that you have my heart, mind and soul
it's true what they say; i'd quit if i could.
but then, how would be the love i wish for me

Copyright © John Loving III | Year Posted 2012

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Go Fly A Kite

One day I was really busy with chores as my son was sitting all around.
Not helping, he was driving me crazy as he got in the way, in leaps and bounds. 
Every few seconds he was asking what to do, and acting, oh so bored.
His whining and irritation carried on, as all my suggestions, he deplored.
In a moment of weakness, I told him to go fly a kite high up in the blue…
Well, we all know how karma has its way, and comes around so true…

He found a kite and sailed it with a kid with wilder views, outdoors.
Sure enough, trouble began as a girl in tears came running to my door.
She was begging me to save her froggy friend, the one she so adored.
For he was indeed taking a trip to worldly heights, as that kite soared.
Panicked, thoughts of a little broken froggie now sailed thru my mind.
And PETA knocking down my door was of course not far behind.

Chores forgotten, and with eyes full of horror I raced out the door.
Low and behold a kite that never could seem to get off the ground, before… 
Was soaring at 200 feet where it continued to climb and soar, some more.
I figured my sons real want, had been to get attention from his Mom, for sure.
And he had won as we were together, as we tried to get that froggy to our side.
But he kept telling me the froggy had, himself, jumped twice on the kite, to ride.

But of course I didn’t believe him as we fought for froggy’s life.
After an hour of swoops and dives while praying for the best, amid the strife.…
Finally he was settled in a tree. But was the little guy happy? Did you guess?
No siree! No way! For when the kite took off again, I must confess…
With a leap of faith… he was again riding that kite as it shot up like an arrow.
And my son told me SEEEE I told you he really wanted to go…

As I reeled him quickly in, I ate a little crow, for not believing in him, before.
As we brought the froggy back down…I explained he didn’t want to soar… 
But no matter what he wanted… he must not let him, ever sail again…
For my son was old enough to now understood the danger he’d been in.
I told him it was his responsibility to protect and pay attention to his little friend.
Instead give him love and attention, and to always be kind to him.

Dedicated to my Hubby always encouraging me on this site. PS: This is fictional.

Copyright © Carol Eastman | Year Posted 2012

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My Toyota Tercel

Terry, as I called him, was ten years old when I bought him
No power steering, that, I could handle
No air conditioning, now that was a shamble
I tried fixing his air, but he said no
He drank all of the freon and said let's go
With my head out the window, we drove along
One day the brakes went out, and when he finally stopped, I walked home
I reluctantly put him up for sale
because he was my first car, my toyota tercel

Driving Me Crazy
Adrienne L. Gresham

Copyright © Adrienne Gresham | Year Posted 2011

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Read Between The Lines

Call me...we'll have to get together for lunch...
( Do you think my eye rolling gave her a clue or a hunch?)

You look so good in red...
( I can't believe what I said!)

I surely remember you...
( You said you were who?)

I love seeing you every weekend...
( I wish it would end. Your driving me crazy)
( All my money you like to spend.)

I'd sure love to talk more...
( If you weren't such a bore.)
( if talk any longer I'm sure I will snore.)

Sometimes one needs to read tween the lines,
cause sometimes one's true intentions
are less than divine.


Copyright © Pam Deremer | Year Posted 2015

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What to call it

What to call it 
This feeling inside
It’s searching for weakness
I’m trying to hide

What to call it 
This feeling deep down
Its harsh and distasteful
It wants me to drown

What to call it 
This horror unseen
Heart clouded with darkness
With no trace of green

What to call it
This symptom unknown
It’s driving me crazy
Foul seeds it has sown 

What to call it
It has an ill air
I now have decided 
To call it despair

Copyright © Samantha Farley | Year Posted 2014

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What Happened?

Why is it so hard for me,
To stop thinking about you,
For just one day,
You go around my head like a carousel,
Driving me crazy,
Day and night I think about us,
And all the dreams we want to make it true,
I wish I could just marry you,
I am tired of waiting and waiting,
I feel like a stone,
I can't move forward or backward,
I think we both need a change,
To do something together as one,
Everyday I apply for a job,
I am tired of nothing at all,
I am tired of technology,
I am tired of doing nothing with my life,
The things i try to change,isn't working!
I don't know when will the day come,
For both of us to be stable,
And be together forever,
My best-friend and never apart,
It sucks that you are not around,
I miss our times alone,
I miss those days being awake,
Talking about our thoughts and dreams,
Time is running and we can't catch up with it,
I am loosing my mind,
I just want to hold you tight,
And never let you out my sight, 
Why do we stuggle to live?
When we just want a simple life?

Copyright © shirin neshat | Year Posted 2010

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Can You Feel It?

Kiss me

I want to feel your mouth all over 

Touch me

Move your hands all over me

I want your body all over my body

I want to feel you inside of me

Not too fast, let’s slowly build to that

Taste me

I want to satisfy your need for me

I want to fulfill all your fantasies

I want you to come over 

Caress me

Let me stroke whatever needs stroking

If you've had a bad day

Let me take your mind off it

I want to bring you to a boil 

Then stop and tease you, until you are ready to explode

I want you to feel special

I want you to tell me what you like


I want your eyes on me as I go down on you 

Does that feel good?

Now let’s switch, I’ll watch you as your tongue moves in and out

I want to explode with you

This teasing is driving me crazy

I need to feel you in me now

Take me from behind 

You are the only thing on my mind

As you move your hands to my breast

I can feel your heart in your chest

That feels so good, you feel so good

Don’t stop until we cum together

I want to feel your explosion 

I want to see it in your eyes

As we fade into a blissful sleep

You gently kiss my neck

As a smile creeps upon your face

Sleep is forgotten…

Copyright © Brandy Taylor | Year Posted 2007