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Pretty Flower in the Deep woods

VINEYARDS of HAPPINESS          ---------------------      GARDEN of SORROW

There is no greater Happiness,-----------when-----------Pulling away  sorrow
then being in my  lover's arms,-------letting go of----Broken memories 
Kissed by his  hungry lips,-------------------------------Rejecting all hunger, of love
spoiled by his sweetest charms.-----------------------The surface spoiled look in his face

There is no greater Happiness,------------------------Holding the depth of solitary sorrow
feeling my love's warm embrace,-----------------------Feelings of cold,no emotions on Gods grace
Meeting in our secret GARDEN,-----------------------Prolonging the visit to our VINEYARD
Opening dreams' golden gates.------------------------the door you open leads into dark woods

There is no greater Happiness,-------------------------Reviving every motion of sorrow
and there 'll never be ,for me,----------------------------trapped forever inside of me
till that far promised day,------------------------------------Broken promises day by day
My Honey  love s' here with me.------------------------a wound so fresh, damaged like a twig

            HAPPINESS  -------------------------to-------------------- SADNESS

Happiness to me,is as easy as can be,----------------Sadness triumphs over anything in me
a doughnut,a cup of English Tetley tea.------some nights----------A bucket of ice cream,a bottle of Jack Daniel
Lying on my beige leather sofa,------------some days-------------Slouching up against the wall
Covered by a Woolen red tartan rug,------------- tears fallen like a red river on the carpet
Hugging and Kissing,Fondling and snogging,--- some mornings ---Crying and Weeping,Wiping the Sobbing
Just watching T.V.------------------------------------------Just imaging you                                                                    

         THE  ROSE===============================WITHER

Love is a Pink Rose,--------------------------------------------A rose in the dark woods
with a crown of thick Grey thorns,--------------------------Like a cloud following you
delicate and strong.-----------------------------------------------Tilting till its gone
By ;Charma                                                        By : P.D.

inspired By : Charmaine Chircop            compose By : Poet Destroyer

~A Poet Destroyer Collaboration~

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2010

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HIS GRACE IS RELENTLESS You called me from a million but what did I do Father God? You gave me eyes yet I chose to be blind You gave me ears yet I chose to be deaf You gave me mouth yet I chose to be mute You gave me hands yet I chose to not share You gave me feet yet I chose to turn my back To Your call, I said No I did not stop I run away I opted to disobey You So stubborn, I refused doing only what I want what I like... Left to right roads with trees, cemented, rocky, sandy, so many roads I walk through believing I can without You Father God but I was wrong... terribly wrong! I gain the golds, the diamonds I was happy then for I have lots of friends Day and night, I taste the best meat I drink the finest wine I drive the newest limousine I dress in signature clothes I walk in branded shoes I can sleep even in a bed of bills but why? Why amidst all these I am not happy? I feel lost, there is no peace, no contentment. I am like the empty hole of a doughnut. It is as if I am in a dark tunneled labyrinth. I am calling the name of my mama, my papa the friends whom I shared my golds but what I heard in an echo is my own voice.... I fell and dream. I captain my life's ship so wanting to sail, swim on the ocean blues watched over by sunny skies and if tired rest awhile in silky white sands but along my sail, the breezy air begin to blow the quiet sea begin to wave.. Lots of wind blows they hit my ship I thought only seagulls I will see but again am wrong, waves became tides shaking and disturbing my ride... I woke-up, asking myself... If only I have chosen, responding to Your call Father God where could You have lead be? I start my search, uttering my cries, repenting for my disobedience weeping for Your grace and compassion to kindly rescue me... Always loving, Always faithful, Always merciful, Father God answered me. __________________________________________ Copyright © 2015 11:00 am, September 06, 2015

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2015

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This One Is Just For Fun - Enjoy

A woman walks into a coffee shop, sits at the counter. Right next to her is a gentleman reading his newspaper. His face buried in his daily without looking he reaches out takes one finger from her Kit Kat bar. She can't believe what she just saw. Clearly angry she rustles the foil on her bar as she herself takes a finger to eat. A few seconds past Once again the gentleman takes another finger of the now infamous chocolate bar. Now the woman is furious she grabs his Newspaper out of his hands throws it on the counter. She then grabs a piece of his doughnut dunks it in his coffee eats it and walks out. The man is clearly in shock and confused but says nothing. He orders another donut and coffee returns to reading his paper. Meanwhile the woman heads to and gets to her car. She opens the car Now you can see it all on her face redder than a Kit Kat wrapper. Sitting in plain view on the passenger seat quiet and unassuming is her Kit Kat Chocolate bar. Poor man and he was so polite about it all.
Maurice Yvonne 19~10~2014 This write is inspired from an idea I recently had for a Kit Kat commercial. You will never see it in a poetry book but hopefully you enjoyed it. Maurice Yvonne 19~10~2014

Copyright © Maurice Yvonne | Year Posted 2014

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Sweet Tooth

When I look at you
I lose control
I know I shouldn't
But I can't say no
Just a taste of sweetness
Upon my lips
Its belly fat and expanding hips

One doughnut begets two
Two doughnuts and why chew
Swallow them whole
Shove them in
I just can't get enough
Of eating them

A candy bar
So innocent and sweet
Just one candy bar
For a snack or treat
Before your through
How many did you chew
Sugar coma
Gets the best of you

Sip a soda and burp
Sip a soda bubbly flirt
Before the night finally ends
You've drank twenty cans

Candy is dandy
It makes you smile
Candy is dandy
You bloat like a pregnant cow
Candy is dandy
What harm no sin
Candy is dandy
For a triple chin

I scream with delight
Of ice cream tonight
The chills and thrills
I lose my will
No bowl I need to be gotten
With a spoon devour straight from carton

Chocolate syrup a can of whip cream
When your alone and can't be seen
Spray and squirt right into your mouth
Now this is what sweet is all about

Brown sugar bacon
Brown Sugar Bacon
Is why Peter said eat pork

Cakes and pies
Straight to thighs
You start to swell
By eating until
Your belt buckle pops
Cause you can't stop
Eating those sweet sweets
Eating those sweet sweets

Copyright © Fritz Purdum | Year Posted 2015

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 boy and girl intermingling 

           blood and veins overlapping 


           a violet's caress 

 lavender kombucha 

           passion's persona 

 jasmine's megaphone 

           harmony's tone 

 music's movements 

           sincere sentiments 

 amethyst's kiss 

           hot and cold amiss 

 an artist's loaded brush 

           a starfish's bluish blush 

 a fairy dusting 

           mountain berry ice cream 

 jelly doughnut filling 

           ripened grapes distilling 

 regal drape twine 

           an eggplant's bloodline 

 royalty's manners 

           hung Lutheran banners 

 a swing-seated spiritual rest 

           creativity compressed 

 a poet's potential prose 

           a rare rose 

 a nose of lilac blooms 

           beauty's ballrooms 

 a pleasurable bruise 

           love's uncomfortable shoes 

 a plum's point of view 

           progeny of red and blue 

 evening sky's blending 

           a rainbow's favorite ending

Copyright © Juliet Ligon | Year Posted 2013

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My Venerable Dad - memory snippet on Fathers Day

Lucky day!   Father McShane was on the altar.
I knelt in gratitude, in silent applause.

He said mass faster than the lead car in a drag race.  
Hosts flew and before we knew it: “Ite, missa est.” *

The nine a.m. ritual was well worth it on Sundays with daddy.
Out of the mist of sneezy incense, enclosed in glass tabernacles

food for the soul of another kind awaited us at the Brewster bakery.
Father and daughter a spiritual team of confectionary communicants, 

were in search of the one true doughnut, the absolute muffin.
My father kept us ever faithful. 

*Go, the Mass is ended 

©Kathryn McLoughlin Collins
June 14, 2012

Copyright © kathryn collins | Year Posted 2012

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Pear Shaped

This darn belly fat came out of nowhere I swear that yesterday it wasn't there I'm so freaking mad Need a doughnut bad Can't stand that I look like a fricken pear...
Show Me The Funny contest...

Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2013

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               A to Z, each is an alphabet 
              Twenty six letters in the set

    Arits ate Apple, Almond, and Apricot
    Brown Bread, Butter, Biscuit Bought.
    Crate Contains Corn, Cucumber, Carrot, Coconut
    Dates, Dumpling, Drumsticks, Doughnut
    Elevator, Escalator Enabled Entry Exit Easy
    Fine Fancy Frock Fits Fantastic Fairy.
    Ground Growing Green Grass, Goat Grazing
    Haunted House Horrible, Hound Howling.
    Intelligent Investigator in Isolated Island
    Jovial Jockey, Jubilant Joker Jocund
    Kangaroo Knows Karate, Kite Kidnaps Kingfisher
    Leopard Lifting Left Leg, Loud Laughter
   Monkey Managed Molasses. Muffin, Melon
   Nursemaid Needed Nice Nankeen not Nylon
   Owl, Ostrich, Otter, Octopus, Oyster on Outing
   Parrot, Parakeet Picking Pellets, Peacock Pecking
   Quick, Quick ! Quiz Questionnaire query
   Rushing Rhino, Running Rabbit, Rodent Rat Rivalry
   Snake Scares Scorpion, Swan Sips Sour Soup
   Turtle Tastes Tortilla, Tiger Trains Turkey – Troop
   Unicorn Using Unusual Uniform, Urban Uncle Under Umbrella
   Violet Vase, Velvet Veil, Vegetable Van, Vacant Villa
   Wasp Waving Wings, While Wild Wolf Wanders
   Xerox, Xenon, Xylophone, X-Ray, X’mas
   Yellow Yolk, Yummy Yogurt, Yak Yawning
   Zero-Zillion; Zoo: Zany Zebra Zinging
,    101 in A Row Contest - 7
           by Poet Destroyer A  

Copyright © Anisha Dutta | Year Posted 2015

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On the hole of the doughnut 
There is emptiness and blank
outside the hole 
a thrill of tastebuds Ferris wheel

topped with chocolate bits
or sprinkled with crunchy nuts
and soft fluffy marshmallows
Of which one lips samples
and sometimes lick
then bit by bit, bites 
swallows whole

the hole of the doughnut waits
For someones' finger
 to do the fill
Or maybe
 give it a little feel
Either roughness 
or softness
or it's bittersweet taste

So thus, 
a person's borrowed life
Isn't it?

by: olive_eloi
revised: May 18, 2014


Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2014

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A Donut a small price to pay

 Is the doughnut a small price to pay, for a man or woman who lays down their life for me and others every day. Is there no greater sacrifice than to lay down your life for another, why can't I look at law-enforcement as my brother? Sure they cause me pain, but it's not for their gain. It's because I forgot to follow the rules, should be slapped on the knuckles like the nuns did in school.Thank God they are out there for me without them I would be Not as safe, trepidation not glee.

Copyright © Randolph Byrd | Year Posted 2016

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Simple Pleasures

In a busy world I don't take for granted simple pleasures like snuggling with a loved one on a chilly winter's night Saving keepsakes of the things I collect and call treasures. Finding myself in the dark until someone turns on a light. I'm pleased that my children still come to me for advice Happy with the blooms, from bulbs I planted last year. It's wonderful when a dear friend does something nice... like seeing me crying, then gently wipes away my tear. Sugary kisses from my grandchild placed on my cheek as sweet as the bite of a warm cinnamon bun with icing Soft rain like mist is a gift from Mother Nature that I seek and hoping to fall in love makes romance sound enticing. Before rising in the morning I enjoy a long languid stretch Being the giver instead of the one who takes in greed Liking the end results of charcoal portraits that I sketch Having a stranger return my smile is a pleasure, indeed. Being gifted with a bouquet of flowers for no reason at all Having a thirteenth doughnut thrown in for good measure Being able to stand and walk after taking an emotional fall Building faith in God overflows my heart with pure pleasure. * * * * January 20th, 2016

Copyright © Lin Lane | Year Posted 2016

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Thoughts on Self Employment

If I owned a vaccum store,
my sign would read,
"Caleb's Vaccum Store. We Suck."

If I owned a septic tank company,
my sign would read,
"Caleb's Septic Tank Company. We're number one ... with your number two."

If I owned a plumbing company,
I would buy pants for all of my plumbers,
two sizes too big
and my sign would read,
"Caleb's Plumbing Company."

........If I owned a doughnut store,
I would put warning labels on all my boxes
The warning sign would read,
"Warning. This product is known by the state of California
to cause yeast infections when used improperly."

If I owned a technical support company,
my sign would read,
"Caleb's Technical Support Company. Sorry for the inconvenience."
or maybe,
"Caleb's Technical Support Company. I can't really help you."

Copyright © Painted Hunter | Year Posted 2015

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I Will Wait For You

I will wait for you my whole life till eternity
I will wait for you besides that brook,
where we sat and watched the fish swim by
I will wait for you under the moon,
where we tried to count the stars like silly morons

I will wait for you under the millingtonia tree,
where we watch the lilies fall from the sky
I will wait for you near the sea shore,
where we watch the waves come and go
I will wait for you at central park,
on the bench we sat and laughed

I will wait for you at the Doughnut Shop,
where you enjoyed your pink and purple Doughnut
I will wait for you at the Coffee House,
where you stirred cappuccino and smiled forget me not
I will wait for you in the wilderness,
to here your echo call

I will wait for you till my hair is grey
and my eyes can hardly see at all
I will wait for you at heaven's gate,
If we have to meet at all.

- Lorna Malla

Copyright © Lorna Malla | Year Posted 2016

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The Game

Big Butt

   Steer Clear

Boot Camp
      New Champ

Not scared

A. Green

Copyright © Amy Green | Year Posted 2014

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Cops and Cookies

Here come the Cops
We are here to serve
A whack from a baton
That's all you deserve

Here come the Cops
The cutters of crime
Protectors of people
Not in my time

Here come the Cops
Stealing the cakes
From an upturned truck
Which had dodgy brakes

Here come the Cops
Don't break the blue line
You may get the leftovers
When we take the prime

Here come the Cops
With what can we fine
Did you take them cake crumbs
That we left behind

Here come the Cops
Serious time
Did you steal a custard
Did you do the crime

Here come the Cops
Answer they said
We know that you took it
That piece of brown bread

Here come the Cops
It was you, your the taker
No officer no
But I murdered the baker

Here come the Cops
Never mind that
We want back that doughnut
It was sumptuous and fat

Here come the Cops
We're after you
When we say take one crumb
Don't you dare take two

Officer officer, 
What must you think
Such depravity I would not sink
I admit that I killed them
Then burned the house down
Then stole the vehicle and left it in tow
I threw the dog in the river
The kids in the stream
But I never ever pinched no custard cream

Copyright © john scott | Year Posted 2012

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All About Cake

All About Cake-Alleya Joy Kolar March 2016

She looked at it like it was a masterpiece.
It looked as if someone had spent their lifetime on it.
A lifetime so dedicated to every absolute Crumb,
To every bite of which was about to be hers.

She looked through the window, she looked through the glass.
She thought to herself,
“I have to make it mine, I have to make it last.” 
So she grabbed her purse and every penny and all her cash.
And then she went, to put her hunger in the past.

She opened the door so effortlessly, so ready for her tastey.
She said hello to a friend waiting by the pastry. 

As she waited so eager and ready, she realized she was so anxious that she was sweaty.
The friend in front of her in the line was looking at the very same cake, and could become the beholder.

It was now the friends turn to order.
She stared closely, listened intensly.
She could hear every drop of sweat flow down her back, 
she could feel the saliva appear on every square millimeter on her tongue. 

They ordered a doughnut.
Relieved she walked forward to ask the cashier for the price of the delicate piece of marvelous-art of a cake that she had been admiring.
He answers and they exchange the amount due.

It is hers as time slows down she finds a fork and a seat to sit in as she joins paradise.
As she takes the last bite she smiles sweetly to the employee and leaves the tip under the plate. 
It was the best cake she had ever had.

Copyright © Alleya Kolar | Year Posted 2016

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Butterfly Reverie

Is it a butterfly out in the blue,
poised in its daintily delicate flight—
nebula N G C six three oh two—
offering rhymers a poem to write?

In our galaxy, that is the Way Milky,
with structure bipolar in particular,
appear those elongated wings so silky,
from the gas that’s spewed forth perpendicular

to the doughnut-shaped dust ring pinching its core.
Talk about outer space distances far,
this butterfly stretches two light-years and more,
half the distance from Sun to the nearest star,

which is Alpha Centauri, to be precise.
This fairytale picture, a magical treat
like sugar and spice and everything nice,
doth awaken our childhood senses sweet. 

Found in the Scorpius Constellation,
it’s known as the Bug Nebula as well.  
Yet in this versified celebration
its Butterfly name suits the tale to tell.

With dust belt that gives it an hourglass mien,
though appearance deceives and perceptions can spoil,
one conjures up quite an impression serene.
But cauldrons of heated gas furiously roil

within each planetary nebula wing
of the butterfly that it’s resembling.

The gas tears across this immense outer space
at six hundred thousand miles an hour!
Imagine a butterfly at such a pace
frantically flitting from flower to flower!

So Butterfly Nebula’s not as it seems.
Like the bubble, bubble, trouble and toil
in nightmarish witch Shakespearean dreams,
it is seething in inner and outer turmoil…

And with dying star center five times mass solar,
no wonder that poor butterfly is bipolar!

~ Harley White

< January 2015 >

[Inspiration for the poem was from the article, 'Butterfly Emerges from Stellar Demise in Planetary Nebula NGC 6302' ~ Image: NGC 6302 (Butterfly Nebula, Bug Nebula) ~ The image is a composite of separate exposures made by the WFC3 instrument on the Hubble Space Telescope. Six filters were used to sample narrow wavelength ranges. The color results from assigning different hues (colors) to each monochromatic image. ~ Image credit: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble SM4 ERO Team]

Copyright © Harley White | Year Posted 2015

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The Traffic Stop

The Traffic Stop

By Elton Camp

Dewey was late in his doughnut truck
While speeding, why what the luck

He saw the flashing of a blue light
And a siren—such a scary sight

Dewey pulled to the shoulder to wait
Up walked a cop of prodigious weight

He was four hundred pounds at least
So that he looked more like a beast

The obese officer took the driver to task
“Know why I stopped you?” he did ask

Dewey knew the thing he should say
However, that wasn’t gonna be today

“Why yes, I’m sure that I know.
Have some doughnuts, fatso.”

A costly lesson Dewey learned that day
The witty thing isn’t always best to say

Copyright © Elton Camp | Year Posted 2013

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A Crime of Passion like Victim Status

Come a little closer baby, wanna lay you down, rip 
off pants, on the ground, you lift my skirt, I lean 
in, as you go up my thigh, against the wall, 
boy,spread that world boss body,stripe it down 
nakedly,Take to a call of duty, calls your 
name,surrender your gun-shooter,No need to 
talk,just pleasure,and do your thing,Like A real 
thug, in A crime of passion should,Drink my 
creamy milk, and eat my doughnut hole,No time to 
waste, I've been a bad bad girl,so make me 
scream n' moan, nigga, Like victim status,Hard n' 
stiff,pound me to the teeth,And Rape me please, 
time n' time again,I need it now,please I beg of 
you,HURRY!!! The popo's are coming, I quickly 
cum,as you tightly grip,sweats pouring,pounding 
down the door,enforcing it, I gave my all, hope 
you enjoyed it......

Copyright © Carma Reed | Year Posted 2012

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If I Were An Elephant

If I were an elephant
I know just what I'd do
I'd pack my trunk with all my junk
And move far from the zoo

I'd bring with me my monkey
Best friend and sidekick Preston
If memory correctly serves me
He's a whiz at giving directions

Cause I'd like to move to Timbuktu
Either that or Kathmandu
One thing is clear as long as it's not here
Any old place will do

I'd then open up a doughnut shop
Run by Preston the monkey and me
Where we would toss sprinkles on top
With banana creme in-between 

We'd be known far and wide for our doughnut delights
Oh and fancy schmancy eclairs too
Yes if I were an elephant
That's exactly what I would do

Wouldn't you?


Copyright © Mike Hauser | Year Posted 2016

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Happiness to me,is as easy as can be,
a doughnut and a cup of English tetley tea.
  Lying on my beige leather sofa,
Covered by a Woolen red tartan rug,
Hugging and Kissing,Fondling and snogging,
                 Just watching T.V.


Copyright © Charmaine Chircop | Year Posted 2010

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A Cold Rhode Island Morning

Beyond the gates,
Where the old bakery stood,
Was a memory of cold hands and 
The saving glittering gems of the jelly doughnut.
Then late for practice and asthmatic from suicides.
My mother's voice calling in the wind.
When is it all reconstructed the right way?
Under what gray moon do things flutter with meaning
As deep as our bones?

Copyright © Matt Caliri | Year Posted 2016

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It does seem, at times, that all things make very little sense.  These are the times when a man might question his reason for living.  It is, after all, true, that in one fluid motion there is the seeming end of the pain of endless error, desire, and clutter of emotion.  So dare I consider the final decision, the simplistic and practiced movement.  The very thought is a scandal, a phantasm, but who can see but God alone; and who can expiate but the same, and so am I fearfully emboldened.  It is an approach toward the precipice by the outrageous thought alone.  Is it not the meanderings of a woebegone spirit walking through graveyards, conversing with residents?  But, oh, how those long sleepers are to be envied.  Deep and silent is their resting place as though they did sleep without dreams.  None bothers there.  They are removed from all interruption.  There, the worm is silent, and the mole sees nothing but his own myopic path.  There is no waking, and no toll of the bells; there is no pushing through a stupor of mind and body.  And no one will shake us to our irritation.  But I cannot forbear, so I must say it now; I am dead!  You need know nothing more than this, but I must confide that I was never more loved and lauded than now.  Never did hearts so yearn for me as those who sit with me now and gaze upon my still features.  How perfectly still is my repose.  Oh, that I might gaze my so perfect pose.  And, yes, though I will soon call the worms to their feast, I care for nothing of that.  So hurry along you momentary mourners, you strangers, and those who dropped in for a doughnut, or a smoke on the steps.  For it is my time you squander.  This is, after all, my final exit.
                                                                                         G.R.L. 11

Copyright © George LeBlanc | Year Posted 2015

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Being good with no soul

I captured it in white foam
For its safe journey to my home
And to my abode
I rode
When I opened it only to spy
it look back at me with it's one glazed eye
With a sweet odor it gave no sign of  fear
For it had no ear to hear
Of it's pending destruction.
It had no soul to carry on, in it's construction
After all, whether powder or glazed to promote it
It's only a doughnut

Copyright © Dan Prizner | Year Posted 2014

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Outsmarted Again

Banana sandwich
jam doughnut
well done steak
turn around to get a plate
from a rack


Two little innocent faces 
and wagging tails stirring back.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013. Dec.

Copyright © Peter Dome | Year Posted 2013