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Alliteration For The Planet

Wonderful wonders woven within wild. 
Titillates theatrical tender thoughts
Consistently creation, contrives conservation concerns. 
Ecology evolves equations, entitling entities essence.
Empowering equality, enlarges existence.
Life lovingly leases Longevity.
Biodiversity braces, blatant brutal balding.
Deforestation, destruction devoid due definition.
People physically, plundering planet.
Prevalently procuring, products proscribed 
Pilfering practices producing poisonous pollutants.
Greenhouse gases generated, generously grievous.
Temperate temperature’s tempers tumultuous.
Creating Climate changes, causing catastrophes.
Planet purges peril predominately.
Preached, placid platitudes, politicians podiums paced.
loved lives logged listed lost.
Lacuna languished, lessons least learnt.
Losing Life lingers, listing leeward lazily.

Copyright © Sam Raj | Year Posted 2014

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My dream holiday on an Island so far away I’ve wanted to go there for many a day ‘Kon-Tiki’ film by Thor Heyerdahl caught my eye Now Easter Island is a destination I dearly want to try A journey, which would take me over land and sea But to reach my destination would be a dream for me Easter Island is located in the Pacific Ocean I’d need to fly to Santiago de Chile then to Hanga Roa The Rapa Nui tribe used to inhabit there No trees are on the Island – isn’t that rare! At one stage the Island suffered deforestation This could explain the total devastation The Island is famed for its archaeological sites Its monumental statues cause many delights ‘Moai’ are the famous statues with oversized heads They rest on rock altars ‘Ahu’ their own comfy beds These incredible stone carvings are heavy and some are very tall The largest at 86 tonnes would have been a nightmare to haul To view all the statues I would stay for a day or two I do hope one day my wish will finally come true Contest Take a Vacation Sponsor Lin Lane 02~03~16

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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The World Today

Why can`t it be like long long ago?
If we try we could save a bough.
An inspiration is all we need,
To do a good deed.

Why can`t we live together,
And stay like that forever?
Why do we steal ,
And think it is not a big deal?

Caste system! Why do we need it?
Can`t we be together for a bit?
It doesn`t matter- if you are a dame,
Nor, does your fame.

Lets discourage deforestation,
We must encourage afforestation.
Why to have a religion base fight?
Following a religion is everyone`s right!

Let us see, who is to be named?
As the ones to be blamed.
Well it is us- Man,
Is this what we plan?

Copyright © Trisha Prasad | Year Posted 2015

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la la di dah dah la

Earth dwelling mongeese are neither toys nor coins and pedalling backwards then forward is not considered the primary way of jet propulsion off a very high hill. So one two ping means fried rice coming? How long for? Will it rest a while? On a sofa or a couch? It is not particular. When passing trade tickles the fancy if the local gentry then sentries can be posted at doors. And savouring a little bit of currant pie is a fantastic idea in an afternoon soiree. Quite pleasurable really. Resolution reaching radiuses rather radically. How observant is a door frame. How sectioned are the audio reactive wave arches? A temple in a bean burger and a pistol in a frilly night gown. Oooh look a diamante leaf tiarap bending and freeing captured twigs. How rather nice and polite it is. Framework fashioned fixated first fleeces found foundations. And the tail arch from a tailrace is very very very quick and versatile too. Mingle with the moons in a bowl of white leaf soup. And dip feet into puddles to correct erosions of toes. Then upon rising chanting to windows can often display a timely workout in a garden gym. Pushing plants. Wearing weeds. Standing soils. All whilst wearing a Bhatia hat of fine distinction. But to ascertain whether the verb flies south is to organise a noun in a pleasure dome. Not fun. Not good or useful. In fact it is quite unnecessary. In an era measuring two minutes it is wise to be a bee than a mildew. And a tidal force can operate the machinery. So never rely on the symbolic codes on a screen. Point now. Go on point. It is the point that places the cuckoo clock. On the hour song. On the hour chime. Spare not a dime nor a pound for a disturbed crocodile face on a yacht. Travelling. In a pair of white shorts and shirts. Pristine. Cleaned daily. Ha ha said the passing whale. It would be great to knock into the boat and spill the red drink over the oversized frames of those greedy obnoxious humans. They sail around whilst people on the ground over there forage for fodder on the floor like ants. Such fun. Then whale glides away. Monotony does not sit well with whales you see. And a flurry in a hurry is a passing shoal. Ants attempting a backflip to entertain should be stripped and whipped and put in front of the high queen. Then doomed to a life underground removing faeces from carnage brought by the open dwellers. Link not a laughter. And heel clicking is best performed upside-down in the artic circle in a thunderstorm. Plaintiffs plainly play political polo politely and the zoo opens the doors to the wilds for the flood arrives when temperatures dip. The incessant chatting from the thermometer changes and argues with the satellite dish. Woof said the dog in a garden bake sprawled. By a small square empty pool. With a crack. Boil no brow said a fountain in the town. It is here I stand proud. Although I was erected upon ancient graves. I do not care for that. I am delicate and handsomely carved. Curators cheat chickens chatting charging chimes chopped. And the wide angled dish of tomatoes can be located at the west of the supermarket. Ding dong. Eastern smell and a drafty curtain bringing spices unto the streets. Wow. Generalistic genocide gearing gaining goblets. And a wide tooth or pincer works best in the snow than a tongue. Please do be aware that when an eel dons snow boots it is time for the skiing competitions. Worldwide. Of course worldwide. No country is ever omitted in a nature contest. And nowhere to be seen is the mangled mish mashed heaps of fortified blaming brigades. Duel duality daring deviations during denominations. And joining in wisdom spanning decades appropriately. Tailoring hop of a seven foot cloud. Grinning angelic and demonic orchestrations of a circular formation dancing. Whirling. Wow. Fantastic isn't it. Free souls of men. Radius of watery eyes weaving. Hahahaha bookings boy bootjack boots. Hahahahahahah wisdom whirlpool xxxxxxx coniferous clambering clam xxxxx deforestation destitution z

Copyright © Taoi Chanan | Year Posted 2016

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Deforestation; blades cut a swathe through foliage: beauty has its price.

Copyright © John Michaels | Year Posted 2014

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A Call to Action

There may be troubled times ahead
if things do not change.
In as little as 30 years monsoons could stop
this is due to deforestation.
To avoid this happening we need to
reforest vast areas.
It is not possible to plant trees without
preparing the land first.
It can take up to 10 years to re-bond the land
and get it stable enough to support trees.
The Monsoon is one of earth's most important
weather systems.
If we lose it climates will change completely
and the earth could be little better than a dust bowl. is fighting hard to avoid this happening
lead by two ladies who have dedicated their lives to this cause.
In a little as 60 years water could cease to exist
and with it life as we know it.
People need to be aware and to find out what they can do.
By working together we can hopefully avert this crisis. 

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2014

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God started a sequence of events
to create the Earth.

Emptiness begat energy.
Energy begat atoms.
Atoms begat dust.
Dust begat our planet.

God saw that it was unique
and that it had great potential.
But it needed something else. 

He spoke to Mother Nature.
She pondered for two billion years
then said the planet needed life.

Mother Nature then set to work
on a major design.
She called it the DNA blueprint.

God agreed to try it out. 

Molecules begat cells.
Cells begat life.
Life begat evolution.

Living systems:
plants, animals, things in between. 

God and Mother Nature
were delighted and saw
that their creation was a good thing.

As Planet Earth blossomed 
they felt much love for it.

But God had to move on
to projects elsewhere
and it seemed Earth could fend for itself. 

Soon a terrible thing happened.
Some predatory creatures 
developed powerful brains.

Greed was their driving force
and they learned to exploit.
They plundered the planet. 

They were low in spirit
and worshipped material things.
Their ways were wicked. 

Deforestation begat erosion. 
Pollution begat global warming.
Global warming begat melting ice.
Melting ice begat a great flood. 

Populations started to starve
but no one was heeding the warning. 

The Earth became hotter and hotter.
Life began to perish.
A disaster had befallen the planet.

Mother Nature saw this 
and hurried to God with the bad news.
God came at once and was alarmed.

He was upset at what he saw.
Together God and Mother Nature 
were so terribly sad that they cried. 

The thing they loved most was dying.
Soon it would return to dust.

Copyright © Tony Hargreaves | Year Posted 2015

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Axes on the shoulders
The bare earth has no say
To the loaded tracks

Copyright © Walani Ndhlovu | Year Posted 2012

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Wishing for 1984

Wishing for 1984

'War is Peace Freedom
is Slavery Ignorance 
is Strength Big Brother…'

is waiting for Godot who came quickly and travelled from Pyongyang to glorious
theoretical impossibility, but wait everything goes and now we are on to a winner. It
used to be lies, damn lies and statistics and it meta-morphed to fake news like 
Kafka’s insect, intersecting with ‘The Last Man in Europe’. 

'For after all how
do we know that two and two
make four or that the…'

force of gravity works on the mind, that does not care about much more than 
historical revisionism when the Taliban and Al Qaeda once were the good guys in the 
fight against Russia and ISIS fights with American guns. Oceania, Eurasia, Eastasia, 
no matter what and who against whom and never mind why.

'He who controls the
past controls the future he
who controls the pre…'

sent and in absentia of weapons of mass destruction, can always manufacture them 
from the Ministry of Truth and sink dystopia into a memory hole later. But when right
becomes wrong, opposition is duty and maybe a ton of ping pong balls with defiant 
messages written on them, from stairs in Pyongyang yet again to prevent, that if…

'you want a picture
of the future imagine
a boot stamping on…'

whatever is left of the face of the human, or yet again the ‘Last Man in Europe’, where 
happy endings loose out in Crimea and NATO descends like hell from the heavens, 
because no war is as good as a hot one. God forbid that somehow those guys in Syria, 
Lybia, Yemen and Sudan simply do not want to play the game any longer.

'If you want to keep
a secret you must also
hide it from yourself…'

But with double-plus-un-good, newspeak and few-speak in soundbites of a merry-go-
round of recrimination, leading the naked Emperor around the banana plant, that 
refuses to be a tree and to live in a forest. And that is fortuitous so there can’t be a
risk of deforestation but climate change and genocides are sadly denied with impunity.

'Orthodoxy means
not thinking – not needing to
think. Orthodoxy…'

is unconsciousness, knocked out with the full force on the Coma Scale, with an ear 
bitten of by George (Tyson not Orwell) and a couple of AK 47 blasts scraping the skull
for good measure. Individualism is thought crime, but what is really going on with 
accusations and refutations and total conjecture, but then power is …

'in tearing human
minds to pieces and putting
them together a…'

gain and aghast, afar and double thrice removed from the vicious thought, that 
thoughts are free. And that Winston and Julia can have a happy roll in the hay, 
when all territory is stacked up and staked on the maps, with a pen and a ruler, by a
ruler who has ruled me out long ago, because after all poetry is dangerous…

However, and quite seriously in quadruple, ironical jest and in tears and by cheeky comparison…

if the world was as
benign as Orwell’s novel
we might stand a chance…

28th March 1984 (2017)

Copyright © Kai Michael Neumann | Year Posted 2017

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Second Eden

I bow my head Your Majesty, Thou reign on heaven and earth
I wonder whence I look around to see Thy marvelous craftsmanship.
I exalt Thee considering how great Thou art and how beautifully for my mirth
Made the universe to manifest Thy steadfast love for man and with him Thy relationship.

The first gleam of light at dawn followed by an evanescent hue of gold orange yellow at noon.
The resplendent clouds that form golden canopy, hemmed with red lace border in twilight.
The infinite fascinating space illuminated with cluster of stars and the magnificent moon.
After the glorious sunset behind the spectacular horizon, where meets the sky and sea before night.

The sumptuous waterfalls and giggling of ceaseless fountains
The tranquil seas on full moon night with it's dazzling waves
The lush green meadows spread like carpet, the majestic crown of snow capped mountains. 
The exuberant rivers with all their charm meet the sea for what they crave.

Deep blue Mediterranean, unfathomable Pacific, mighty Atlantic
Obey Thy Commands, satisfy human needs though they are Gigantic.
Rivers, lakes, streams and brooks quench man's thirst, fulfill his passions
Serve the humans, listening to Thy call to all the nations.

Splendid trees with blossomed flowers and ripened fruits, meet the necessity of food
Build abode, provide shelter to the wearied traveler everything they do for our good.
Ungrateful, we destroy and misuse them to fulfill our selfish ambition.
The human greed, pouring tar, mess up nature's canvas
To make pathway and trot the globe through the concrete bypass.

In the garb of civilization, modernization and industrialization,
Digging our own grave.
Deforestation, emissions, sophisticated war weapons and water pollution,
For our own offspring, what can we save?

Species are being extinct,mountains are melting,ozone layer is depleting
barren land is increasing.
Human intellectuals, have you ever thought what will be your future, how will you celebrate life which is so grand here?

The scientists plan to make colonies in space to save the human race.
We, God's children blessed with a home, a replica of heaven 
Ruining His gift, once again to be banished from Second Eden.
Though Thou banished Adam and Eve from Eden to show Thy wrath
You made the Second Eden for You so loved the man and adorned the Earth
Stubborn man! why don't you save your haven before you fly to an alien land
Where you ought to make a home in the sky, desert or on sand? 

Copyright © Manimala Basu | Year Posted 2015

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All eyes look at her,
All spears, arrows pointed at her,
All fingers point at her,
All what shows direction,
Yes the explorers, they want to rape her.

Your culture is very rich,
Don’t spice your richness,
Don’t put pepper in your soup,
It will spoil the broth,
Yes keep your culture to yourself.

Don’t swallow vinegar,
Don’t lose your virginity,
Keep it for your husband,
Your great grandmothers did,
Yes your richness got retained.

They came as preacher, explorers and inventors,
They spoilt the minds of your sons,
How horrible they raped her in face of you,
Now the sons of her raping her,
Yes she is crying you stop.

Cry for preservation of culture,
Cry of the oak, stop deforestation
Cry of bribery, stop corruption,
Cry of pollution, preserve your environment,
Let’s all make it a better place to live.


Copyright © mukumbu munyasya | Year Posted 2014

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Pioneers had to cut down thousands of trees
to build their shacks and to stay warm
in harsh winters; we cut them down
for huge profits...not caring about 
the devastation of deforestation
that soon will cause floods and landslides.

When Nature dies, everything that embellishes
the lovely and green landscapes dies with it;
a land without shrubs and trees is a desert
with miles of cracked soil that rain won't saturate
and make vegetation grow to attract humans,
fauna and flora to make everything lively. 

I have used my keen sight to describe it,
and instinct to anticipate the dreariness to come;
doesn't joy derive from something grown,
and beauty from something seen and admired? 
But where's the commitment that all should make
to keep our land a Paradise for everyone to enjoy?  

We should profoundly lament when Nature dies from neglect
and abuse...hear the sorrowful cries of fowls and wolves,
of other animals that used to roam and graze
on prairies and wild meadows on breezy days;
and how can we survive without the crops 
in due season? Won't we perish and disappear like Nature? 


Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2013

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Our Rainforests

Deep into the rainforest, a struggle to survive
From insects to leaved trees, wanting all to thrive
The habitat of animals, species all around
Living things a-plenty, crawling on the ground

The four main layers play a different role
The bio-diversity forms part of the whole
The dark forest floor and the understory
Shorter plants existing, many bugs to see

The vibrant middle layer, yet forms the canopy
Climbing the emergent, just like a monkey
The strong plant materials, helps to build a home
For people of the Amazon, food that has been grown

Tropical regions, Equator ever near
A moderate climate, giant trees are here
Forests on a mountain, misty all around
Coated in a moss, such an eerie surround

North and South America and Oceania
Asia and Europe, as well as Africa
There’s a cycle of life, yet deforestation
Affects the homes of animals for plantation

Removing ecosystems, can cause erosion
Droughts as well as flooding, less cohesion
The modern ways of man affects vegetation
Contributing to a silent devastation

Replanting, recycling, assisting with crops
Steps of preservation quench like raindrops
The precious seeds and life, of which can be found
Yet, it’s not too late to turn this world around

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©

Copyright © Geraldine Taylor | Year Posted 2017

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A message from helpless animals

Yes, we are just five senses creature by birth,
But realize that we are here to lead a life on the earth,
Just like any other living being, we wish to be loved,   
With all of our survival and hunger issues solved,                             

We stupids, don't understand your need for deforestation,            
All we know is, it makes our siblings die out of starvation,
We all have a caring family like you homosapiens have,      
Our chances of survival depends on how you behave..

A few cruel men, pelt stones at us for the sake of fun,                               
Some heartless people hunt us with a gun,
We beg you not to kill us for your food,        
It is not that only mankind is made up of blood..

We were created only to have a short life span,       
Show us mercy and let us live as long as we can,       
Our sufferings drag us to hell which we can't withstand, 
Maybe, we cry in a language that humans don't understand...

Copyright © Madhivanan Ganesan | Year Posted 2016

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Deforestation - 10 Words

Deforestation I stood, AMBIVALENT to full and LUSCIOUS scenes in this ARCANE, new woodland, BITTERSWEET with views; FLAMBOYANT yet QUIESCENT, TACTILE thoughts came forth of similar QUINTESSENCE brutally destroyed by INTERCESSOR...'progress and development'... the IMMOLATION of past woodlands' lovely trees. Sandra M. Haight ~3rd Place~ Contest: Ten Word Challenge II Capitalized Words Are The Required Ten Words Sponsor: John Hamilton Judged: 11/25/2016 Form: Blank Verse Iambic Hexameter - 12 syllables, 6 feet per line

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2016

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The deforestation of my mind
Where the trees of abundance
Hold my memories in their sacred branches
And the happiness that drips like dew
From the salaciously orgasmic leaves after 

© tcmoon 2014

Copyright © Ron Matthews | Year Posted 2014

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Is democracy a voice for the people,
Or is it just a word?
Do we strive for fair debate,
Or do discussions become absurd?

Parliament needs discussions,
A rigorous and fair debate.
From same sex marriage to deforestation,
To corporate income tax rate.

I want a democracy where parliament argues,
Then decides on our rules.
I never want one party to stifle debate,
Treating us all like docile fools.

Everyone, from right to left,
Needs to have their opinions said.
By voicing and considering each opinion,
Our democracy gets fed.

You see, a healthy parliament can't be dominated
By a simple majority elected.
That would be a dictatorship,
And dictatorships got rejected.

In the House of Reps. the majority can introduce
New bills and new forms.
It's the democratic Senate these ideas
Get sculptured into social norms.

To live in a country where democracy is nurtured,
Nurtured and understood.
Knowing the entire populace has a voice,
A vote for the common good.

Copyright © Lewis Raynes | Year Posted 2016

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God's Realm

God’s is the realm beyond man’s understanding.
Underway is rapid and rabid deforestation of God’s domain.
As science expands, so does the chasm 
between God and men.

Men think. 
Thinking gives men science.
Men love science. 
Men love themselves.
So they push God back.
They love God less.
They need God less. 
They think.

By countless prayers
God would provide bountiful harvests
or terrible famines.
Science provides pesticides, fertilizers
and genetically amplified crops.
So the chasm expands.

By unquestioning trust
God would heal the sick and lame
or forgive the sinner.
Science provides vaccines and medicines, 
it explains that genetics determine behavior - there is no sin.
So the chasm expands.

By candlelight, 
monks and scholars would study scripture and
draw nearer to God.
Science provides electricity and the internet
where religion is a mocked antiquity.
So the chasm expands.

The width of the chasm is the reach of the Hubble

--and still--

God dwells beyond the realm of man’s understanding
across the chasm of man’s pride, 
in the realm of faith.

Waiting eagerly and sorrowful in the silence
for a prayer, 
for some trust, 
for some lost soul
to find Him.

For when science fails a man, 
he looks across the chasm for God
and a perfect love bridges the gap,
provides bounty, 
heals wounds, 
forgives sins, and
grants light still.
Despite what 
men think.


*this was more like a stream of consciousness/free-write than a poem.

Copyright © The Grahamburglar | Year Posted 2015

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My grandfather 
You have killed all panthers
And I can’t see any panda
Is it because of thunder?
Sometimes I wonder
But in fact it’s because of hunters

You built your home indeed
But you knowledge is like a homicide
Your absence of teeth makes you not to talk
But tell me why you stalk
Now your deeds without fears
Have lead to my tears

You found a nice vegetation
But you caused deforestation
You did too much destruction
But not construction
Your deeds without fears 
Have lead to my tears

You knew that you bear
But you didn’t care
Oh! That’s not fair
You must be aware
Your deeds without fears 
Have lead to my tears

Now people are still cutting down trees
And they don’t want to cease
I can even cry when I gaze
Where am I going to graze
Ah! I’m on ablaze
A really big blaze

I can’t see your love
Because you have made me to starve
You’ve finished all environmental stuff
Yet nothing I have
Your deeds without fears have lead to my tears

You are now telling me to plant
But I can’t 
Of course I can beautify
But I can’t purify
Your deeds without fear 
Have lead to my tears

I always think about the next stayers
Who will be there 
Are they going to see even a hare
Of course they can fare
Provided they dare
And it’s always in my prayer

Now the living ones 
Let’s stand again
So that we can gain
Let’s replace what we obtain
If we cut one tree
We should plant more than three

Let’s farm planet earth
We should make it wealth
To make our lives health
Let’s make it green
For the shade of grandpa and granny
Because it’s really sunny.

Copyright © Walani Ndhlovu | Year Posted 2012

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By: Sashi Prabhu (zeauoxian)(written 29th march 2012)

(UNITING PEOPLE TO PROTECT THE PLANET) (8.30 pm Saturday 31st march 2012)
The portent prophecy is teeming and bursting with dark fears, Nature’s omens are crystal clear, Horrendous and awful signs we see sense and repeatedly hear, The blasphemous change will be here. Mother nature’s bounties provide us with all that we need, But we lose it all by pollution, deforestation, excessive mining and pristine greed. Pundits and cognoscenti’s in unison they parley and say, We dwellers of planet earth will dearly pay. So come together and connect to make us a future green, For us and generations to come a world truly clean. Not right are the climatic change and atmospheric alterations, At “earth hour” we symbolize and pledge to sow the green seeds of confirmations. Now this movement in its fifth year since global initiation and activation, Has now from all near and far won galore admiration. Now to nature we show adoration and our affection, Come join me in the celebrations. Turn off all lights as of now only for only an hour, We can learn to save the power. Pull out all the plugs and turn out all the lights, Its 8.30 pm (31st march 2012) and the timely numbers the clocks strikes. We all are human, we make mistakes curt, We have our world hurt and been also badly hurt, We now have commenced to learn, We will fall and rise and bad fortunes upturn. Come join me in the celebrations, Its “earth hour” time for contemplation and reflection. And be on a mission, To be green and reduce carbon emission. Now as the hour glass sand grains begin to trickle, People! Join me in the cause and stop being fickle. For the sake of Mother Nature, Father Time and Future Generations, Come one and all and join me in the “EARTH HOUR” CELEBRATIONS 8.30 pm Saturday 31st march 2012
I will ………will U??????? “LET US PLEDGE TO SWITCH OFF”
This is a ubiquitous and unique opportunity for all of us to make a positive stoke for the cause of environment. It is really not about saving energy for just one hour. It is to epitomize and indicate the first steps in direction of living with conducting and propagating environmental friendly activities in everyday life, which will surely lead to cleaner, greener environment and sustainable life style. Go green say no to plastic use cloth bags.I will......will you??

Copyright © sashi prabhu | Year Posted 2012

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Distant thoughts

Fairer to white lily is beauty of pondering mind,
Rather than lovely face, that we so apparently find,

Sharpened through acquired extensive knowledge,
Glory of sunrise, wisdom must one acknowledge,

Nature's lap of luxury, I sit and think,
Are we swindling hard on it, at a wink ?

Took more than hundreds of years to evolve,
Are we so quick ready to crudely dissolve ?

Cultivated distant thoughts come to my mind,
Romanticism to nature, why not unwind  ?

Global warming , pollution and deforestation,
Can't we dedicate and devote to our nation ?

Cruelty to animals, man's worst instinct,
How many would we still make extinct ?

Gender equality another real concern,
How long will leave women to inside burn ?

My beauty is only skin deep, to delight of a lover,
Silky white gown, perfect choice of a ravisher !!

Written on 28/5/14
Sponsor- Isaiah Zerbst
Contest- Distant thoughts

Copyright © Dr. Upma A. Sharma | Year Posted 2014

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On a modern mind

Tell me more about who's getting a divorce, who wants to have an affair with whom and of course, who has the greatest separation of all time. 
Tell me more about who has the best body, what they do eat, what they don't eat, what they eat and throw back up. 

Or wait, you forgot to tell me about the new diet the weekly celebrity is on; don't forget to mention the calories she lost. Make sure to tell me where she got her yoga pants and what makes them organic. 
I forgot to ask, which cars are selling? 
Who was in last weeks car chase? 

No, no, I don't need to know about 
Deforestation and why millions of animals are dying per second all across this great globe we like to call home. 
And I really don't care about the truth on the War on Drugs, or on war, period. 
I don't need to know about my rights being violated or the psycho babble bullshit preventing people from living simple lives. 
We overthink the simple things, we overlook the important things and with that, were killing our civilization bit by bit.

Copyright © Jovana Pokrajac | Year Posted 2015

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Life's Vocation

If your life's vocation
were to plan,
and co-govern
an extended healthy family
through cooperative ecopolitical incorporation,
what would your cooperative do?

Where does my cooperative live?
In the White House,
the Governor's Mansion,
the homeless shelter,
or right here in Business As Usual?

It doesn't matter,
or it does,
but my answer would not change
regardless of health-intending habitat,
I actively hope.

Who could we become together
rather than more competitively lonely?
side by autonomously thin side
of interdependent relationship.

If you lived
as an extending multicultural family cooperative
with the functions of a tree,
from root systemic origins
through falling replication seeds
for next year's even healthier regenerative decomposition cycle,

And further,
if you lived like a tree,
within a cooperative network of community-based cooperative forests,
owned and self-managed by our conjoined constituencies,
both producers and consumers of ecotherapeutic care
to, together,
reforest a side-by-side
now quick-growing desertification of climate
pathology of thinning inter-relationships,
sparsely shallow mutual listening integrity,
cooperatively doing out best to eco-govern
within Earth's Gaia Cooperative
to reforest Paradise Lost
with long-term multiculturing health care giving
and receiving
through growing hypostatically Gaianed,
mutually benign cooperative trust-growing
toward inclusive reforest regeneration
through more PermaCulturally Healthy Strings 
of Reiteratively Resonant 4D, 4-Season Designs
rather than Business As Competition Usual,
Win some to not Lose All;
while preferring a WinWin
co-arising Bodhisattva-East

Religious and cultural multidiverse forests,
rather than barren economic and political monoculturing deforestation,
calls to us,
Left and Right
climates for personal  through international mindbody health.

If we were each a CoOperative
Tree of ReForesting Life,
hypothesizing health forest optimization of peace processes,
irrevocable and RightBrain irreversible rememory
as polypathic LeftBrain comprehensive--
both Right subjective as inductive Personal FeelKnowledge
and Left objective YangExegetical Strength,
as deductive dominant languaged--
bionic bilateral
informating regeneratively cooperative energy,
EcoPolitical co-intellects
might inductively mensurate
and deductively modulate
co-relational energy reforesting events
as more of regenerative inter-relationships
means less of pathological less.

Our total thermodynamic quantity...

And quality, dear,
don't forget Yin's RightBrain octave-inductive flow Quality.

As I was pontificating
in my patriarchally dominant way,
Total ergodic quantity
of cooperative energy
co-operating our Universal EarthForest
is a constant Commons 0-Centered democratic evolution,
yet a co-dependent function
of metaphysical,
not Special Case,
Right with LeftBrain
temporal-spatial 4D imagination,
possibilities of dual-appositional bilateral

Ergodic Universe
is the integrative harmonic integral
of all intellectual RightBrain metaphysical-spiritual memory
as LeftBrain secular balancing
eco-physical nature's health
reforesting Earth's Cooperative
Tree of Life 
regenerative phenomena,
sustaining diversity of polyphonic feelings
through ecoflowing system roots
of polypathically bilateral 
polynomially harmonic
physical Special Case
and metaphysical-spiritually
sacred NotNotSpecial;
just Business as ReForesting Cooperative Usual
4D RealTime
0-Sum Co-Operative
Win-Win Case.

Well, dearest,
now that you have finally found enough time
to stop asking,
let me try a response:

Because my life's vocation
is to plan,
and co-govern
an extended healthy family
through cooperative ecopolitical incorporation,
what would you cooperatively like to do
with me?
How about some more eco-balanced
co-investment in healthy 
reforesting the Earth
as our bicameral mindbody
wealth of inter-relationships?

Did I forget to reduce the 0-sum polynomial waste-stream again?

Why are you always so defensively negative?
I was hoping you might induce our 0-sum polyphonic flow-stream
more regeneratively

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2017

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A Well Built Castle


 a well built castle
 and, what happened to the trees?

Copyright © Ernesto P. Santiago | Year Posted 2006

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Natures miracles Homo Sapiens never measured

Ground trembled
Houses fell, city mangled
Loss and Chaos bull having free run

Many deaths, overnight many born as new orphan  
On Ritchers scale, quake measured by *****Sapien  

Human destroying Nature on big scale 
Natures Tit Tat tale 
Wail trail

Global Warming bleeds   
Mercury soaring day and night 
Nature breached 
Humans shall burn, just not sweat   
Human Ash in Earth's Oven 

Measured Calamity, Natures miracles *****Sapiens never measured
Sunrise, lunar phases, twinkling stars
Blood, pregnancy, katabolism, photosynthesis, cell construction
Jungle, river, valley, mountain, Natures miracles umpteen

Apathy abound, none thinks altruistically about natural restoration 
Reduce Mining, Deforestation, Pollution, Reclamation, 
Measured Calamity, Natures miracles *****Sapiens never measured 
Forgetting Natures havoc is triggered by human havoc causing Nature’s scars

Self-restraint is way to halt Natures destruction
Go green, lessen carbon emission  
Save Earth, conserve Nature should be everyone’s mission 
Ritcher’s Scale may not be needed, if human increases organic consumption
Measured Calamity, Natures miracles *****Sapiens never measured 

(Entry for Members contest : Trois Par Huit---Tanka----Rondel by Jared Pickett)

Copyright © Hitendra Mehta | Year Posted 2010