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Mind Pollution

Mind pollution
The manipulation and control of the masses 
Is a world government agenda and constitution
Throughout time.

Newer technology and the information computer revolution
Are powerful weapons to spread evil deeds and even more pollution
The slave masters crack the whip the rich get richer
The poor poorer powerless aboard a sinking ship.

Out of manufactured chaos
Comes apathy and fear
Making nations easier to control
And sell their souls sometimes unwaveringly
Blind to the powers that be commands.

Propaganda to gain support for wars
Bank crashes like never before
To take our money
And make rhe rich richer
Than before
Government leaks and lies spread to cause hate
And justify what the powers that be create.

Puppets on strings controlled by the powerful who lurk in the shadows
The real rulers of the world never seen
Ruthless greedy evil and mean.

For those not blind with open mind
The jigsaw puzzle slowly fits together
Piece by piece and the bigger picture is released
The truth they'll never be peace
The snares are their so take care
Open your eyes free your mind so you can see
World manipulation and subliminal brainwashing in your own home
Through the media and TV.

So many good people in the spotlight have tried to warn us before
And tried to revile the truth and the secrets
But were silenced and found dead on the floor.

Peter Dome.copyright.2015. June.

Copyright © Peter Dome | Year Posted 2015

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plastic fantastic

Man, it just doesn’t pay to try and live in the day. Crazy full up, crisper, sharpest with an undepleted uranium core, burning burning burning, knowing it’s all **** and nobody pays attention, “quiet desperation,” hell! I just want to run in circles, scream and shout, play a one-man game of crack the whip, and fly down the lea flopping into a deeper briar patch of blooming wild irish roses and gin blossoms! As I pass through muted crowds, so full of noise and bustle-hustle, I get that itch between my chakras, that tightening of the fruit, stooping with a sly look around me, a faint paranoiac whiff of parallel worlds at a titanic event horizon, slamming together, slapping bellies like a $2 whore... shadows fighting archetypes of shadows (or is it more like the agony of waiting for that goddamn second boot that never gets dropped on the floor in the apartment above, Jesus Christ, does Ahab live up there?! But more like living a Gilliam dystopia, never feeling completely at ease with anything or anyone, until even the sewer urchins are out for your God, their dark eyes!) and, passing through the crowds and stores full of purchased attitude and 4G networks, everyone’s hands full of their adult pacifiers, texting a friend sitting next to them, I get cooler, like passing through a near dawn mist roiling off a boneyard, and realize we’re all starving pilgrims on a road to nowhere, begging bowls filled with moaning woe and ironic suffering as we’re denied entry into Lhasa (we had a PC instead of a Mac).  Do I bow or curse now at knowing I'll have to slide past a window and hide under the stoop with a paper bag full of fortified liquid forget-me-for-now and growl away the ice weasels? But as I wander, backtrack through that plastic-fantastic crowd, hitting the door and dark like an expelled sigh, I wonder what became of true heroes? For with my disdain, rapier sarcasm dripping with cleverly crafted metaphors... I’m not one of them.

Copyright © Andrew Foreman | Year Posted 2016

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Cowboy in Training

Wanna get on that horse
round up all that herd
lot of work still to be done
what do I do to get you stirred

Come on now let's get going
if you want to get fed
show you deserve a feast
before you get to bed

you young ones like it easy
in my day it was all graft
sweating it out all the day
then you really earned your craft

Sorry if I've been too hard
but experience says crack the whip
in the long term you'll be thankful
a real cowboy makes the trip

Copyright © Gordon McConnell | Year Posted 2014

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The Great Deception

For so long I thought I knew your heart
Your mind, soul, and every part
My life felt safe in your gentle arms
Free from worry and any harm
So certain I was that you were the one
A love so strong it could not come undone
But little did I know my trust was misplaced
And soon a brewing storm would have to be faced
That day I found the deceiver in my midst
The girl I held, the one I kissed
So suddenly my life turned upside down
Now lost in the shadows with you nowhere around
Into a grave you lowered our love
Never to see the world above
At that moment something triggered inside
My rage now flowed like the surging tide
 The levies cracked and my strength gave way
Unable to stop the coming fray
Bliss now replaced by hate and loathing
Caused by you, the wolf in sheep’s clothing
Snarling fangs beneath that darling smile
Gorgeous looks to conceal your side so vile
A person that few people ever see
A beast kept under lock and key
With cruel intent you sharpened the blade
And in my back the knife has stayed 
A dagger forged from scorn and spite
Cold dark steel void of light
Plunged into my skin now frail and gray
Then like a coward you ran away
Off to your fantasy world you quickly fled
While I was left hanging by a thread
But the life you live is purely fiction
A book of lies written to avoid this friction
Thoughts stained black by petty need
Your life now owned by selfish greed
A slave to yourself you slowly slip
Over your back you crack the whip
But the high you chase will surely crash
In withdrawal you will writhe and thrash
So desperate you are to feel no pain
That you devastate lives with nothing to gain
But you told me to go and so I did
Far away and off the grid
When your world crumbles then it’s none of my concern
Like a wildfire I will sit and watch it burn
I won’t crawl on my knees one more day
Not another second hiding what I have to say
With these cold dead hands I clinch my fist
You’re no longer the razor at my wrist
I deserve so much more than what you gave
A brighter future lies outside this cave
And when you wake to a lonely dawn
You my dear will feel that I am truly gone
I’m not your savior, no not anymore
I won’t catch you like I did before
Go on alone and see what waits
Beyond the safety of your gates
A bitter city with little grace
For those who fall from the relentless pace
But for me this tale of tragedy will soon be done
And you will be left under this burning desert sun

Copyright © Troy Lamb | Year Posted 2015

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Those Were My Great Days

Those Were My Great Days

Old people like me have become historic
Ending up in shock and also euphoric
Thinking about things that once had been
Which I will never hear or see again.

Kitty in the Corner we used to play
And red light green light every day
Back in history when we all were hep
We liked playing giant and short step.

No or yes you may must then be said
or we could play crack the whip instead
Wherever it was where we used to go
We would carry our top or have a yoyo.

Even if playing in dirt or maybe sand
With our thumb we would have to span
And playing marbles might have a cannelle
Or a big block bluster busted by a steely.

Would put baseball cards in bicycle spokes
And checked for cities on bottom of Cokes
Went to movies which with were blessed
Chose numbers for dollars and pie eating contest.

If your were one of those who needed a fix
You could always end up playing pickup stix (sticks)
Or fly kite in air when a big wind blows
Later did play checkers followed by dominoes.

Those were my great days in so many ways 
Never was criticized and only received praise
All I needed to do was my prayers be said
And then in each morning make up my bed.

James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran and Poet 

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2015

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Goodbye Halloween

Goodbye Halloween it's Christmas time to tout.
We'll all be getting presents then.
We won't go door to door or dress up anymore.
Here Santa comes at Christmas when...

Midnight strokes of Christmas Eve.
Our stockings by the fire.
Wax candles on the mantelpiece,
spaced opposite to spire.

A Christmas Tree that's flickering
inside the corner full.
The star on top the treetop twig
as holy as it's pull.

A wrap in rust upon the couch
where mama hopes to sit.
Two tables at the sides that show
two lamps of oil lit.

One wooden reindeer on the floor
connected to a sleigh.
It's walnut wood to warm the heart
the Christmas spirits way.

A dim lit room to share the night.
A Christmas scene of lore.
The spirit of old Santa Claus
come Christmas time once more.

A clicking of the rooftop tar.
Eight reindeer or I'm told.
All harnessed to the fattest man
as jolly as is old.

His entrance fanning chimney air.
The fireplace leaping out.
His joyous laughter roaring on
spontaneous to his shout.

He quickly stuffs the stockings snug
and places all the gifts.
Then raises up his one small finger
from which his being lifts.

Once more inside his sleigh above;
a snap to crack the whip.
He nods aside the reindeer heads
and off they go a-rip.

The little sleigh going dangling on.
It sliding through the sky.
The far horizon beckoning him
as Santa waves on bye.

Copyright © Trevor McLeod | Year Posted 2016

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land of blood

crack the whip
crack the unforgiving

slapping down on
hunched backs 

walk and walk,

blood leaves the 

fresh wounds met by no
the trail is cosmic 
the end is none

crack the whip 
crack the bones 
of the slaves 

callous hands 
being swallowed by
virgin mouths 

land is not
pure, nor

all blood 
seeps through 
killing the root

Copyright © Frank Guglietta | Year Posted 2013

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I am just a simple whisper
Trust me to not make a whimper
I am just a forgotten liar
Just me to burn in the fire
Lie awake to pass the time 
Tell a lie to punish mine

Show me
How to love to make this dissipate
Show me
How to raise you up and hold you there
Take your sin and eat your hate
Believe you know and think you care

I am nothing but a whisper
Trust me to bend a knee and lend an ear
Waiting to take your daily order
I am just a servant, just a slave
Take me wherever your hell may guide
Crack the whip and tell me how to abide

Show me
How to love to make this dissipate
Show me
How to raise you up and hold you there
Take your sin and eat your hate
Believe you know and think you care

It's just me, only me 
I won't say a word
I won't stray too far away
It’s just me, it’s just me, just me, just...

Show me
How to love to make this dissipate
Show me
How to raise you up and hold you there
Take your sin and eat your hate
Believe you know and think you care

I am just a simple whisper
Trust me to not make a whimper
I’ll raise you up and hold you there
Believe you know and think you care

Copyright © Seth Cross | Year Posted 2010

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Would You Hire Me: A Resume

I am applying for the consultant position
of Office Manager for which I will audition.
I am undeniably qualified to deal with nitwits
and idiots I will immediately classify as 'twits.'

My solution to deal with those people is fair
It may not be righteous, but I don't care.
If your company is greedy to make money,
it's ok with me. Just give me my check, honey.

I don't browbeat employees with a big stick
when they come in late or say they're sick
I'll crack the whip on any numbskull at work
and there's one less lazy fool I'll call  a jerk.

If you think my method is severe over kill,
you're right, because I don't show good will
to jackasses who keep making me mutter
words you would only hear in a street gutter.

I'll get control and do what needs to be done
and I promise I'll try not to pull out a real gun.
I'll need some handcuffs and maybe a jail cell.
Give me free rein and everything will be swell.

My resume' experience speaks for itself.
Once, I've even fired an Elf on the Shelf
I did it without a good reason or just cause
so you can waiver that harrassment clause.

You can hire me now for a trial run.
Keep me on or fire me, but I'm the one
you need to give brainless creatures the boot...
not due to my work ethic, cuz I don't give a hoot.

Copyright © Lin Lane | Year Posted 2018

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We the poets, United by our clashing Wits

Thinking big
Starting small 
Crash the system 
Drop the ball

Crack the whip
Spill the Beans
Defy your God
A sight obscene 

As angels die
All just a shot in the dark

Shoot and miss
Control your fists
Consumes the air

Ride among
The ones who’ve sung
Away their cries
Who’s the one that dies?

Riding fast through the clouds
Way above Heaven
And Past Avalon
Graciously floating over the River Styx

What you seek
What you seek is down below
The Rivers Majestic Majesty
Bursts of Flames and jumping pieces of coal

Your life runs thin as your read words.
Your wasting time but you come back for thirds
You want it
You feed on it

We the ones who aren’t like others
Romantics, Poets, Forever Brothers
We chase the goose into prison walls
And we fall in to a trap, As if forever our souls will stay in cells.

Copyright © Jake Brown | Year Posted 2009

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Brother, do you blame because I am no longer small
And do no jump when you crack the whip
Or because you dare not rise to make a call
To me because of your moral slip?

Brother, do you blame me because I pretend
Not to know the doublecross of tongue
Or because I can cleverly comprehend
The venom curdled on your lung?

I come here, but to make, a little sacrifice
To place upon the alter here
My soul before my God by faith's advice
And weep to none where I see despair.

So offer what you wiil, I pray you error go away
Before the fire comes for terminus
I pray the fire that consumed my lamb today
Will the find the mark that make us better dust.

Copyright © David Smalling | Year Posted 2009

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The Solution They Won't See

They ask how this could come about?
How could a young man just snap,
this did not happen way back,
enough to make a good soul doubt.

They wonder why has it changed,
what’s different now than before,
what turns a young man to horror,
why are things not the same?

Craven folks say it’s all guns,
not above misusing a great loss
to advance their political cause,
never helping out anyone.

Some say that it’s the drugs,
medicating the boys of the world
because they are not little girls,
give them pills until their numb.

Perhaps they speak some truth,
it’s hard to grow, healthy and hale
when society demonizes males,
even when they’re in their youth.

But I think it’s more than that,
I don’t recall so many disturbed
back when our homes had fathers,
something so many now lack.

For young men especially,
an adult body and a child’s mind,
awash in hormones all the time,
of guidance they have a need.

’cause the cold, unyielding fact
is that men are for aggression bred,
and very like to end up dead,
if not taught control and tact.

A father is essential here,
one who’s survived life’s burdens,
learned what is required on men,
how to conquer masculine fears.

A single mother is not enough,
though her love is like a saint’s
she physical cannot restrain
a young man who's acting rough.

With more fathers in the home
to make clear just what life is,
and sometimes to crack the whip,
more boys would prosper and grow.

But to the nagging PC-crowd
to say that it makes good sense
to utilize such male guidance
is an idea denounced loud.

Most of them do not believe
that gender is even a thing,
and the great challenges it brings
They steadfastly will not see.

To claim that two parents are
crucial to a balanced life,
best achieved by man and wife,
to them is a step too far.

Ideology makes them blind,
they’d rather this mess go on
then dare reveal that they’re wrong
and have to change their mind.

And they won’t dare admit
that sex is not a social trope,
that the things real men know
could help put a stop to this.

So now we’re in this place,
the solution that they won’t see
is backed up by long history,
and should be encouraged post-haste…

…but I’m not holding my breath.

Copyright © David Welch | Year Posted 2018

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In Its Grip

She was irresistible
Lust had me in its grip.
Tempered though somewhat,
When she produced the whip.

"What is this I said,
What is this game you're playing."
"You'll know soon enough, said she
For you are for a flaying."

I couldn't make a run for it
I'd let her tie me to the bed,
As she began to crack the whip
My heart fair filled with dread.

But several lashes later
How could I have known,
I really rather liked it,
My 'interest' had grown.

Entry for
Sexy Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Lewis Raynes.
18/11/18. Placed 2nd.

Copyright © Gary Smith | Year Posted 2018

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Live Life Large

Live inspired, heart on fire, aim ever-higher
   Conceive immensely, strive intensely, pursue in a frenzy

Don't kick back, never go slack --- instead, attack!
   Don't lie low, or take things slow --- you've got to grow!

Throw in the towel? ---  Never!  Scream and howl!
   Give up the ship?  ---  No way!  Crack the whip!

Give it your all, stand straight and tall, knock down walls
   Reach for the sky, dare to fly, the Holy Grail is nigh...

Live every moment as if it's your last
   Never look back or regret the past

Look life in the eye and stick out your chest
   Whatever you do --- Do your absolute best! 

Copyright © Gershon Wolf | Year Posted 2018

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Ode to 'Crack'

The crack of dawn
   The crack of the bat...
A crack in the pavement
   Fall through the cracks...

Crack cocaine
   A crack fighter pilot...
A clever wisecrack
   That cracked me up...

Crack your knuckles
   Jimmy crack corn
Crack a smile
   Crack the whip...  

To comprehend this little ode
   You have to crack the language code

Copyright © Gershon Wolf | Year Posted 2018