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cowboy up by Bien, Jo

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A cowboys tears

         A COWBOYS TEARS.     

   A cowboys hat is worn with pride his buckle with pride. 
   Took a big wall of blood sweat an pain to get this far
    Pain from a broken ride long forgotten but fresh in his mind
     And the tears he cries for the one he left behind
     The lonely road he travels alone chasing the dream and competing to be rodeos number one.
   Rodeos of glory an hardship were tuff is the only way
    Friends an fans respecting god an asking for safety
    When he prays for the ride he makes tonight it could
    Make or break him it's all on the line dreams as a child
     Of being a cowboy all rest on his shoulders .

  His spirt thrives for the rush of the ride never willing to stop
   Wanting to go to the finals an see his name on top hang on 
   Tight an make the ride cowboy up just like your hero lane frost.
           Sincerely Tim kegley

Copyright © Timothy Kegley | Year Posted 2014

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VBS-Vacation Bible School

Vacation...Not for the teachers!
Boys and girls squealling with glee, horses and wagons
So much information too little time! Cowboy UP!

Copyright © Doris Culverhouse | Year Posted 2010

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Quick Draw

With the challenge of writing a poem in the now I reach for my pen, a lightning quick draw Gun slinging the page with a six shooter of words Letters ricocheting off of the page, escaping the poems claw Defeating all who dare to challenge my ink shooter Walking tall in Poetry soup's Wild West Poets work, slinging words left and right We enter contest, to conquer and be the best Today I'll spur the paper with cowboy up Put my words down with the quickness Winning the buckle of Glory Riding this bull named "dirty business" I'm riding off into the sunset another notch in my belt The legend of the "Word Slinger" has begun Conquering all from the east to the west Riding in glory, clearing the dust second to none ------------------------------------------------------------------ Inspired by Matt caliri contest - Write now- took me 30 minutes to write and type 8-19-09 had lots of fun!!!!!!!!!! purely fictional :-)

Copyright © Abe Lopez | Year Posted 2009

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I'll Be There

Bury me with a horny toad-
A jar of Texas sand.
Throw in a quart of motor oil-
The glove from my right hand.

Just leave the spurs upon my boots,
An' drop 'em in right quick.
An' just in case there's music there,
Throw in a guitar pick.

Lay in gently a dollar bill
In case they charge for beer.
An' put a sign upon my grave
That tells 'em I ain't here.

But I'll be in that red sunrise,
Or in that speckled pup.
An' you can bet that I'll be there
When they say,"Cowboy up".


Copyright © Larry Bradfield | Year Posted 2017

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Victory Tonight

 We walk the streets after dark
 We bow to our opponents at the gate to the park
 We are the unknown faces of the street
 The deadliest crew you'll ever meet 
 Our challengers yield in cowardice as we enter in a ring of fire
 To finally defeat us is their one desire
 Its simply a battle of territory and infinite game
 We represent with ink, scars, and not an ounce of shame
 This is our hood
 For these newbies it doesn't look good
 Frost bitten and slippin' on snow covered ice
 We don't care 'cuz they've done tried us twice
 Cowboy up and join the rodeo
 Can't earn your patch by just watchin' the show
 With the fire of fury we shall rise once again
 Not even winter's black ice shall do us in
 We came to win just one more fight
 We'll leave here in victory tonight

Copyright © Sara Beaderstadt | Year Posted 2012

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Don't Call Me No Cowboy

The little boy threw down his hat
And marched right from the room—
The TV on with nightly news
Of murder, muggings and doom.

The grandpa called out to the hall,
“What’s the matter lil’ pard?
Come back in here and cowboy up,
Don’t be takin’ life so hard!”

The kid slunk back into the room,
This grandson they named Roy,
And with disgust and mistrust said,
“Don’t call me no cowboy!”

“I reckon that you’re right upset,”
His granddad did allow,
“Pick up your brand new cowboy hat
And let’s walk to the corral.”

Then as they leaned on that old fence
That seldom now was used,
The old cowpoke now listened to
His grandson vent his blues:

“I keep hearin’ on the TV,”
Slowly spewed the little lad,
“How some wild folks are just “cowboys”
And ain’t nothin’ but pure bad.  

“They even called our president
A cowboy behind his back—
Like it was something terrible
Or something that he did lack.”

The granddad stroked his long mustache,
Then told that boy what’s so—
“Son, bein’ a cowboy’s a good thing
And don’t let them tell you no.

“We’re keepers of a heritage
That started in the Old West
With good God-fearin’ settlers
That worked hard and gave their best.

“But like all folks, creeds and races,
There’s the bad and the good—
It just takes some figurin’ out
To see where most folks stood.

“There’s always them that question us
Because we don’t seem real
And try to hoe an honest path
And plant instead of steal.

“A cowboy’s handshake is his word—
He’ll risk his life for what’s right-- 
He loves his country, that’s for sure
And defend her with his might!

“Some may think that he’s just too brash
And too quick with his gun—
He don’t ride life’s ol’ middle road—
He does what needs to be done!

“The cowboy helped build this country—
In that we can be proud—
Tell ‘em you’ll always be a cowboy
And tell ‘em good and loud!”

The little boy looked up relieved
And donned his cowboy hat—
“I’m sure proud to be a cowboy!”
And that was the end of that.

Copyright © Glen Enloe | Year Posted 2005

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An Oscar for Your Thoughts

It’s almost time for the Academy Awards.  
Theaters are showing their best movies
and someone I know wants to go.

I used to pay 15 cents to see Roy Rogers 
in black and white cowboy up on Trigger. 
Today with popcorn, candy and a drink  

it costs 20 bucks almost, just for me, 
to see violence in brilliant color. 
Six teens laugh a row ahead of me.

Donal Mahoney

Copyright © Donal Mahoney | Year Posted 2017

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Life is a Rodeo!

Life is a rodeo,
Full of tuff 8-second rides.

Some you stay on,
Others you wonder how'd I survive!

But when you get bucked off,
And realize the grounds a long way down.
Better hope there's a friendly clown,
To hurry you up off the ground!

So when it's time to hop back in that shoot,
Hope you had time to heal and regroup!

Scared of the blood, sweat, and all your fears,
Man I'll tell yah, when they pull that gate,
You won’t have time for those tears!
Life is all about judgments on you ride,
So "Cowboy up"! 
Cause all you have is your pride!

Copyright © Caswell Lincoln | Year Posted 2006

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cowboy up

wow, you look really great
I made dinner reservations for eight
this quaint little Italian bistro
that not to too many know

let me buckle you in
let's let this night begin
you have the greenest eyes
that's the first thing I summised

here, put on my coat
I'll put up the window
are you warm enough
this cowboy can cowboy up

Copyright © Jo Bien | Year Posted 2010

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clear the slate

I was never the reason
to this scene I was late
and yes, my name will probably come up
but you better clear the slate
it's been coming for sometime
only a fool couldn't see
it will hurt for a little while
but you can't blame this on me

the dust you thought was settled
is once again about to stir
as you step from the shadows
they will use every word
it's gonna be a long monsoon
with plenty of thunder and lightning
the likes of which you've never seen
the depths of it will be frightening

all the balls up in the air
quickly, they will unwind
conversations from long ago
will creep into your mind
it's not like I didn't tell you
or not like you didn't know
that freedom has a very high price
as you take it blow by blow

a minor inconvenience
on the road of past deceptions
this trail you started on your own
has bumps and misconceptions
so cowboy up and place the truth
right where it needs to be
it will hurt for a little while
but don't put this blame on me

Copyright © Jo Bien | Year Posted 2010

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electric slide

on a wooden floor
between heaven and earth
doin the electric slide
givin it all we're worth

steel guitars and country twang
cowboy hats and a longneck night
boots sliding smooth or tapping in time 
cowgirls step high and right in line

dancing late in the moon's light
no work tomorrow, it's Saturday night
come on baby, just one more dance
cowboy up, let's do another

Copyright © Jo Bien | Year Posted 2010