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That moment
That perfect moment
Where time became eternal
I saw
I opened my blinded eyes and saw
The expanse of your soul

To reword
To match time stricken words to an eternal glimpse

So, I write
I write without reason
Flowing with the ink blotting the page

I ran
I ran around - all around
Into darkened corners and wounded places
I knocked down fortified walls
Cleaned up forgotten issues
Dressed open lacerations
With my arsenal of 

I sang
I hummed
I belted out notes from the depths of my soul
I lit you up
And I giggled as I watched you shine
You skipped with glee at the sight of

I tried
Oh how I tried
To climb out and walk away
I yelled - I cannot be here -
You belong to another
But you offered me no ladder

I played
I played with words
Rearranging, inventing, creating
New ways to express…love
It was ok
I mean…I was just playing…with love
Not your

One day
One beaconing reckoning day
She saw your light steps
Almost dancing with your secret
Play with love in words
With me - not her-
		The invader

You didn’t withhold 
But you didn’t invite either
I gave her my words too
She read, fed, and bled
I stood still
In awe of my

I rewrote
I rewrote them again and again
But she couldn’t play
Fear had bound her soul
Some of my words reached her
Then, she decided
To kick me

She expelled me from hers
And expunged me from yours
She tried to push me far away
I stood in silence and
	     ~ grieved ~

Your lighted steps 
Became a plod
Her concern
Entered into rage
I put myself
To rest
		In my Savior’s arms

Written by Trudy Schrader on 7-6-10

Copyright © Trudy Schrader | Year Posted 2011

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littlest in charge

im thh littlest in charge cha , cha , cha charge 
a good girls a smart girl 
growing up in the world
patiently awaitin forr the princess to be heard
see i always had the urge 
anny up the nerves
check check out my melody as my rhyme emerge
im like a humming bird , hmmm.. fly away
swingin on monkey bars , kick ballin you know childs play
and there i lay ,
pulled a muscle tether ballin as i lay side ways 
its just another day in my kiddy , kiddy world
such a itsy bitsy girl
in this great big world 
educationally explorring
im so excited to explore

Copyright © Princess Tramble | Year Posted 2010

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Childs Play

one’s inner heart often wonders
every day daydreaming of home
an innocence everyone can share,
like a willow tree remembering
a cherished tranquility in the air,

as soft echoes of a mother’s kiss
silence a soul’s disquieting voice
with big endearing hugs that care,
like a gentle wave’s whispering
an inspiring hymn in one’s ear, 

imagining tranquil blue waters
reflecting a cloudless blue sky
spreading happiness everywhere,
echoing warm cherished memories 
overflowing with endless cheer,

till time’s sentimental journeying
feeds our heart’s privileged spirit
to give all that is wholly sincere,
like a harmonious joyful melody
a child at play quietly holds dear.

Copyright © Eugene Harvey | Year Posted 2018

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First man

First man This first man was possessed of a body in which, the soul functioned easily than does, today’s the *****, The third eye we know today, pituitary body was childs play, highly developed, mind the soul controlled, body was connected, all was whole, know what happens, around the world, intuition picture, curled, unfurled, willed body moved by thought of mold, place to place, by thought control, when mind controls all body function, grow new teeth to eat your luncheon, a hundred times stronger was the will, to be struck dead by thought, instil, so weak today but powers still, animal magnetism grip of the dill, still powers the enterprising. Don Johnson

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2011

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Your grace abounds me, the tender love surrounds me 
I am unleashed into a realm of a mystical fairytale 

Castles and princesses 
Money and fancy dresses 
Prince charming is waiting to take my hand 
to show me all he has planned 

But its not enough 
I trade beauty for ashes 
Love for the lashes 
and attention for satisfaction 

Shes more beautiful than anything 
her hopes are higher than her dreams. 
She doesnt know, 
the beauty she holds 
She loves everyone but she feels so alone 
This beauty inside is captured by lies

Beauty? Whats beauty?
Peace? Whats peace? 
Hope? Whats hope? 

I just need someone to listen and understand so I can set myself free

I need to love
I need to breathe 
I need to live 

and feel your love

Copyright © Diamond Poetry | Year Posted 2010

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My children's ice capades

no skating on pond adventurous lads along the run                                                         
day was clear amidst the cattails and sun 
splash not so fun winter days parade the grounds                                                       
where footprint were not found                                                                                        
walking where no man has walked below                                                                           
eight to ten inches of freshly laid snow                                                                             
pounding the powder they hit me with a snowball                                                                 
snowman business doing well as icy fortresses fall                                                           
well when I was your age not much has changed in childs play                                             
I yell out the door what are you doing by the way                                                             
I caught you did I being children again                                                                         
writing hearts I luv you on the panes                                                                            
snow angels to snow cream to hot cocoa steam                                                                
a lot has been done amidst this wintry scene                                                                   
there is more to come this story I am telling                                                                    
from the door outside I heard some yelling                                                                    
my swords man son fencing icicles on the eve                                                                
something like take that and that I believe                                                                    
using a swim float neon-noodle type                                                                                 
he was having trouble winning the fight                                                                           
curious I asked did he talk to icicles but                                                                          
he said no what do you think I am nuts                                                                            
I told him icicles could be cold and indifferent                                                                 
they are very cold and in different…. shapes

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2010

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The Beauty In You

I seen the beauty within you
you unfurled it and let it flew

touching all each passing day
heart of gold when it came to a childs play

god sent down his special angels
and saving that dance to a heavenly tango

guess God needed you more then I
but do not fret sis for my heart now sighs

just knowing your with our family above
someday we'll rejoice on the wings of a dove

for the wolf and shepherd may cross my path
but it is I that shall have its last laugh

for one can not take away those loving years
even if I'm the one left standing alone in tears

for time we shared together was given few
I was honored to see the inner beauty in you

your loving daughter and son will be alright
as they look upon the land and see the stars shine so bright

so as you travel above the high drifted planes
Ill be waiting for god to someday explain

How can one so young and free
Be taken away from somebody like me

but I will be thankful for having a sister like you
who shared her passion and beauty for life and for all she knew

In Loving Memory Of My Sister 
Phyllis  {1951 -  2009 }

Copyright © Katherine Stella | Year Posted 2009

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the devils playground

faster and faster 
the merry-go-round
watch it go
without a sound
spinning and spinning
and dripping with blood
childs play
a madman's love
up and down 
side to side
watch the swings 
see the slide
mangled bodies
without any eyes
hang from the monkey bars
its no surprise
all they told were lies
so they met their demise
in the devils playground
where the only sound
is people screaming as they're spun around
and round and round
and up and down
and back and forht
and tossed about
and it all spins around 
in the devils playground

Copyright © Kevin Elmore | Year Posted 2009

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Childs Play

Let’s board the child’s play time ship,
And take a magical trip,
To the land of fun and dreams,
That is full of wonderful and sparkling things.

Where anyone who wants to be a child can be one,
Forget all pain and have some fun.
Stay as long as you like and play,
Available to all any time, any day.

When life gets to be too rough,
And you have had enough,
Escape to where kid’s like to play,
Imagine and be whatever you say.
Try to remember what it is like,
To play and dream like any tike.
Be a kid and take a trip,
On a child’s magical play time ship.

Copyright © Timothy McGuire | Year Posted 2018

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Find out

I wake up in the morning 
to find out im in hell
So curse it, my plans are diabolical
From contemplating to building strange machines,
Channeling low frequencies and summoning demons,
Angels be like why?
Man I just wanna fly,
Back packs and jet packs
Im a teenager on the run,
From being labeled missing
 to being the greatest
My name as a brand so I wear it!
Heroes are nothing but rebels and outcasts
Villains are me and you,
Its a battle so guess who's winning?
Exactly that! we fighting with each other,
Not for one another but who im I to say,
Why do I plan on staying while everybody be moving?
Why does a dove fly, a dog bark and wolves don't?
Y comes before z and z be the end
So we always ask questions last,
From B F's to getting A's
A school and its principles
Teachers and scholars, to high graduates 
Shooting at the system with missiles
To opening portals for dark magicians,
The alternate dimension
My mind as a stream and my thoughts just leak
Backaches and headaches to acne on the face,

Mortal and friends to falling in love with mermaids 
Life as an ocean and im drowning,
Lifes deep, life as the great blue 
Im an octopus trying to grab everything I can,
A whirlpool that's twists and turns
To sea shores like the finish line,
Heavy loads and long roads 
Burdens and choices,
To sacrifices, and endless work,
But this is Childs play!
Boys and girls fly like Peter pan and Tinkerbell
Believe that and you'll shine like you've been sprinkled with fairy dust,
In this mythical world all you need is imagination and faith, 
that will to fly and never give up 
Its a fairytale and how it ends depends on you,
Cause you the main character of your own  story, 
life and journey 
The superman's and wonder woman's 
Of the world

Copyright © Piercing Words | Year Posted 2018

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I don't know why I like you
I don't know why I do
Everytime I see you
It breaks my heart in two

You act like you feel the same way
But deny it everyday
You make me feel it's real
But to you it's just childs play

I feel like I'm being used
My heart is being abused
This all leaves me so confused

Please tell me what you really feel
And if it's the same way
I hope it's real

Copyright © Tuti Wales | Year Posted 2006

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clouds like dandelion seeds twirled between palms and blown across blue skies


Copyright © Kim Rodrigues | Year Posted 2018