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Big, Big Bird

I saw a big bird today at a local zoo.
Its habitat is akin to that of a kangaroo.

It was glaring at all as if to say,
"Okay!  I saw all, now go away!"

Its digits can agonizingly kick,
As if hit by a ton of brick!

It is not a darling bird at all,
And I cannot stand its blaring call!

I know nothing of its ornithological stock.
I do know it's too big to fry in an Asian wok!

I was at a loss as I stood stroking jaw.
Was it an ostrich or a cassowary that I saw?

I can't think of anything worthy for that bird to say,
So I shall lay down ballpoint and call it a day!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(© All Rights Reserved)

First Place In Nikko Palmario's "Without U & ME" Contest' - July 2010
PS:   This was a contest where the use of the letters E, M & U was prohibited.
        The bird I spoke of was the EMU!

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2010

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Arches National Park

There are many beautiful parks in the world
Each is a wonder to behold
Selous game reserve is special for me
Because not only of a number of bird species one can see

Not only the wild dogs, hippos, and crocodiles to see
But rare giant African cat there might be
Not far from there mngwa did they see
And this demonic cat there still might be

Queensland Australia cassowary lives there
And many national parks this area share
Salto the Angel in South America is place to see
In Canaima National Park it dazzles with majesty

There are many regions of mesmerizing beauty
Being from Poland Park of Table Mountains is amazing to me
But one park has something that one normally can’t’ see
But once one opens one’s mind expression of the soul there will be

Arches in the arches Park in U.S.
It is the park that I bless
One normally sees same thing inside the arch
As it is outside the arch

But to me
This arch is symbol of being free
Ones in right frequency the mind will be
Deep inside the soul through the arch window one can see

The rare equation of the mind
And without it we are blind
And once humanity this equation will see
It will be able to fulfill its destiny 

Copyright © Patrycjusz Kopec | Year Posted 2016

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world war 3

World War 3 
And now as the generation that remembers how bloody
a world war is, and how many millions suffered and died,
is forgotten a distant past and again the black winged 
Bird of war is flapping its wings. 
I will go to Papua New Guinea, buy a big piece of forest 
and plant more trees when needed, I will keep pigs that
soon will be wild and invite people to kill them with a bow
and arrow. I pig head on the wall and a trophy wife in 
the bed, idiots will pay a lot for that. 
By preserving the forest, I will help save the world from 
carbon emission, if it is not too late and the world cannot be
saved from the colossus NATO and those with no memory
who get excited by demagogues and are ready to make 
the wrong decision and eradicate them. 
I will also keep cassowary as pets, but not indoors as they 
do crap a lot, and like to sleep in your bed.
I will sit here and wait till radio signals are silent and I know
 War is over, and the world far away is a smoking ruin 
Incinerated bibliotheca, obliterated literature and we shall
not know about our short but illustrious time on earth.

Copyright © jan oskar hansen | Year Posted 2015

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The Kadaitchi Witch Doctor Knight


The Kadaitchi (Witch Doctor) Knight

Harry stood alone and sniffed the breeze
a pongy hay smell,  Japanese
Harry sheltered there beneath a tree
a gum tree dripping sap

The  Black Knight shed his lap lap
joined the natives from Rabaul
he took the weight from one sore back
when a native carrier fell
Samurai sadist with a sword
shouted at this poor man
The carriers head then went forward
Blood rushed out oer the sand

It was Kokoda 1942 our Harry West had seen,
the timeless trackless mountains all made of jungle green,
yellow peril so sadistic take a life with casual ease,
 slaughter in a jungle where Aussies fought with Japanese

At nightfall all lay down their load
And drifted off to sleep
But Harry slyly watched the toad
Then upon the Jap did creep

The blunt pocket knife did cut
The yellow perils throat
The carriers then were free, but
No time to stay and gloat

Harry went back and got
sugar bag full of grenades
machine gun pit blown, the dead to rot
Harry reigned on their parade

You couldn’t follow Harry 
He’d learned his craft too well
Cassowary moccasins would carry
Harry left no track or smell.

Japanese thought he was evil, when
He didn’t give em any chance
Just threw grenades amongst them 
To watch em scream and dance…..Don Johnson

Harry’s best friend had died fighting and Harry swore revenge and went native 
behind the Japanese lines, naked he carried a few hand grenades in a sugar bag.
The Japanese thought a black demon was stalking them in these green mountains,
On the  Kokoda trail. Harry West an Australian Aboriginal Soldier from Goodooga got the
Military Medal, he should have got the Victoria Cross he earned it.

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2010