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Best Bulldog Poems

Below are the all-time best Bulldog poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of bulldog poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member Last Tussle in Brussels

Somewhere in Brussels, March 2019,
Poor Theresa’d not slept since about Halloween,
But at last it was ready! The dream Brexit treaty,
Which pleased every spluttering zealot so...

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Categories: bulldog, fun, funny, humor, humorous,

Premium Member All Mothers Must Sing - A Song for the Bulldog
It was not long ago
By the reck'ning of things
You were yet a wee one
Yet under our wing-
But now you have grown up
Like snow follows Spring...

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Categories: bulldog, baby, childhood, daughter, growing

Premium Member Tige
(Circa 1910)

Grandpa had a bulldog whose name was Tige. 
They were close – as close as honey and bees. 
If Grandpa felt a cold comin’...

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© John Posey  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: bulldog, dog, heart, love, me,

Premium Member My Little Bulldog
No challenge stops her
    stance is set
       shoulders squared


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Categories: bulldog, daughter, father, hope, love,

Premium Member Goldilocks
She's been gone for 16 years now
but her memory lingers on.
It seems like only yesterday,
I still can't believe she's gone!

From the first day that I...

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Categories: bulldog, happiness, love, pets, love,

Premium Member He says - She says
[He says]Never say ?I can't? 

     Why on Earth not meet defeat
     admit you're seldom right

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Categories: bulldog, introspection, truth,

The Passing of Edward
Martha was rudely awaken on Monday morning
With the phone call we all dread
“Mrs Palmer we regret to inform you
That your husband Edward is dead”
She thought...

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Categories: bulldog, death, sad,

Murdered Love
My love for you is a creature, a solid breathing 
Entity, a mangled creation of shadow-black flesh 
And the thread-like interwoven muscles of my 

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Categories: bulldog, death, devotion, lost love,

An avenue

This avenue, the same as ones nearby
once rang to screams and laughter, hoots and calls,
toy planes and cap rockets taunted the sky,
and footballs kicked and...

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© Viv Wigley  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: bulldog, childhood,

Revere the Founding Fathers, Part I
We star it off with Ben Franklin,
American renaissance man,
whose industry and sharp wit
made him the richest in the land.
Lived out an American dream
before the country...

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Categories: bulldog, america, appreciation, freedom, history,

Premium Member The Bulldog Gets Married

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Categories: bulldog, beauty, daughter, emotions, father

Premium Member The Bulldog Returns From College
Face flush with the cold,
She comes, with the wind laughing at her back
Across our threshold once more, 
And in moments it is as though she'd...

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Categories: bulldog, childhood, daughter, family, love,

Premium Member The Bulldog's Car Wars
She and vehicles,
Adversaries forever,
No quarter given
And none asked on either side.
The metal beasts smell money,
Wound themselves to devour it.

It doesn't matter
How she tries to hide...

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Categories: bulldog, daughter, funny, life

Premium Member Up From Alabama - The Young Professional Bulldog Visits
In late on a late night from a long journey,
Barely in the door
And she's telling funny stories
Of her own misfortunes
The comedy of errors that harried...

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Categories: bulldog, daughter, family, happiness, hope,


Yesterday, as you remember, was just another day.
You played like a boy could with no worries in place.
Today you sing the gospel...

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Categories: bulldog, celebration, culture, encouraging, inspiration,

Big Fart
Big Fart

Jack has a bulldog. Boy can he fart
Phooey, they do not come from the heart
Don’t ever feed him beans
Or the odor gets mean
Never needs...

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Categories: bulldog, funny,

Premium Member Baseball Trash Can Cats Vs Downtown Stray

Here we are fans this fine summer day,
to watch Trash Can Cats, versus Downtown Stray.
The field is grand in this deep wooded glen,
pitchers are warming...

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Categories: bulldog, baseball, fun, poetry,

Never Ending Love
Never Ending Love

Born in a cold basement on Valentine’s Day,
She grew up on newspaper and constant radio play.
She was the runt of the litter and...

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© Lee Ramage  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: bulldog, petsme, dog, dog, love,

Sunday Morning Blues
Sunday Morning blues

 RIO DE JANEIRO all nights or LAS VEGAS nightlife
After two-three glasses of Twisted Ice Lemon
Or was it an Alabama Slammer?  You...

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Categories: bulldog, dedication, fantasy, love, on

All My Lovely Children
On an early April afternoon, nearly three decades ago
I waited to meet my firstborn, but time moved so slow

Upon her delivery I heard the lusty...

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© Lin Lane  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: bulldog, children, love,

Come On England (World Cup)
The talent of this England team
Will overcome the rest
Because the players on display
Are simply the best.

James our keeper will save every shot
He's experienced and so...

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Categories: bulldog, passion, sportsme,

A Decloration of War rap lyrics
I tell u what shell b the first to tell you 
Tim is crazy he aint even jealous of the devil
he gots propellas on the...

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Categories: bulldog, me, heart, heart, me,

Premium Member Rugged
I am going to write a funny poem
Why does life have tomorrow?
Because if it doesn't 
Wouldn't you have it today?
Far near
How far is far
And how...

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Categories: bulldog, faith, fun, funny,

The Bulldog And The Poodle
The bulldog said to the poodle... 
"Wow!"..."What a fancy treat!" 
"Today you ain't so lucky", 
"I'm the king on this street!"

"Looks like you lost your...

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Categories: bulldog, faith, fear, lost, dog,

Dinner for Two
OK another adventure in the mad poet’s life,
This occurred just before I met Jane, my imaginary wife.
Jane’s brother, Glen had set me up with a...

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Categories: bulldog, funnyme, people, girl, me,