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The Best Bored To Tears Poems

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G is for Grouchy

Grouchy is a grubby feeling,
with the nasty taste of blah;
makes you out of sorts with living,
the opposite of hurrah.

You don’t like anything 
you used to really love;
instead of giving kisses
you would rather pinch or shove.

You are bored to tears;
your toys - worn out and old;
you sit before your breakfast
until the eggs are cold.

No one can please you,
not even mom or dad;
and if you are not careful,
you’re in your room for being bad!

Some people say, “You got up
on the wrong side of the bed;”
maybe you should get back in,
crawl out the other side instead.

What makes you feel so out of sorts?
You think you just might cry
and mommy says she’s sure you ate
a slice of gritty grumble pie.

We all have days that go kerplunk;
we do some things we shouldn’t do,
but it will soon get better;
pull your feet out of grouch goo.

Just put a smile on that sweet face
and tell the grump to go away;
the sun is up and life is good,
get busy, go outside and play!

© September 18, 2015
Faye Lanham Gibson

Copyright © Faye Gibson | Year Posted 2015

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where are the words

Why is it that when, you want to write a verse
that your mind is really blank, you're thinking with a curse
I'm really bored, yes bored to tears, and would like to say
I wish that I could find the words or even write a play  

Where are the words that normally, just pop into my head
and when a verse just pops up from something someone said
I really can't understand where those words can be
one can usually close one's eyes and there's the words to see

Oh, I'll have to give it up, for nothings coming right
I'll go to bed, and then they're there right within my sight
but dam and blast It's typical but it is very true
as soon as you close your eyes the words come right to you

Copyright © jacque lee | Year Posted 2008

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Racketeers and tears

Some rich men are bored to tears 
with visiting racketeers.

Volodymyr Knyr

Copyright © Volodymyr Knyr | Year Posted 2014

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In the spring, the crows sit in the tall pines
Capitalizing on the field of newly planted corn.
Farmer dreams of corn on the cob which he will dine
Caw, caw the lookout calls to his mates to forewarn

As crows go down rows, gleaning the kernels
Dreaming their only competition is from the farmer
But up high is a nest of pesky, frisky squirrels
On the ground also those armadillos with armour

As the farmer sees his profits go into the crows,
His temper flairs to beyond recovery.
Farmer sits in garden reading aloud prose
Bored to tears, the crows a great book discovery

"Selected Poems" by Edna St. Vincent Millay
With it drove farmer away in chorus sang, "Yea"..

Sonnet:Sort of

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2011

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Art Gallery

The last time
I wade through halls of tripe
This heartless art gallery
Devoid of soul, library-like

Bored to tears
By banal instillations
Government grants for Oliver 
And his pretencious statements

Can you relate to Poncey paragraphs
Contradicting soundbites 
Vague, searching for meaning
Nothing but wine glass

Unmoved by it
Passionless art by emotionless twits
I'm going outside to be inspired

I've seen more soul in celery sticks

Copyright © Johndinsky Official | Year Posted 2016

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My Friends Screen

Head hanging off couch waiting to be fed
Things take on new perspective looking up
'Twas noon bored to tears just lying in bed
Had to have some coke and ice in my big cup

Coke and chips are good to give me the strength
They are always here even though wish were
Not, they will be gone away at some length
Character traits say we can depend on her

Recycled teen can now visit friend
Get to station_for heard in distance train
Recycled teen now has fun is that plain
First of life was hard_life is better at the end

Enjoying golden years_no more inbetween
Mother and daddy can't now my friends screen

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2011

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In the ugly streets of Homs I lied on my back snipers´ fire hit
 walls and filled my nose with cement dust and the horrid 
smell of early death, the aftermath of abused young men
who have only murder and agony as a leading light to their
 short future that holds no promise of peace.  

Beside me a box shaped as a heart I knew it was a hand 
grenade about to explode, soldiers came the grenade was 
defused. They carried me in chair to the ocean´s strand.
High tide came I was free to join the dolphins, I had tried
life ashore it was fun for some time, but I always longed to 
join my tribe, where I need no speak and just be.

We swim between the Azores and the coast of Portugal and 
I`m bored to tears, which happens those who have grown out 
of their old culture, but nevertheless I falsely warn dolphins 
not to leave the sea, be tempted by the dry land´s pearls made 
of tears spilt by us who will never get home, kitschy neon light
and New Orleans´ jazz like it sounded in 1964.  

Copyright © jan oskar hansen | Year Posted 2014

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Dizzy Maze

A moment in the island of activity and solitude
Where you have no choice but to stay a time
And then go back home and back again
Now worsened by the labourers strife
That bred the supervisors inactivity
And souls bored to tears
Suddenly a moment beside the gentle presence of loveliness
Probably feeling the same as me
A presence that has lasted for just only awhile
With delight and joy in its trail
A moment of respite that leaves us in grief

Copyright © Charles Nwokoye | Year Posted 2012

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Alcoholism: The Silent Killer

Alcoholsim...The Silent Killer 

When I have a are always there
I don’t have to always care 
I can cry into the bottle and tell you everything 
Who would ever have thought of all the trouble you’d bring 
You make me feel better than anything else ever could 
People try to get me...but I am totally misunderstood 
All I want is to feel good every second of every day 
Why do you make me feel so good and then make me pay? 
I can’t get away from all of the damage create 
It doesn’t matter what you do...I always take the bait 
I would live and die for you and that’s my reality 
When I have you inside me I am carefree 
I feel no pain inside or out 
You were always the answer...I never had doubts 
Until you started getting me into trouble and letting demons in
I tried to fight you but just couldn’t win
I lost everything in my life because of you
I should have told you then that we were through 
But I hung on and gave you more of my life 
You made me stare longingly at the blade of my knife 
On much more than one occasion 
I have to come to a conclusion and make a decision 
I either have to give my life for you or let you go 
What should I do? I honestly don’t know. 
How can I make it without my only longtime friend 
I thought we’d be together in the end 
I thought I’d drink myself to death and go on to better things 
You give me give me wings 
I’ve tried to make it without you before and was bored to tears
You take away all of my pain and my fears 
You ease every fowl feeling that comes over me 
Why do you hurt me so bad in the end...why can’t you just let me be
You are my very best friend...that much is true 
I would have given my life for you
I can’t leave you alone and being without you would kill me
Please let me go...Let me be free 
I am going to die if you keep hanging on to my soul 
I already know that destroying my life is your goal 
You come from’re coursing through my veins 
You live inside me...I’ve got to take the reigns 
I can’t let you kill me...I need to be with Mondo 
You have to let me break free...You have to let me go
I can’t live without my fallen angel and he means more to me than you 
For him...there’s nothing I wouldn’t do
It is going to be a struggle...the biggest fight of my life 
I’ve got to let you go and become his wife 
This is going to be a fight to the death...I already know 
One of the two of us has got to go
Either you are me...we’ll find out who wins 
You have made me commit too many sins 
I can’t even look myself in the mirror 
I’m confused most of the time but I am seeing you clearer
You are poison to my soul 
I guess, from the beginning, that was your goal 
To poison me and end my life 
You want to take me out with a butcher knife 
Or maybe you’ll use some pills 
You have to’re giving me chills 
I think about the damage you could do to me
I have to get away...I have to be free 
If I keep following you...I’ll wind up in prison 
I have a lot to think on...I have to make a decision are my Silent Killer 
You are insane and your bite is a chiller 
Let me go you insane friend of mine 
I have to give up the hard liquor, the beer and the wine 
It is going to hurt me to say goodbye 
I think I’ll cry...I think I’ll die 
I don’t want to let you go
You’ve been my lifeline...this you have to know 
However, Mondo is light shining into my soul 
Killing me is not his goal 
No that goal is yours and you are evil and unreal 
You wanted me to do really bad ****...even kill 
You are going against my will 
You have to know the deal 
Take your fictional fun times and shove them up your *** 
You want to kill me...I think I’ll pass 

Copyright © Angela Freeman | Year Posted 2017

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Saving the Cathedral 4

He worked alone in cold, intensely black
peat water.  Had to feel his way.  Laid down
one hundred thousand concrete blocks, around
a million bricks, and carried on his back

uncounted thousands of the concrete bags
which shored the Minster up.  Six endless years
he toiled in tedium.  If bored to tears,
he never said so.  And if he hit snags,

he overcame them on his own.  Such men –
not loud, not proud, not looking for reward –
are just the type we really should applaud.
Perhaps there were more William Walkers then:

clear-eyed, unfussy, knowing what to do,
and quietly disposed to see it through. 

Copyright © Michael Coy | Year Posted 2017