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Dragons Side Kick

One day Dragon had an epiphany, Super Heroes NEVER work alone.
And there are just too many bad guys, for him to do it on his own.
True, he had never actually seen a bad guy, he now realized his OOPS!
Suddenly he realized, they only liked to fight those, Super Hero Groups!

After all, every movie he’d ever seen, drew the bad groups, to the good.
So he would need a sidekick, for his monumental hero, of DragonHood.  
Or possibly, maybe, an even score of Super Heroes, to draw to his side.
That’d assure his own movie, and comic book to be penned, he did decide.

So he put in the Local Tribune… Only Real Heroes need tryout, or apply!
When none came a running, he knew, a grudge match would call them nigh.
Again nothing happened, so what, OH WHAT, would he now decide, to do!
This would call for drastic measures! So he called Drago to come! It’s true!

Drago’d been getting BORED of late, at least that’s, what he’d heard him say!
Until John’s Drago got there, he called the Las Vegas Dragons to send his way:
Their MOST FURIOUS Dragon, to be his sidekick, fierce and full of display!
To ‘you know’ start to make things, begin to happen, in a really GREAT WAY!

Low and behold, they said they’d send him one, and to be ready, the next day!
Now this worried us, he hadn’t asked our permission first! So a big May Day!
But when I called them back… the story that I got… Would be a BIG surprise!
Yes Dragon stood there waiting as a great big Blue Dragon flew over the rise…

Dropped off a small fancy Red Dragon, then mightily rose up and flew away!
Yep, a GIRL Dragon, had come to play! Dragon was speechless, you might say!
But the Paparazzi weren’t, when Dragon coughed and laughed, and she literally!
Blew him away! Then she bit him in the neck, and tossed him high, immediately!

And he came down, landing without his dignity, and definitely now, IN LOVE! 
Not a bad two minutes work for a little bitty 3-year-old Dragoness with a shove! 
The paparazzi immediately reported as the News at Five, joined in: that she had! 
“Cleaned Dragon’s Clock! Dragoness has replaced Dragon… as the new BAD!”

Yep, we’d agreed to baby-sit while her Mom took a vacation, up to the North!
To check out John’s Drago! While Dragon’s new nemesis stayed with us! HAH!
Dragon saw the Noon News and fainted! THAT picture hit the later News at SIX! 
Now this should be fun, as I believe the old saying goes… ‘Ain’t Love a *****!’

And this little red bundle of trouble... arrived on Valentines' Day... It's True!

Written 2-11-2016

Copyright © Carol Eastman | Year Posted 2016

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Cheating In The Old West

In June of 1870, my Great Great Granddad was playing Poker in the Old West.
Even though he was shot, the law neglected to place the murderer under arrest.
My Great Great Granddad wasn't being honest, he was cheating.
He was plugged through the heart and his heart stopped beating.
When he was exposed as a cheater, the killer blew him away.
Even though it was murder, the law never made that man pay.
When my Great Great Granddad cheated the killer, it was wrong, that is something I won't deny.
But when that man got off scott free, it was also wrong, my Great Great Granddad didn't deserve to die.

(This is a fictional poem)

Copyright © randy johnson | Year Posted 2015

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John Lennon died this day

John Lennon died on this day
Chapman shot and blew him away
So sad a man of peace is killed so violently
You see killing can be done so easily

When someone wants to be known by all
Get a gun and kill fame is at your call
Now the 8th December is the day
John Lennon is remembered shot down that way.

© Paul Warren Poetry

Copyright © Paul Warren | Year Posted 2017

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Sudden chills

When all of a sudden,
You are chilled with goosebumps.
Say thank you to your angel,
For her needed protection.
The fire from the devil, 
came close to burning you.
The breath of an angel, blew him away.
No pain to suffer through.

Copyright © Chelci Biggs | Year Posted 2018