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Expect This NSA

While all they who are aware of your massive surveillance machine,
are covering their TV, lap top or whatever screens, 
for that little bit of god given privacy,
yours truly has still been not only still doing things openly,
for all those devices with cameras and microphones hidden so cleverly
now owned  by everybody, 
especially now that I know that the NSA is monitoring me.
I'm still living this life pretending to have privacy.
I know that through these devices in my home, Big Brother IS Watching Me.
Now that I've joined over one million naturally born American citizens,
suspected possibly of possibly being possibly suspected of terrorism.
NSA, here is what you have to look forward to from yours truly.
I'm gonna be as grossest, as a grossest suspected terrorist can possibly be.
I'm not even going to mention what these gross acts are presently,
some readers reading this might be in the middle of having something to eat,
but NSA, this I say to all of you very truthfully,
you can look forward to My Gross Show performances 24/7, indefinitely.
and if one day I begin to gain any kind of popularity,
and you release any of that footage in any attempt to smear campaign me,
you are going to have to explain to the people how you got all of this on me,
with your ever growing larger still worldwide massive surveillance machine.
I look forward to entertaining all of my new pals and gals every night and day, 
at the good old U S A's NSA.
Oh yes, NSA?
One other thing I forgot to say,
You'll all be so happy to know that my show won't have any commercial breaks.

Copyright © Billy TheKidster | Year Posted 2017

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Street Technology


                                           Street Technology
                                      Big Brother Is Watching Us
                                           His Eyes Everywhere


                                          © Copyright KC.Leake
                                                19th April 2015
                                             All Rights Reserved

Copyright © kevin leake | Year Posted 2015

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Oh no doctor

                                             Oh no doctor
                                         I have to disagree
                                    Getting hooked on marijuana
                                         Had no effect on me.

                                       I thought I saw a seesaw
                                       A seesaw I thought I saw 
                                  but the seesaw that I thought I saw
                                          I can't see anymore.

                                       Sat in that leather chair
                                  Waiting for the guy to test my eyes
                                       He started drilling my teeth
                                      That sure took me by surprise .

                                                Oh no doctor
                                            I have to disagree
                                        Getting hooked on marijuana
                                            Had no effect on me.

                                        It was then I saw the poster
                                       Get your sex here for a change
                                      But the surgeon chopped off my todger 
                                       I thought that a little strange.

                                       I admit to muddled thinking
                                      Seeing things that are not there
                                          But I have an explanation 
                                          That I'm willing to share.

                                              It is not my paranoia 
                                           Big brother is watching me
                                          Governments around the world 
                                    are engaged in a mind altering conspiracy .

                                                Oh no doctor 
                                              I have to disagree
                                          Getting hooked on marijuana
                                              Had no effect on me.

                                                 No No doctor 
                                        I don't need that jacket so straight
                                           Leave those men in white coats
                                             Down by the garden gate.

                                               Please believe me doctor 
                                                  A junkie I am not
                                            Just because I spent my salary
                                                 On a few joints of pot.

                                             Yes I sold my mothers jewellery 
                                                    Stole my fathers car
                                             Spent my little brothers pocket money 
                                                 When I raided his penny jar.

                                                     So oh no doctor
                                                   I have to disagree
                                               Getting hooked on marijuana
                                                    Had no effect on me .

Copyright © DARREN WATSON | Year Posted 2014

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Trust, Trust, Trust

Trust, Trust, Trust
By Dr. Tina Medina
Whether it is Benghazi or Kansas City,
You will call and she won’t answer
The pattern and practice is established
You will call and she won’t answer
That is why I do not trust her
Trust, trust, trust
It is at the heart of all matters
If trust can’t be established, then what happens at home…everything may be in disarray and scattered
If in Benghazi, no compassion and love for fellow man was shown
What will happen here at home?
Please hear me, you will call, but she will not answer
She had her chance to save lives in Benghazi
She may fry you like BBQ in Kansas City
Now I know I am getting creatively drastic
But, we do have the BBQ sauce and the pits, that woman is not legit
For 13 hours, our brothers cried out for help and mercy
And no help came
Now who is playing game
Let me remind you, no one came
We are the ultimate super power, yet no one came
How the hell does that happen and when did we stop hearing the pleas of our people
Those cries were probably heard spiritually from all the world’s church steeples
A true leader will act and command for help at all cost
There was a time that no American lives would ever be lost
Come on now, 13 hours there were cries for help to our nation’s Secretary of State
Yet were the mics on mute because the pleas were drowning out their public relations debate
She and Obama had access to everything – Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines
Yet they did not do a damn thing!
Human life was the cost
And to be honest, those lives did not have to be lost
Please hear my plea
Those lives did not have to be lost
I rather call out to Jesus because He is the only first responder
Too bad, we can’t write Him in on the ticket
Because 13 hours of waiting is a sign of poor leadership…it is a deficit
No one came because it was not politically adequate for her
Yet can she wash the blood off her hands with frankincense and myrrh
All the spices and riches from the Middle East cannot make this issue of trust simply go away
We Americans are not stupid, nor will be fooled by statements of delay
When asked about Benghazi
What difference does it matter….that is what she had to say
You see in these aspects of true leadership when it involves life and death
What difference does it matter! The harshness of her tone is a bit scary
What difference does it matter!!!
Let me tell a secret that you make know now or perhaps have forgotten
And this will make the story even more rotten
We live in a Jack Bauer “24” hour live-feed, real time Big Brother is watching your tail life
Our state of technology is off the chain
Those people did not have to suffer and die in vain
Come on now, do you think really think that the American people can’t filter through the political strife
We are all not playing Pokemon and forgetting about real life
The truth of the matter is that you were very lame
I have the constitutional right to write what I feel has just been a bunch of smoke and mirrors…plain out game
Just to find out that for 13 hours, no help ever came
Please, please let’s stop playing hide and seek games
The truth is very, very clear
Some of us simply don’t trust you because you did not answer the call from Benghazi
The question, we as a nation should be asking is what is she going to do in my city?
Let’s break it on down to a personal level
At any time during the 13 hours, she could have responded
No actions show that there is a lack of compassion and she is disheartened
How can you let people die?
When you got the eye in the sky!
We could have called down hellfire and saved the day
But you all wanted to play!
My heart goes out to the families of those four men as their lives matter more today
Because they represented their nation and fulfilled their call without any delay
Perhaps in God’s plan to wake up this nation
Their sacrificed lives will allow us to see the true revelation
The job takes moxy, strength, heart, love of people, and pure dedication
A true God ordained leader that is called will do all of their best to save the life of a brother
Action, fight, defend, lead, grow, pray, make things happen, be creative and save is what this nation was built on... there simply is no other

Copyright © Tina Medina | Year Posted 2016

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2071 - Big Brother watches from on high

2017 - year zero

They loaned to the poor, who cannot repay.
They stole from the old, who cannot recover.
They sold our future, for better or worse
and made our children pay.
They schooled arithmetic to be feared.
They tutored trust in suited men.
They taught the poor were lazy
and spawned the idle rich from their toil.
They took our precious things
and sold them cheap to fake friends.
They made money by printing money
and delayed the reckoning.
They funded phoney wars to turn our attention
whilst they picked our pockets
and allowed millions of strangers to die.
They brainwashed faith in impotent leaders
and privately castrated them.

No more!

Protests! Uprising!
Injustice washed away in blood.
Ours and theirs and the innocent.
Paradise from sacrifice.
A promised land from a land of empty promises.

2020 - tech

Tablet touchscreen tele-screens.
Cameras watching.
Knowing your location and when.
Centillion search engine
recording preferences and thoughts.
Predictive text correcting thought crime.
Data mining.
Trending counter revolutionary memes.
Finding patterns for state cauterisation.

2025 - ghost of O'Brian

When the oppressed grow numb to the pain
and are blind from where it comes
they no longer care.
Stale bread and brassy circuses are all they need
to ignore the strings and pulleys 
and levers and trap doors
that control their free will.
Tyranny behind a closed curtain.
An illusion of prosperity and happiness.
Plastic utopia.
If you want a vision of the present
imagine a boot stamping on a smiling face.

2037 - preface to the 20th year newspeak dictionary - inner party edition

Unlisting of ungood words complete ahead of the five year plan.
Archaic terms useful for thought correction:
  "Overseas contingency operations"
  "Targeted killings"
  "Regime change"
  "Collateral damage"
  "Enhanced interrogation techniques"
  "Extraordinary rendition"
  "Black sites"
remain in the dictionary.
Their definitions unprinted.
Their meanings self evident
as defined by the party.
Doublethink fluidity.
Doubleplus good.

2054 - ministry of truth haikus

Freedom's slavery.
Eternal warfare's peacetime.
Strengthened ignorance.

Eurasia hatred.
Control past, control future.
Eastasia hatred.

Doublethink dogma.
Contradictory beliefs.
Two plus two is five.

2071 - nirvana

Forbidden lovers
knowing their love is doomed.
They are the dead.
Sitting under curfewed stars.
Miniluv satellites twinkling as they fly past,
metallic eyes seeing everything.
They look up at the face of their leader
immortally blasted into the moon's surface
by atomics and thought criminals.
Reprogrammed to serve
then scattered in a vacuum graveyard,
buried in moon dust
The inner party's heavenly fortress
impregnable, unreachable, eternal.
Its chill moonlight casting shadows
against steel and concrete.
They hold hands for the last time.
Big Brother watching from on high.
Watching them.
And watching you.

"If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever" is the original quote from 1984

"War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength" is the original quote from 1984

The book 1984 was so called because George Orwell wrote it in 1948 and simply switched the last two digits. In this poem I switched the last two digits of 2017 to make 2071

Tele-screens were the televisions in 1984 that were watching you

"They are the dead" is a twist of the original quote "we are the dead" said by both Winston and Julia just before they were arrested

"Doublethink" is the ability to hold contradictory beliefs

"Miniluv" is newspeak for ministry of love, where the thought police work

"Centillion" is 1 followed by 303 zeros. The centillion search engine is the party's replacement for google. Google was likewise named after a googol which is 1 followed by 100 zeros

"2 + 2 = 5" is an example of dogma that the party might state as fact in 1984

"Big Brother is watching you" is the slogan on propaganda posters in 1984

Written 3rd March 2017 - or year zero

Entry to "1984 or 2017" contest

Copyright © Mark Martin | Year Posted 2017

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O Big Brother Where Art Thou

Osiris watching from the sky

Satellite recon harvesting personal

data on you and I

Sending chills down the spine

In the name of national security

Big brother is listening on the line

Privacy eroded freedoms rights scorned

Electronic surveillance now the norm	

Everywhere you go Big brother knows

Everything you do Big Brother is watching you

Copyright © Lori Lucas McClure | Year Posted 2012

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Big Brother Is Watching

They say "Big Brother" is watching you,
And I know that it must be true.
Someone sees and hears us all,
Whether we do good or if we fall.

That Someone is God's Son, Jesus.
Our Big Brother, He always sees us.
Everything we do, every word we say,
Jesus sees and hears everyday.

Not just our deeds, He knows our thoughts,
He knows the hidden secrets of our hearts.
Nothing is hidden from His watchful eyes.
He sees and hears each breath, each sigh.

Yes, Big Brother is watching us,
The Son of God, Christ Jesus.
But more than watch, He intercedes,
Asking the Father to meet our needs.

6/30/12 For Black Eyed Susan's "Big Brother - who's watching you and why" contest

Copyright © Kim Merryman | Year Posted 2012

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Revised version Enslavement of a lesser being

Freedom won on a distant battlefield
Gallant words to remember them by
Unspoken tears for the old to cry,
A game for the young to play
Never a thought for freedoms way
For tyrants are easy to spot
Peaceful takeovers not,
Look through the haze
For when wheat replaces the meadows
 The birds have no home
When forests are felled, 
Extinction will come
You are a commodity,
 For globalisation has won
When TV calls caressing your soul
With the next discount, and
“Yes its free fitting”
Without a shot being fired
Your future mortgaged
And when your ration of bread 
Demands the last fish in the sea 
Neatly Packaged and dolphin free
Who will pay the price?
This is the legacy
There is no escape
Big brother is watching
Mankind in a zoo of its own creation
Come, peer through the bars at,
This condemnation of society broken
For freedom lies on the other side.

Copyright © steven cooke | Year Posted 2012

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My Big Brother Is Watching You Too

"My Big Brother" up and down the street
  He could be anyone you meet
  Spying on you from the street
  Looking in from every beat
"My Big Brother" isn't that sweet

"My Big Brother" and I don't know why
  Casting in from above the sky
"My Big Brother" the commie spy
  Listening in do or die
  Bringing his book in
  Taught within
My Big Brother, 1-800-LET-US IN
  Caught with paper and a pen 
All because, "My Big Brother" let himself in

Copyright © Courtney Courtney | Year Posted 2012

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Big Brother Is Watching

Haven't got time for those cynical people They're never gonna drag me down Life's too short for whining and complaining In their own negativity they drown For twenty-four seven it's non-stop paranoia Can't imagine living that way On the sunniest day their sun doesn't shine I rather spend time making hay Suspecting the government's watching us Taping us each time we pee Had no idea things had gotten that serious Why such interest in little old me Well I'm just gonna go on my merry old way More important things on my mind Like feeding Dufus and my persian cat Lily A good way to stay sane I find Haven't got time for those cynical people There's exciting stuff to explore This friendly old planet is beckoning me So I'm off to open more doors © Jack Ellison 2013

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2013

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changes are not always better - upside down contest

The world has taken on a new dimension
No longer are you in charge of your ideals
If you look on line for advice on a subject
You are bombarded by companies offering advice
You had left a digital trace 

Big brother is watching us

In the past decade many things have changed our world
Countries that once were under the communist thumb
Have joined the E.U
Uniting Europe is the intention
Until 2016 when the British people opted  to leave
under the banner of BREXIT
This has definitely turned the world upside down

Humorous side of literally turning things upside down
The humble umbrella 
Was re- designed so when folded the rain doesn’t run all over you.
It works I know I have one.

My life has been altered by large degree
no longer when tired need to go out to shop
With on line shopping it’s a dawdle
Delivered to your door

Same with online banking 
can move your money around at will.

No queues that dreadful waste of time

Progress in medicine has made living easier
Even the countries where rain is a stranger
Through charitable societies water pumps are installed.
This indeed has changed things for the better

What we lost in today’s society
Manners seem to have disappeared
The young folk are not taught them

Family life is so different
No longer do families sit together at mealtime
Where you can talk and share problems
Now the kitchen is like a fast food chain
All waiting for the ping of the microwave.

Life in general is so different
Gone are the long walks in the evening for many
Instead the big screen flickers 
watched by the young and old alike.

Penned 28 February 2016

Copyright © Seren Roberts | Year Posted 2017

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Beware of the year 20 something

Twenty one seven! Beware of this year!
The numbers themselves should strike you with fear
With global warming sea levels will rise
Big brother is watching and plainly disguised

Bird flu is spreading - a nasty disease
The rainforest will lose over half of its trees
A batch of new leaders will run all amok 
Alliances shifting to change trading blocs

The rabble is moaning and causing dissent
The coffers are empty the money's all spent
Everyone's cheating at sports for the gold
More war greater good - or so we are told

Please listen - take care - this prophet of doom
Nothing looks hopeful - it's all evil gloom
If you finish the year then get an old pen
Change seven to eight and read this again

Written some time ago - can't remember when - keep updating it each year! :-)

Copyright © Mark Martin | Year Posted 2017

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Big Brother Is Watching

Big Brother Is Watching

By Elton Camp

On Facebook, Bill can’t seem to realize
Criticizing the government isn’t wise

It’s brought their wrath on him before 
And now he’s done the same once more

Suspicious words he continues to use
His old Uncle Sam it does not amuse

His every post Sam is scrutinizing 
That he’s in trouble isn’t surprising

Guns in hand, they’ve got him surrounded 
His wife is both angry and astounded

“Bill, to do like this you cannot.
Why, you could even get me shot.”

If the authorities you continue to gall,
A tank may punch a hole in the wall!”

He sits at the computer and types away
And ignores every word she does say

Federal agents burst in and haul him away
Say that his country he attempted to betray

Whatever may appear on the Internet
A close look from Sam is going to get

Copyright © Elton Camp | Year Posted 2013

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Big Brother Is Watching

Big Brother is Watching

By Elton Camp

Of my phone calls Sam’s keeping track
In case I am planning a terrorist attack

None of my e-mails can come or go
Without Uncle knowing that it’s so

My Facebook he does scrutinize 
With his beaming, knowing eyes

But says patterns are all he does seek
He doesn’t read or listen when I speak

And I know that is bound to be true
Sam’s honest in all that he does do

If I’ve naught to hide, why fear
So let him both read and hear

The one with that job will find it tough
For what I publish is mundane stuff

The president I would never assassinate
For senseless violence I thoroughly hate

Nor would I bomb some public place
Such cowardly acts are a total disgrace

So go ahead, Sam, and take a peek
However, you won’t find what you seek

Copyright © Elton Camp | Year Posted 2013

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They came one evening, in the twighlight
Fitted cameras everywhere around
They were gone before the high light
They came and went without a sound

The cameras watched our every move
They reported back just what they saw
We all felt we had something to prove
Like one big test but they wanted more

Posters appeared upon the walls
‘Please report to the central base’
You could feel the tension fill the air
See it etched on every single face

They sat us in a great big hall of wood
With large screen in front of us all
What we could see just was not good
Our lives projected on the wall

They showed images of the past six weeks
They had pictures of us all to share
The people who had provided leaks
The spies and traitors were everywhere

Although it wasn’t pleasant viewing now
As I saw myself up on the screen
I kept as quiet as the shock would allow
For I remembered the very scene

The words ‘Big Brother is watching you’
Came up on the big screen
‘Your punishment is now overdue’
Was all that could be seen

Two men came and got me
And as they led me away
I could hear them warning others
That it would soon be their day

For now Big Brother is watching
And our every move is seen
We don’t know what the future holds
As we follow the new regime

Copyright © Shelley Murray-Foreman | Year Posted 2013

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New Beginning Page 2a


Their always there watching you
CCTV cameras take a perfect view
Of what you’re doing wrong or right
Helping a victim or starting a fight
They can be used to condemn or acquit
They support law and order quite a bit
So remember big brother is watching you
And always try hard the right thing to do

God Shown

Much Preferable it is to be
Led by the lords Moral Precepts to see
Inner Beauty in a Loving Heart
Sharing Heavens Blessings from the start
Natures Beauty is by God shown
So our Inner Beauty may be grown


A Pokémon called Pikachu
Wonder one day what to do
So the fish he did shock
Got knocked out by a rock
The Pokémon centre healed him good as new


A Pokémon trainer named Ash
Decided he would take a dash
For the Pokémon league
It did him intrigue
Gym leaders he really did thrash

Lords Love

After life is there only death
After we've drawn our last breath
A light will we see
To guide us to thee
So we'll know the lords love full breadth

Copyright © Owen Yeates | Year Posted 2017