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Back In The Saddle Again

Zealously, she circles want-ads
Years have dashed her expectations. 
Xeroxing her application
Wishing for some vindication
Voices on the telephone, asking for the skills she's honed
Under rated, and creative
Taunt her with big promises?
Salaries that compromise?
Retirement? No benefits
Questionnaires she must complete.  Younger gals she must compete
Propositioned by the boss?
Other jobs that she has lost?
No one wants you over 40
Masquerade, they'll think your 30
Last employed?......You stayed at home, raising kids, so he could go
Kitchen duties, shoveled loam, bathed those kids, the floors, the dog
Juggled schedules, drove a taxi, made the soup, and fed the troops
If you think that it was easy, just a week would drive them crazy
Has the skills, ......she'll dust them off
Give her a chance.....she'll do a dance!
Faithful, friendly, watch her scurry
Experienced, and quite trustworthy
Dedicated, she'll endeavor
Can't you see, she's a survivor? Let her stand a little taller
Better hire........she's a winner
"A"  for effort......Won't regret can bet your bottom dollar !!

10/11/15  For Z_Y_X Contest: Sponsored by John Lawless

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2015

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Dark Ages Revisited

If the Dark Ages were to come again
and electricity would cease to exist,
pray tell what'd happen to us?
P'raps it be smart to start a list.

Well I certainty wouldn't be sharing
poetry across the web.
You can bet your bottom dollar!
And if I needed some help on a fence
my smart phone wouldn't do much good.
I'd have to inhale big and give a loud holler!

I guess I'd roll up my sleeves, stick my hand
in the dirt, and plant some veggies.
Yard-work's a royal pain, but I'd have no choice.
Like the class nerd and the unavoidable wedgie.

Suppose I'd give my plasma flat screen
a nice smash with a dusty baseball bat.
After I sweep up the glass, who knows,
it might make a good home for a street cat.

I guess Jolie's double mastectomy
would be off of everyone's mind.
How comical would that be
to crack open a magazine with the headline,
"Twitter reaches 50 million followers
#hash-tag amazing".

Might stare at birds and trees a bit more often,
watch the cows grazing as if it were
quality entertainment.
There'd be downfalls no doubt.
All those Twitter updates
I'd surely lament:

"Sitting on the sofa..."
"Drinking a glass of water..."
"Man, are those leaves starting to pile!"
If I wanted recognition
I suppose I'd have to get off my butt
and do something worthwhile.

Those little dinner's-ready texts
would be a thing of the past.
We'd all be holding hands at the table
like a spell being cast.

You laugh now at the corny jokes,
but these what-ifs leaves your mind to wander.
If the Dark Ages were to come again
I guess imagination would be your
major time-killer... 'specially in the cold winter.

Copyright © Timothy Hicks | Year Posted 2013

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the great american witch hunt

since may 2010,
before any kind of trial at all has taken place,
bradley manning rots in solitary 
“being denied exercise, any kind of social 
interaction & sunlight” as well as often 
“being kept completely naked”
clearly undergoing what some have rightly called
julian assange’s life is threatened on a 
& if no one kills him before he is imprisoned for life
or executed 
in this 
great american witch hunt
you can bet your bottom dollar that 
the EMPIRE will do everything that they can to
silence him &
shut down wikileaks
screaming & thrashing 
having its little temper tantrum
because some of its 
have had a bright light shined on them.

you & i can either climb to the highest 
mountain that we can find in these here
united states 
stand on the edge of a cliff
and together,
we can raise our hands & wave goodbye to
first amendment as mr. obama & co.
“pursue the prosecution of more whistleblowers 
than any other administration in US history”
then subsequently
jump off into the quiet & 
complete annihilation of our freedom of speech---
because manning, assange &
so many anonymous others
are simply individuals
we can join them!
we can stand beside them & support them
in any way possible!
at the very least we can understand that they are 
heroes that should be honored as being
voices &
promoters of a better humanity---
that cannot
undermined by the overwhelmingly oppressive 
that still thrive amongst us.

Copyright © andrew delapruch | Year Posted 2011

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Better Than the Best Of

Every day you wake up happy,
There are people who wake up sad;
Every time you have some good luck
Others’ luck is being bad.

Every check-up that finds you healthy,
There is a diagnosis not as good;
Every time you eat a big meal,
There are families wishing that they could.

Every birthday candle you blow out,
Someone’s birthday will be their last;
Every time you receive a paycheck,
There are people begging for some cash.

And even when our days are bad,
And it feels like we are cursed;
You can bet your bottom dollar
There are folks who have it worse.

So, be happy for your good days;
Be happy for your health;
Be happy for your big meals;
Be happy for your wealth;
Be happy in the knowledge,
That the worst you’ll ever know,
Is better than the best of
Some other average Joe

Copyright © Joe Flach | Year Posted 2013

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The Ghost of Booger Holler

I ain't afraid of no ghost, friend,
You can bet your bottom dollar
I'm an expert on ghosts of men -
I was born in Booger Holler.

Now the Holler's a mile across
And the length is about the same
The trees all drip with Spanish Moss,
The woods are all empty of game

Our haunting ghost was named Ol' Jake
A Reb who'd come home from the war
He found his bride down by the lake
Skinned and eat by a grizzly b'ar

Now Jake blamed everyone around
As he just went slowly insane
He cussed an' wept and stomped the ground
An' told 'em all her name was Jane

He hung himself in a Live Oak tree
An' swore he'd haunt this hated home
So that's the way my Pa told me -
The ghost we knew began to roam

The Holler was haunted no doubt -
Moans and screams and wind all around
Now and then a laugh or a shout
Sometimes the feel of shaking ground

Well, that went on for thirty years
All us kids were no longer scared
Then we heard the ghost shed his tears
And were surprised that we all cared

The haunting stopped one dark cold night
The lonely ghost just seemed to rest
A wise old man spoke as he might
"Even Boogers get old, I guess."

June 3, 2016
For contest I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghosts, for Casarah Nance

Copyright © Larry Bradfield | Year Posted 2016

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Verily I Say Unto You

Oh, I could tell you that all is fine that everything is just great
Just keep on sipping your wine and don't worry about your fate
I could flat pass over the subject as this would be easier for me
You too wish that this I'd select and in so doing just let you be

I could never say another word that'd contain His Holy Name
Keeping to myself what I heard and letting you live in shame
I could keep all of it inside with a smile and a wave goodbye
I could have never tried just standing back looking with a sigh

But The Lord said otherwise in putting His Name on my heart
It is satan we both despise all his ways like a poisonous dart
As He Has Instilled such a burning, turning my own hearts key
I can only hope and pray such a yearning will also set you free

But you, you can walk away not feeling the need for His Word
Oh yes, you certainly may in so feeling that Jesus is absurd 
Just do one thing first and bet your bottom dollar(***) it's true 
Read the next two verses and realize that He is talking to you

Matthew 10:14-15
And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when 
ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet.
Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for the land of 
Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of judgment, than for that city.

Copyright © Vincent Flannery | Year Posted 2015

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These are my words
There are many like them 
But these are mine
So I most stay true to the power of my deliverance
Because the words that I chose won't cost me one dime
But you can bet your bottom dollar that they're going to make sense

On July 13, 1972
A woman by the name of Deborah Delores Davis 
Give birth to a bouncing boy 
6 pounds, 12 ounces to be exact
And as she watched him grow
There was something special and unique that
Caught her attention about her little baby boy
That would over wham her, and bring her to tears of joy
He displayed mad talents at an early age
The way that he would play around with words and make them flow
Was moving and touching to her soul
So she sat him down and she said
Baby there's something that mommy should tell you and you should always know
God's word says that you should train up a child in the way he should go
With that being said
Words are very powerful so be careful how you use them
Don't use them as a weapon
Don't misuse them or abuse them
Never use them to hurt, but use them to help
Because the words that you choose to use may be a blessing to someone else 
They also will tell a lot about you, and allow you to see some things within yourself 
So speak from your heart, and make sure you know what you're talking about
And please by all means allow the Lord to use you for the Nsideout 

Copyright © Nsideout Davis | Year Posted 2016

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Halloween night

Throw me to the wolfs And I will surely lead the pack Some lead it from the front But I will lead it from the back Watching every move The adversary makes Hear my ghostly howl When the full moon wakes When I sink my teeth Into inviting flesh You can bet your bottom dollar There'll be a bloody mess 16 October 2018

Copyright © JP Thomas | Year Posted 2018

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Money is a universal language. They say money talk bull crap walks
even the def hears it. You gotta pay the price to live nice.
Money can turn people cold as ice. I like my pockets fatter then Kelly price.
Success is my friend, i learned to fight with my pen. Words close as kin
the more money i earn the more money i yearn,thus i can't be broke.No 
money life is a joke. You cant take care of your folks.I love to count 
that cheese yellow yolks. You know what they say another day another dollar holla. You could bet your bottom dollar. Money makes the world go round.
Build a mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door. To get what you give sometimes you gotta cash in your chips. Don't bit the hand that feeds you money i need you.

Copyright © dwayne williams | Year Posted 2018