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Let's find eternity in a day it's here, right here in this fluid moment , an hour, a day, a week, a month ignore all these intervals for they're really all just a heartbeat long. They say, so often now that it must be a cliché, how hard is it to love and lose not just him, but a part of the self as well? But hope is a powerful potion and when the same betrayal happens in different ways multiple times, it eats into the soul leaving me but to wonder:
Am I broken? Perhaps, I can shake the wounds and click my heels and still dare...
I'll nod, smile, and agree with the stars that while my popped veins are screaming, there is still a charmed chance whispered to me once broken, twice broken, pray tell, why should I try for a third time? For hope is indeed a powerful potion though fear may be stronger, as pierced memories are knives embedded far deeper snaking their way into the depths of wilted flower beds, of a look, a smile, a question on a dance floor… that pause between then and now. Just flow, let’s find eternity in a day time means nothing when hours turn to seconds, an hour, a day, a week, a month , ignore all these intervals for when my fingers become tapered candles … Life becomes wrapped up into one ball of wax. ----------©----------all rights reserved
Michael Falotico's " Close Your Eyes and Click Your Heels" By: nette onclaud

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2011

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Peter Pan nightmares on Chatham Avenue

out of sync the wheel
squeaks, too many little 
brown mice with big mice ears
have chewed my bearings

a sunbeam sits on my 
dislocated shoulder
and the cat's in the cradle
sleeping with the whole ball of wax
(what a yarn that is!)

i sharpen my nails and
dig in the posthumous dirt
of my arrival, coming 
undone by the light of the silvery
moon, sprinkles melting on cupcakes
and newlyweds

it's nine yards and an inch, 
hail hail all ye who enter 
my sleep, prepare for Occam's
close shave, reality bites the dust
and then backtracks into ruts
of self-disclosure, counting crows,
mismatched socks, and coins for the

hi-def TV and writing poetry
that fall by the wayside, colours
of flesh and inhibition, the scent of lavender
honeysuckle and ginger blossoms pounding at my door:

wake up you crazy easy fool,
time is ticking and the crocodile is not
far away, your shadow is being dry-cleaned. 

Copyright © Anna Ruiz | Year Posted 2011

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The awesome power of prayer


What is the power that is found in prayer?
   That is the question I asked all through our little town square.
And the answers would range from cynical to prophetic.
   It wasn’t hard to tell those who believed and those who were skeptic.
And to the question are we living in our final days?
   You could see it on their faces how they had lost their ways.
It must of raised some torment to say the very least.
   When I tried to tell them that sinful living was a mark of the beast.
Some wanted to know more, while others turned and fled.
   They must have felt the power of the holy words I said.
To me it’s plain and simple we must adhere to God and His word.
   Or be lost in the rubble and our voices never heard.
Be careful who you follow for the devils on the loose.
   It’s your soul that he’s after, he’s out to cook your goose.
The devil is not your friend so please don’t believe his lies.
   What I’m trying to tell you, these are words to the wise.
Give it all to Jesus, give Him the whole ball of wax.
   He’ll stand up for you, He’ll stop the devil in his tracks.
Back to the question of the power of prayer.
   It seems I must have opened up a can of worms here in our little town square.
And it was to my delight how a few would still stand and fight.
    The power of prayer is what it takes if you’re seeking Gods awesome might.
Pray for your country, family, friends, and church, pray that your pastor has an 
anointing to spread the Holy Word.
    Pray on your knees, standing, or sitting anywhere , Pray fervently to our Savior 
and  rest assured your prayer and every word was  heard. 

Copyright © Ronald Bingham | Year Posted 2007

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sweet sound of bells ringing

sweet sound of bells ringing

she was his big ball of wax
her wick dipped in oil
he lit her flames to the max
for his nightly spoils

their love steamed to a boil
candle light so bright
every single night
the rocking bed sang
lullabies so right
until their bells rang

connie pachecho


Copyright © connie pachecho | Year Posted 2017