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Best Australian Poems

Below are the all-time best Australian poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of australian poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member I Think Of You - Ground Zero - 1
I Think Of You - Ground Zero (Part 1)

Leaving under a blood moon

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Categories: australian, introspection,

Premium Member Love is in the Air
POTW 22rd April 2018

 To right the wrongs of love no flawless gauge exists 
Though visions unfulfilled can leave one bereft
With tears of remorse for...

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Categories: australian, emotions, inspirational love, uplifting,

Premium Member The Knights Crusade
Dearest damsel, thou art my life
If thou want for food, it will always be there
I will offer confit and other gourmet fare

Whatever jewels ye desire...

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Categories: australian, humor,

The Hamburger
For thirty years I’ve been a truckie who has driven far and wide,
Carting goods through day and night all across the countryside…
But hours spent upon...

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Categories: australian, food, humor,

Premium Member Australia Down Under
Down under continent
Down low is Australia
Australia the big island
Australia sixth largest continent
Country whose desert known as outback
Country who has the largest reef
Reef called the Great...

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Categories: australian, nature, weather,

Angels of Mercy
Angles of Mercy
Kevin L Fairbrother

There is not to many of us that can say that the owe their existence on this earth to a Native...

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Categories: australian, angel, father, memory, men,

Premium Member Clash of Champions

Two rivals meet after long time,
The battleground set for a thrash,
Defying age, not in their prime,
They're geared up for a summit clash;

It's a tense atmosphere...

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© Jo Daniel  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: australian, metaphor, sports,

Premium Member Overcome Evil With Good
A loving husband, a great man of God,
Few people would dare to walk the path he trod;

Came to spread the Good news of the Bible,

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© Jo Daniel  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: australian, dark, evil, father son,

Premium Member Anzac Day
Across starboard bow the cliffs drew nearer,
  into harm's way mighty battalions drove -
men and mule upon cold waves of terror
  stormed the...

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Categories: australian, anniversary, dedication,

Premium Member HALO
The music video is more or less a continuation to the poem. So please play it when cued in the poem text and continue enjoying...

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Categories: australian, depression, drink, inspirational, love,

In the Australian summer
you’ll always have some mates,
they will ride upon your back 
and then fly to your plates
at your picnic in the outdoors,
and there’ll...

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Categories: australian, angst, humor,

Premium Member Shy Julie - Part 1
Shy Julie - A Punters Nightmare Part 1

They fancied themselves "Gurus of racing", this Ron and his best mate John
So they sat down one...

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Categories: australian, anxiety, for him, giggle,

Lest we forget the bad decisions
Sponsor	Nancy Jones
Contest Name	Things that suck

Lest we forget the Bad decisions …

(Myxo the rabbit steal the Bagmans Bunny),     first use of a...

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Categories: australian, adventure

No Necking Emu
“Hi Sexy”, I said to 
The giant beaked black emu;
The next thing I recall,
Big yellow beak heading
At me, full speed ahead
And I quickly stepped back.


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Categories: australian, animal, bird, funny, nature,

Walking Through The Rainforest
Walking through the rainforest
Koala in a tree
Mr.Hungry Dingo
Staring at me

Living in Australia
Happy as can be
Sunburnt country is the best
I'm sure you will agree

Many native species

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Categories: australian, animal,

Premium Member A Life Well lived
By Robert (Bob) Moore  (©2015)

The old man sat at the window, staring into space
people could only wonder, at the smile upon his face
but they...

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© Bob Moore  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: australian, beautiful, family, marriage,

Immigration Policy
All immigrants or persons migrating into Australia shall be extended no more courtesy that the average Australian unless unusual circumstances can be justified
No financial...

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Categories: australian, political,

Premium Member 'The Wakening World
The Wakening World

A new world spins kaleidoscopic, a whorl of color in revolt.
Oceans quake, molding into fissures of tectonic hunger,
ravaging the deep, stirring the primal...

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Categories: australian, devotion, education, hope, mystery,

One Country, One World
Which nation of the world
Do I belong?
I belong to the nation 
Of unity,
No transgression,
And freedom for all.

I belong to the nation 
Of  Equalities-
Equality between...

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Categories: australian, body, desire, devotion, love,

Thoughts on Citizenship day
    Thoughts on Citizenship day.


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Categories: australian, world,

All walks of life
Our families are well respected
We are easily accepted
We have a drink or two
Even make our own home brew
We love to eat kangaroo
We are simple and...

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Categories: australian, appreciation, change, culture, family,

Premium Member Divine Intervention

While flying from Uruguay to America,
I experienced some fearful problems,
Some were real and some nightmares.
I was tossing my handbag left and right
I heard a...

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Categories: australian, devotion, mother, mum,

Mother nature oh! Rose of roses!
Mother of all flowers' and smell,
Ylang Ylang! You don't know what it causes!
An aphrodisiac turns you on like hell!

Sandalwood with...

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Categories: australian, beauty, flower, rose, uplifting,

Premium Member Dont Ascertain When You Dont Know
Self knowledge equated to the encyclopedia
and perceived facts, products of personal reasoning
the efficacy of thoughts should not be questioned
and assumptions simply made real and absolute


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Categories: australian, conflict, education,

Premium Member Tapioca - Knights Crusade
Tapioca  (Free Verse)

I’ll always be thoughtful and treat you well
Mi amor
If you want for food, it will always be there
Mi amor
I’d protect you from...

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Categories: australian, love,