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The Elves Snow Party

Away up north where it’s snowing they say
the elves are preparing for Christmas day.
Big elves little elves, busier than bees
All building toys, for under Christmas trees.

Some work with hammers others building bikes,
some riding through the room on brand new trikes.
Tiny elf voices ringing loud and clear,
everyone’s full of love and Christmas cheer.

Suddenly the chatter stops; all are still,
Santa walked in the room with book and quill.
Looking down at his book, Santa Clause stared,
then lifted his eyebrows as he declared,

Today I looked inside my books
and I found that we are ahead,
and thought because you worked so hard 
we shall all go outside instead.
Misses Claus made lots of sweet treats
so let’s all eat and be hearty,
for today here at the North Pole
all elves shall have a snow party.

Quick as a wink the elves they disappeared,
Santa just smiled as he tugged at his beard.
Laughing he watched his little friends scatter
and soon the mountains echoed with laughter.

Snowballs were flying, snowmen taking form,
and hot chocolate kept little elves warm.
They were sledding, skiing, skating all day,
see, elves aren’t simply, all work and no play.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 
Contest: Children’s Christmas or Holiday Tale
1st place

Copyright © Brenda Meier-Hans | Year Posted 2014

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When life was really child's play

Oh, the stress-free, carefree world of children
O' take me back to the lil kids' playpen

When we tried on mom's cosmetics and lipsticks
and built playhouses with plastic blocks and bricks
And had fun with cooking set picnics

Anything could be a toy
and our racket could annoy

We turned everything into play things
We played pretend queens and kings

We then played 'mom and dad'
Oh the squealing fun we had!

Teasing, chasing hens and kittens
climbing the grumpy neighbour's fence.

There was paper airplanes
and frisking in the rains

Paper boats too were made
and hide'n'seek was played

And when that wasn't enough
we played blind man's bluff.

We nimbly climbed the trees
hair flailing in the breeze

But our child's play naturally mimicked the grownups
Lil plastic ones instead of real porcelain cups.

Life was all play and games
in our growing mental frames.

Sand castles and kites
childish fights and frights!

And kind parents just let them frisk and play
for all work and no play makes one a dull boy

Copyright © S.zaynab Kamoonpuri | Year Posted 2018

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All Work and No Play

I’d think about
Work without Play -
And doubt my mind…

For Nancy’s If I didn't think what I think, here's what I'd think contest

Copyright © jack horne | Year Posted 2012

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All Work And No Play

Two roads diverged in a yellow 
And I wondered if I really 
Take the one more traveled by
Or let my mind sprout wings 
and fly. 

I had a scheduled conference 
And a ton of please reply to all
I need that project yesterday
Too much work no time to play

Long I stood and looked down 
Carefully weighing what must 
be done
So long that I let the moment 
Then took the safer well worn 

Copyright © Joe Murphy | Year Posted 2014

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                                             They say practice makes perfect
                                                but none can be perfect
                                                what then is the need of practice
                                                if none can attain perfection?

                                            Perfection is a state of the mind
                                                achieved when ability beats work
                                                but not overlooking the debris of leftovers
                                                perfection is unattainable.

                                            All work and no play
                                                makes one think he is better than another
                                                but perfection is still ahead of man
                                                even after he falls down exhausted.

                                            Man is imperfect
                                                when he thinks he is perfect
                                                for man can never be perfect
                                                as long as God sees him imperfect.

Copyright © israel eziedo | Year Posted 2010

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The Devil Within

Should I sell my soul to the devil?
I think I already have 
Every word that comes out of my mouth 
These past few years 
Has been filled with lies. 
Am I truly living I think not I sit back, 
And let time tick away on the clock. 
But all work and no play 
Makes Johnny a dull boy 
But who am I to define dull? 
Who is anyone to define dull at all? 
Or small, or people who are tall. 
We all say we are a judgement free zone 
But judgement plagues and aches are hearts. 
If we only look a little closer 
Past all our remarks 
But on the days we feel blue we act like savages 
Who are we to judge love?
 When love also judges us 
Love, is such a bust 
A sham, 
A myth,
 I wish love didn't exist! 
And on the days my heart feels cold and used 
I find that those are the days I catch myself thinking about you 
And all our broken hearts
I shall never believe in love again 
Because it always falls apart

Copyright © Sami LaRose | Year Posted 2014

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All work and no play 
Makes Jack a dull boy
All work and no play 
Makes a life without joy

Don’t live to work
Take time for leisure
You should work to live
Life should be a pleasure

You don’t have to work
Every hour that God sends
Spend precious time
With family and friends

Don’t work all the time Jack 
Get this into your head
You’re only alive for a short time
But you’re a long time dead

Copyright © Paul Curtis | Year Posted 2010

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bright future i hear

Tired to success
Bright future I hear….. They say that’s sweet
Only smart people get there. Like me by the way
Well the smartness has a price 
You can see the price; many books, heavy
I chase the future with a heavy load
Making smartness something I will want to question

It’s very helpful but exhausting
Making me lazy and tired
I have thought more than once; to quit
Can’t I be having fun and ecstatic? 
I am beginning to ask questions
Are teachers really fair?

So I opened my bag or bags 
And I found each name had siblings
Many math’s books, English……so many
And the more you have the smart you look
But it’s tiring, so exhausting
Must these siblings travel together?

I also looked at my play time
Oh sorry I have none; I don’t even have fun anymore
Now that is just the final straw
I start hating smart, it drains me
I am not complaining too much
Smartness is costly takes energy and time

I am still so young, I can’t help it
All work and no play… that’s right 
It’s a helpful exhaustion but I have to
Then I look at myself and realize I have to
Someone will make me. They say it’s for the best
I am beginning to hate I have to?

Copyright © MARIA NYABOKE | Year Posted 2016

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Sometimes when things begin to close in,
I'd like to sit down and chill out,
Find someplace to just get away,
And refigure what life's all about.

Sometimes it seems life's too full of demands,
My talents are spread way too thin.
There aren't enough hours to be found found in one day,
My duties begin but don't end.

Life cannot be just all work and no play,
Our youth is gone way too soon.
Think I'll start chilln' out before it's too late,
Learn to sing me a brand new tune.

It's good to know duty and good to know fun,
And when each begins and when ends.
One must learn life is filled with both duty and fun.
Learn to organize so it all blends.

                                                            Judy Ball

If you burn the candle at both ends you run out of candle too fast.

Copyright © Judy Ball | Year Posted 2011

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Dream Avenue

Driving in my new luxury car
Richer then a movie star
All the lights shine on me
I'm beautiful with too much money
Strutting to be viewed
Living big on Dream Avenue

Ladies adore my smile
Babes I drive them wild
Guys all envy me
That's how life has to be
Dancing like a fool
Looking way to cool
Making the paparazzi drool
Splashing in my Olympic pool
I am everything new
Dreaming in Dream Avenue

Partying is understood
All my time is good
Celebrities gossip about me
I tie up everyone's technology
How can my alarm be so rude
Waking me up from Dream Avenue

I shave and drink coffee
Rush to work so I can be
Just another busy bee
All work and no play
Looking forward to any holiday
Into the grudge I fade
Life is sorrowfully blue
Daydreaming is all I knew
Wishes are never true
As the dreams of Dream Avenue

Copyright © Fritz Purdum | Year Posted 2014

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we need to take atrip
where they pop whip
and have a  dip
all work and no play

Copyright © kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr | Year Posted 2013

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your only half as old as you are smart
by counting my blessings every day my hindsight doubles
all work and no play makes jack a dull boy

you wouldn't believe the irony....seriously

Copyright © Troy Jeremy Nelson | Year Posted 2010

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Mum says,yelling each day.
If only she could understand
All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

Copyright © NWANDO OBIANYOR | Year Posted 2007

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Freud Attacks

I seem to have forgotten
the purpose of civilization
we are to animals 
as animals are to a basket of forks
C.J. Jung as the UFO pilot
in "Freud Attacks" a talkie
a flaming romp through the hubs of hell
hI kids it’s time for potty training 
let's rent a car and take refuge
on the runaway truck ramp
I reached for the emergency brake
got a box of cigars instead
one of the 7 Psychological Wonders
the six others are too hideous to mention
I think we'll need subtitles for this movie
10,000 years of metaphysical illumination
and it's still all work and no play
Where might we find the Way of Fun
although when the black and white keys 
all sound at once it still makes me wonder
like tearing your clothes off
at a funeral and jumping on the casket
screaming I've always been ready
OK that's death wish Wonder number 2
apparently life is not a symbol for something else
sponge my brow nurse this is delicate
but is it a subset of something else
as a catalyst to sensation
that's the appetite monster Wonder 3
mom made voodoo dolls from my **** 
art is the candle in the skull 
I have the power of death she moaned 
where language is used to annihilate language
using words as an accusing narcotic
in the holy 4th Wonder of guilt for all things
a lot of ifs in there searching for what's next
tinfoil helmets will be issued
for the car bomb inferno
of the internal saboteur Wonder 5
next a blank diploma emeritus
from the Wewelsburg Engram University
a knife in the Oedipal eye Wonder 6
needless to say the Clinic of Doom
quickly ran out of volunteers
needless to say my chromosomes
cringe under their bed
awaiting a wonderful martyrdom
how did we become radio transparent
and make bargains with man-beasts
I guess a person is as smart 
as they want to be 
rather than as they need to be
the aid of uncopied ideas never hurts
the act of abstraction is child's play
I feel it my duty to tell you
you can do it in your sleep
but yesterday is gone for good
mourning and loss leave behind
a bed of fragments from Wonder 7
a person incapable of introspection
is a total failure as a human

From "Engine of Didactic Beauty" available on Amazon
Artist Portfolio:

Copyright © Walter Alter | Year Posted 2016

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Wishes Coming True On Christmas

                        Lately all it seems to revolve around is  business, 
                                No time for making wishes come true 
               Its been all work and no play until this one Christmas day,  
              Every boy and every girl shall have presents under the tree, 
                                I plan on making thier wishes come true, 
                                         it maybe surprising To some,
                                        few know me as santa clause, 
                                       who you would see flying high 
           On Christmas eve dipping in and dogeing out from start to finish, 
Make no mistake if your looking out you will see me a sled and my 12 rain deer

Copyright © Robert Bessel | Year Posted 2013

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god save the queen

royal hostage of history
how long has your family been unaware
suffering from her own power
constantly taken away
prisoner of blackmail to wash her hands clean 
poisonous people among you
no problem making them sweat for you

all work and no play makes our brother boring
when in crisis, family upset by misfortune
nothing else to do but play ball

sporting a legacy
how else are we to save the queen

for now they think they are just playing sports
a new tithe to pay from the stands of baseball

everyone should take their chance for these try outs
your already making fools of yourselves singing and dancing
my brother the slugger
sports now more interesting
hundreds finding their own potential and hidden talents

replacing war with sports
the church of baseball
the series of god save the queen

Copyright © Troy Jeremy Nelson | Year Posted 2010

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Lamentations of a proletariat

Lamentations of a proletariat 

Loaded to the brim, withouted in a pack of "obersver-non participants"
folded like a wrap, yet forced to lack in the ranks of "server-run-anticipants"
dare to pass a comment and... a knife to your jugular
they claim to pass, yet, your life was the formulae

all work and no play
work work work and no pay
take home pay? No way
oh! how they dread our own payday!

Bourgeoisies, yes! They ply overseas
their remnants, our works, they oversee.
We build the roads, yet can't posses the cars that ply same.
Decyphering the codes, the confessors, the liars...we've been long in this game

Suffering, yet been forced to smile -"all is well -my foot!"
Oh! My root! My precedence...their loot! antecedence
their brute, they rule...when they loot....we mute
we've been stripped of our patience - robbed of our conscience.

we've been hit, smite, spite, ...despite, we still fit
they've been well bred, well fed, yet still got a lot to mend
even when we miss, they don't give a poo!
Though we do the roughs, their signatures they append.
Oh! This road i ply, puts food on my table, shows me the bills and ...i babble
Yes! It puts coin in my pocket
girds my loins with debts "a regal quarter"

"heads will roll"...let mine not be included
lest my judgement became beclouded
i've been spent, feeble is my might and...
Last time i checked, ain't no other option in sight

the unfortunante me 
i found myself in...
we seem to be tied up!...
but i know we will triumph

a song been loaned, 
without a collateral
A seed been sown
Via the lamentations of a proletariat

Copyright © Omogoriola Bisayo | Year Posted 2018

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All In The Name Of Progress 1st addition

The wrecking ball long since
     demolished boyhood house zen
located at 324 Level Road,
     a once rural residence,
     which soulful yen
I called home
     since February 28th, 1968, when

Boyce and Harriet Harris
     (my octogenarian
     widower father, a transplanted urban
cowpoke father, and late outskirts
     of poker flats mother) than
experienced livingsocial in the country,

      cuz aforesaid domain didst span,
and encompass,
     one hundred plus acre estate
     listed in national register
     as "Glen Elm", where ran
woodland surrounding a golden pond

     favored by Canadian Geese,
     but under game plan
of commercial developer Donald Neilson
     (a tall lumbering 
     "all business no play doh" man

blueprints drafted for
     an army of vinyl city
     exemplifying Little boxes
     on the hillside ditty
Little boxes made of ticky tacky...gritty
material upending wildlife refuge,
     ah...what a pity

yet, impossible to stop industrialization,
     the das capital way
spurring thy preferential longing
     for nature preservation oye vey,
and to make a million bucks in USA

if land left off limits
     for propertied class today
then in the near future,
     an aggressive builder will sashay

confirming prophecy     
     scooping up gobs of profit
     out maneuvering competition
     analogous to a marathon relay
race quickly witnessing little boxes
     to sprout all the same

     by construction workers,
     who hammer away,
nailing steady income,
     viz all work and no play,
who maxim eyes

     American middle class dream
     asper buying affordable home
     after acquiring a mortgage to outlay
their limited choice sans, may
be there's a green one and a pink one

and a blue one and yellow one, how zing
free enterprise, and they're
     all made out of ticky tacky
     held together on a wing
and prayer they all look

Copyright © matthew harris | Year Posted 2018

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Halloween Escape

Lose yourself within a song
For many with music you can never go wrong
Go deep sea exploring as you dive into a book
Perhaps search for buried treasure with Captain Hook
Choose for yourself a different name
Become a different character through realms of a video game
Its so easy to get caught up in a world of all work and no play
Escape from reality and fulfill a fantasy on Halloween day

Copyright © Melissa Tracy | Year Posted 2018