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Best Affliction Poems

Below are the all-time best Affliction poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of affliction poems written by PoetrySoup members

Affliction of Assyria
The sun had grown dark on that fearful day
When Rabshakah, the Assyrian entered the fray;
Their armor and weapons glittered like gold
As they surged ’cross the...

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Categories: affliction, religion,

Affliction of Addiction
The feeling of a mind in a constant rotation 
Regardless, the effect is a sensation 
Erratic thoughts and a foggy haze 
Trapped within an infernal...

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Categories: affliction, addiction, introspection, lost,

Addictions, restrictions, afflictions, decisions,
A needle, a bottle, step down hard on that throttle!
Disaster, no more laughter, destruction for years after.
Placate, eradicate, fornicate, masturbate,
Addiction.  Restriction....

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Categories: affliction, addiction, body, corruption, health,

Her Requiem
Within her frail shell, death abides
through the final hours, I remain by her side
fearing a forsaken place of webs that lie in rows
of haggard fields...

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Categories: affliction, death, faith, mother,

I have a pain so profound that I cannot name it.
I try to ignore it, but I’m forced to claim it.
It’s a gut wrenching sorrow...

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Categories: affliction, dark, grief, me, pain,

Premium Member Shades of Poe , Speaketh
Shades of Poe , Speaketh

Shades of Poe oft run in my veins
dark, dirty little splashing stains
No Raven stirs my battered heart
nor any signs on my...

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Categories: affliction, creation, cry, dark, death,

Feeling Blue And Knotted Up

in the fervour of my sweat
sheets drenched
i wake to the toxic bellow of my own voice
in the torment of my own thoughts

in the complexity of...

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Categories: affliction, introspection,

Premium Member Heat Source Hunger
Wonder not
if my thoughts are thrilled and twisted
daily and deeply by the albums of your ways,
I succumb severely to the impulse of imminent interplay
so dumb...

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Categories: affliction, love,

The Old man of Merces1
The Old man of Merces  

His wrinkled face bearing slaps of time
His eyes barren like a desert starved of rain
Glittering they must be during...

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Categories: affliction, allegory, caregiving, depression, lifeold,

Premium Member LONELINESS

(Message of hope dedicated to all those that have been through such an excruciating experience.)

Unbearable solitude,
When you are present, Time immobile 
Each second an...

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Categories: affliction, inspirational, introspection, loneliness,

Premium Member The Dark Side of You
I could not write poetry
till I was brain damaged
a life of shame, abuse
no good to anyone, oh yes and of no use
hiding behind the dark...

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Categories: affliction, emotions,

The Loneliest Teardrop
The life we choose the choices we make
Knowing how much to give knowing how much to take

Now this equation is not simple at least not...

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Categories: affliction, faith, hope, peace, day,


bereavement pain physical
spiritual and philosophical 

can’t find relief
overwhelming numbed disbelief

unbearable preemptive suffering 
remorseful chaos excruciating

growing bitter...

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Categories: affliction, courage, endurance, grief, introspection,

You Can't Hurt Me
Resounding echoes awaken the child
demons in the attic beckon unto him
stark fear grips his Vick's laden chest
shivers vibrate rusty springs of down

footsteps creak closer upon...

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Categories: affliction, introspection, life, sad, education,


Suddenly the sweetness around the moon!
Set an open fire with magic into my heart.
A campfire burning deep within.
Found a way to kick start my heart...

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Categories: affliction, happiness, imagination, sadwords, heart,

Just Around The Corner
Maybe the most deadly disease is just around our corner
Carried to our doorstep by an unsuspected foreigner
Ebola is lethal with a fatality rate that is...

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Categories: affliction, health, sick, truth,

Premium Member A World on Fire
We live today in a world of great tumult
And of rising uncertainty and anxiety 
Which pervade the world stage like a cancer

Despite soaring technological advances

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Categories: affliction, allegory, change, earth, history,

Misunderstood, trapped and rarely
considered an equal; confusion
dominates many faces that try to
comprehend my broken voice.
No-one seems to recognise my
body language and unusual hand movements.
Wrong conclusions...

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Categories: affliction, confusion, life, peoplelanguage, language,

Premium Member White wolf, I bleed for you
Once upon a time
Distant memories 
Dawning of morning crystals
Glittering reminder of starlight tears
In sunbeam's brilliance
Lighting jewels shine
Songbirds break into chorus
The smallest fragment of a...

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Categories: affliction, dark, grief, heart, metaphor,

The Door
Noah’s ark was real not a fiction
It had a door to escape God’s affliction
Noah delivered a warning message
But the folks mock their own presage

Men grew...

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Categories: affliction, character, christian, inspiration, inspirational,

You look at me and see a northeast highway after winter
Cracked, worn, roughened by conditions not meant to be endured.
I was once the most beautiful...

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Categories: affliction, age, career, change, judgement,

It Must Be So
Sooth this irrational rage resplendent in its affliction
See through the foolish drawls that make up my surrounding core
Understand I see each flaw of mine in...

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Categories: affliction, beautiful, dedication, desire, devotion,

PDA: the next slam
Never again will you send my friend a frown
you will be shot down and you won't wear the crown
I as a doctor myself am ashamed...

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Categories: affliction, slamslam, slam,

Premium Member I Am Your Truth
I Am Your Truth

In life we seek but rarely find 
the salve to sooth the soul and mind.
Affliction felt since early youth.
We learn to survive...

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Categories: affliction, deep, truth,

Premium Member Brainstorm - A Diabolical Grace

Dark, deep, warm-black arms of an endless night wrap me ...
     head thrown back in abdication, arms spread wide in surrender,

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Categories: affliction, abuse, addiction, analogy, introspection,