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Playing Poker With The Devil

We are all sinners and we know it
Greed and temptation are some of the tools
That old Satan knows how to use well
God has no problem if we make a profit
If we do it his way and don't act like fools
Or we will be playing card in Hell

The Devil deals from the bottom of the deck
Always has a crooked ace up his sleeve
Tell you he has a ace in the hole
And just waiting for you to end up in a wreck
Unless you let God be the coach and believe
'Or the Devil will have your soul

God does not play cards with Satan
But he does know all the trick, he is the real deal
There is no gamble in his game
He know what Satan can do to a man
And make one dizzy with his old spinning wheel
You see there is no shame in his game

Has Lady Luck there to temp and lead you on
He know that he is a cheat and cannot do it alone
Making the stakes higher and you have to play
When it is over, they are both gone
Cut your throat and to the bone
Your best bet is let God be your dealer everyday

Copyright © Danny Nunn | Year Posted 2010

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I was walking the darkest road imaginable
Destination, oblivion
Prepared to spend the so called best years
Of my life
Under the radar
A poster boy For wasted potential
But the lord
Had an ace up his sleeve.
At the end of the rainbow
You appeared
Beautiful as ever
Strength of a maiden
With a heart of an angel
My god, you saw good inside of me
Where I felt only ugliness
There were no strings attached
To the kindest words said
No money to be made
Or boost to an ego
You just gave me a chance
The shyest, uncertain awkward boy
Was accepted to the dance 
By the homecoming queen.
I couldn't believe my good fortune
The world made damn certain
That their opinions were felt
But many hours, days and years later
Does it really matter what they think?
If they knew the whole story
I'm far more than just a yes man
How you saved me from a road to ruin
How we're more than just a pretty picture
We have run the gamut from
The highest peak to the lowest abyss
But, we're still rocking and rolling
So let the bastards howl
I may wear a deep set of furrowed brows
But deep inside I'm beaming like a little kid
Cause I'm with the most beautiful
Plugged in spiritually gifted woman
In the vast universe.

P 6/12/16.

Copyright © eric ploscik | Year Posted 2017

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He was on the short end of a losing dream 
She smoked their last cigarette of faith 
Running out of time and out of breath 
She couldn't whisper a scream 
The slamming door spoke the words 
she couldn't say 
They were headed where the wounded run. 
But the scars never heal 
Where does love go to die 
She left a key on the table and unsolicted memories 
Neither of which he wanted 
Left again with what he didn't need. 
It wasn't in the stars 
There was no ace up his sleeve 
He wrote it off as a lesson of life. 
Using his pen full of unlearned ink. 
How many tears does it take to drown the pain 
First suspect is twisted fate 
When you're pointing the blame 
Saying it's better to have loved and lost 
Depends on how deep a wound you've sustained 
Sometimes the flower just isn't worth the rain

Copyright © Judge Burdon | Year Posted 2018