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Barracuda Poems

Barracuda Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of barracuda poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for barracuda.

New Poems

Motet leather surface skin
Covered Barracuda playing a violin

Gorgeous feather floating in the Wind
Phenomenal carcass harvesting

I am loosed as I am constantly persevering
Shedding my physical being floating flying up in my spirit
As my soul Rises to heaven

Written word by James Edward...Read More
Categories: barracuda, allegory, allusion, heartbreak, humanity,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Environmental Substance Abuse-
Melted plastic only 16 years 
It was on concrete round under the sun 
While I was shedding tears

What's the use Environmental substance abuse

Midnight see Amenia Marine
Midnight saxophone solo
Sea anemone amethyst

What's the use, Environmental substance abuse

Patina mist breezy
Royal jacaranda ultraviolet sneezes
Achoo...Read More
Categories: barracuda, conflict, endurance, environment, missing you, surreal,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Dwellings

Dawn, and my bed comes ashore,
dripping fog-laden fronds.
I feed my mind
manna of minced shark 
and Barracuda.
I dislike tuna,
so I make a tuna sandwich;
wet foaming waves,
aqueous globs of salty oils,
some mayo.  I must be waterlogged
by sea-dreams.
The day...Read More
Categories: barracuda, poetry,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Water Margins

Dawn, and my bed comes ashore,
dripping fog-laden fronds.
I feed my mind
manna of minced shark 
and Barracuda.
I dislike tuna,
so I make a tuna sandwich;
wet foaming waves,
aqueous globs of salty oils,
some mayo.  I must be waterlogged
by sea-dreams.
The day...Read More
Categories: barracuda, poetry,
Form: Blank verse

There was a man from Bermuda,
Went fishing for Barracuda.
He hooked one one day;
But it got away.
He said, “Damn” and more words ruder

A famous sea diver called Fred,
Met dozens of squid in the Med.
Shook hands with each one,
But when he...Read More
Categories: barracuda, fish, ocean,
Form: Limerick

Premium Member Caren Would You
I wake up in consternation, it is a day off. 
No schedule, no paperwork, no boss.
I smile as this statement amuses me.
I have a boss, but she is totally not bossy.
She is delicate with me, possibly because I am the...Read More
Categories: barracuda, teacher,
Form: Free verse
Liberty Bow Face

Red power mode
White digital
Blue logo

My, oh my ...
sweet apple pie!
Patriotic American cheese is turning sour Kraut commie
Democracy is Wisconsin curdling ... penicillin shot
needed between the ailing ballot box,
sho’ ain’t Louisiana Purchase forthcoming

Lady Liberty is bowing face down, Kansas Toto-style,
to Kremlin...Read More
Categories: barracuda, allusion, imagery, truth, wisdom,
Form: Rhyme
Caught Undertow

While casual, coral reef cruising, marlin flygirl fishing,
my dinghy eyes got capsized 
into the shimmy-ing belly of a barracuda
Crustacean curiosity got sent on an abdominal mission

My dinghy eyes got capsized ... 
chum dummy fell overboard into the deep end
Lost in...Read More
Categories: barracuda, allusion, imagery, love hurts, metaphor,
Form: Villanelle
Invertebrate Indecision

When Miss Doubtfire moved in
to their heart,
she entered dragon tail swinging
Plastered smiling walls of bachelor resistance
got knocked down
at every single candlelight date demolition

And as the henpeck frowns
rose from the rubble,
an arthropodic shell of a man
was kinda ready 
to take a...Read More
Categories: barracuda, humorous, metaphor, relationship, satire,
Form: Burlesque
I'm Crazy on You-A Tribute to HEART
I’m Crazy on You - A Tribute to HEART

Falling in love is the oldest story in the world.
Alas! I’ve become one of the fallen ones.
Now all I wanna do is make love to you,
in the back seat of your sizzling,...Read More
Categories: barracuda, love,
Form: Pantoum
Coffee Boy

There’s an important meeting
on the upcoming shark calendar itinerary
A prospectus offer from a suitor company
demands an improper greeting
The boss lady wanna know
who’s gonna lead the negotiating envoy
Carry the corporate banner
for this back channel acquisition ploy
But remember,
this is a clandestine, off-the-books...Read More
Categories: barracuda, business, corruption, humorous, satire,
Form: Light Verse

A continual downfall
Daily was at a crawl
From so much alcohol
This problem I'm going to solve
When you keep bringing in the haul
It's sad how many of ya'll
Want to brawl
Just another brick in the wall
I'm out to ball
Unread messages and missed calls
No...Read More
Categories: barracuda, how i feel, perspective, poetry, rap, truth,
Form: Rhyme

I'm coming in with a hunga munga
Near and far from any rotunda
Going in and out the umbra
While close and beyond yucca
Across desert, grassland, forest and tundra

Now I'm wielding a katar
And scimitar
On par
Ready to spar
Time I raise the bar

Next I'll use...Read More
Categories: barracuda, dark, fun, perspective, poetry, rap, word play,
Form: Rhyme
She's Abusive and That's Conclusive
There was a fussy bovine named Flossy
who was snooty and always so bossy
her udders would droop
when she took a poop
She bellowed until her eyes got glossy

Flossy had teeth like a barracuda
Her biting habit just made her ruder
She's not very sharp
She...Read More
Categories: barracuda, introspection,
Form: Limerick
Who Need Enemies
Who need enemies
when I have a rat friend like you
My sister tried to warn me,
and my brother did too

They always said at your core,
you were just no good
Listen here you rotten scoundrel:
things I can't do, karma would

Whoa Van Gogh,
are you...Read More
Categories: barracuda, betrayal, humor, humorous, relationship, trust,
Form: Light Verse
Under the immersion of raging seas
in the middle of the waters unforetold,
My heart is a distant from its desires
and I am overwhelmed

I am succumbing, with fear of the unknowns
Great Barracuda and sea Wales has opened their mouths,
acuminated their teethes to...Read More
Categories: barracuda, crush,
Form: Abecedarian
Premium Member If I Were Really Rich
If I were really rich, I would live in beautiful Bermuda,

Sipping rum swizzles and fishing for wily barracuda!

I'd buy a fancy sports car in which to cruise unbound,

And join the Mid-Ocean Club to play a daily golfing round!

I'd own a...Read More
Categories: barracuda, paradise,
Form: Rhyme
Playing With Words
I went through the alphabet and wrote the first word that came to mind in alphabetical order then I put them into a poem. I think it’s pretty funny. Read it and reply…

Alternative, Barracuda, Catastrophe, Eventful, Dramatization, Faithful, Gruesome, Harmful,...Read More
Categories: barracuda, cheer up, confusion, dedication, funny, happiness, nonsense,
Form: Verse
Sorry I cannot say her name, you all know her well
She was my brother’s wife at the Kimmerdale
My brother was an archaeologist
He found a pot in Egypt
In Tutankhamen’s chamber
Believe me it was made of amber.

And my brother’s wife,...Read More
Categories: barracuda, fun,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Which Fish Lures You
It’s said there are many fish in the sea
So which type of fish would you choose to be
The sharks and jellyfish I would avoid
Swimming with dolphins I’ve always enjoyed

Tropical river queens are angelfish
To mate with one of them, male species...Read More
Categories: barracuda, fish,
Form: Sonnet
In His Valley The Shadow Of Death
Ten thousand chains their bayonets piercing one's flesh; embedded
Spirit's these devilish hooks bereaved it's mastery ? Gomorrah, enchanted
Of baroque embellished your melodies a millstone, pulling hearts down his barracuda
Come out of Babylon, my child: Goliath, her guilotine and all creation...Read More
Categories: barracuda, baptism, love,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Offshore Fishing Adventure
So far offshore, but nothing was biting

Six-pack behind me looked so inviting

     New rod I placed on the deck

     Though it was just for a sec

‘Twas then an amberjack hit like lightning

The...Read More
Categories: barracuda, funny, seame,
Form: Limerick

I'm feelin' real goodah in my bermuda
munching on crisp, deep-fried barracuda.

It amuses me to think that on my plate
pieces of a ferocious predator wait

to be poked and stabbed by my silvery fork.
It could've been me in the jaws of this...Read More
Categories: barracuda, funnyme,
Form: Tail-rhyme
Barracuda Alma
Alma was a Barracuda, married two times four,
she knew the game, she played so well and never failed to score.

So, when the chance came about to scam a naive Sailor,
she knew she had to do her best to take the...Read More
Categories: barracuda, adventure, caregiving, funny, care, care, me, time,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Sea Food
        ...Read More
Categories: barracuda, funny
Form: Limerick