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School Ballade Poems

These School Ballade poems are examples of Ballade poems about School. These are the best examples of Ballade School poems written by international poets.

True devotion is born in sacrifice,
by birth in harmonic beauties vice.
The fire that cooks and burns,
affecting the heart as it preserves.
Desire after desire and its...

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Categories: 12th grade, philosophy,

The Orphan
The Orphan

At a time a young mother and her secrets knew,
that a infant boy in her life where counted days in few.
A priest helped her...

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Categories: 12th grade, endurance, metaphor,

Premium Member Ballad Of Little Arlene
She was lean, she was mean, a fighting machine.
Sixteen brothers had toughened her up.
She was secret woman, our little Arlene.
Raised on cold kerosene from a...

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Categories: 2nd grade, 3rd grade,

Premium Member Big Bad Joe, Cowboy Husband
Every morning at a quarter to six, I can hear my he him trotting down the hallway to the bed where I lay, shriveled up...

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Categories: anger, confidence, crush, cute,

shana Aubrey Harris - part one
born two days 
after ole Punxsutawney i.e. the Doctor Phil - 
of woodchucks Latin Name = Marmota Monax 
nest resembled Rastafarian hair weave, 
which creature...

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Categories: beauty, blessing, butterfly, celebration,

Falling in Love with a Writer is a Faulty Design
Falling in Love with a Writer is a Faulty Design
We see things that other females
don’t pay a tuppence to.
Like a half-burned cigarette tail,
Your osculation of...

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Categories: beautiful, beauty, love, love

Premium Member SIS BOOM BA
 Your chlorinated water comes through colluded rusted pipes ;
your city taxes you to clean it up;
 your house is torn down so they can...

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Categories: america, celebrity, character, community,

My son

My son josh, my first born, my blue eyed boy,
My son josh, where have the years gone?
Only yesterday , I held your soft, smooth face...

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Categories: baby, basketball, best friend,

 anxiety, I cant breathe, I cant breathe, i cant move, why is everyone looking at me? 
anxiety, I cant move, I want to drink...

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Categories: anxiety, confusion, farewell,

I wanted to be a singer of popular tunes, but I didn’t have 
The voice for it, sounded like humpback a whale’s mating 
call ...

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Categories: abuse, celebrity, kids,

Premium Member Irony Abounds
On an unsinkable ship’s maiden voyage, it sinks.
A pastor who preaches against alcohol, drinks.
One’s surrounded by people, yet remains all alone.
Confessing sins to a priest,...

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Categories: humor, irony, sad, drug,

Live and Learn
Education is very important
So do not be ignorant
Go to school
And do not be a fool
Life is not about making money
But live for the glory
Learning will...

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Categories: education,


Jss One was an insult, I cried
Like time should hit full stop,
My breakfast was sweet without
My parents tasted like this evil
I continued to...

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Categories: artsweet, sweet,

Premium Member PLASTIC GIRL
I am a plastic girl in a plastic world even though i am plastic the girls think i am fantastic. The clothes they make for...

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Categories: art, fantasy, imagination, me,

New Guinea Kokoda Campaign
New Guinea Kokoda Campaign

In 1942 the Japs appeared, took all the islands north.
Our troops were mainly school boys and for New Guinea bound.
13,000 Japs landed,...

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Categories: adventure, school, men, old,