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Nature Ballade Poems

These Nature Ballade poems are examples of Ballade poems about Nature. These are the best examples of Ballade Nature poems written by international poets.

Only You can save you

11 years of pushing back the tears 
11 years of shutting myself away in my room
Of drinking my pain away on this day 
I almost...

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Categories: bereavement, courage, death, death

Two of many
To be done with it
Not that it bothers me
Yet what stems from
Love might
Love in it's bold
honesty express
Ones desires

Night calms the
that morning creates
new beginnings
Calm the stormy...

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Categories: adventure, art, business, care,

Premium Member The Beginning Of Spring
The sun warms your skin with its touch,
a hint of heat spring breezes share.
At first, it does not feel like much,
barely enough to be aware.

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Categories: beautiful, change, image, imagery,


With a lamp hanging on the thatched wooden kitchen 
I stared on the pot on fire as it boils hot ready for...

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Categories: 12th grade, africa, creation,

reflections from the past
play in present cast
futures re-echoes present 
reincarnation apparent
its nature fighting ideal
soul love to feel
living sympathy awake
rapture of heart to take
one moment at...

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Categories: myth,

The great debate
The nature of our spiral nebulae or Milky Way,
is the size of our universe from where we stay.
Believing that our nebulae is relatively small,
Astronomer Curtis...

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Categories: motivation,

The Magus
The semi dessert place of the beaten track,
a little oasis of orchards in the dirt cul de sac.
Where no one can find that man anymore,

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Categories: 12th grade, perspective,

Ethereal Scale
The idiom of opposition as nature,
extreme poles of ego in rapture.
On one side there is perfection,
one the other there is limitation.
Material weight here in demand,

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Categories: 12th grade, perspective,

Channeling the hand of God

The tiny hand that crabs your little finger,
birth of passage for the individual thinker.
Personality through intuitive developing spirit,
like the artist becomes art itself and it’s...

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Categories: 12th grade, god,

Spirits of the night
Howling wind at new moon and its noise,
winged seeds and debridge in determined voice.
Darkness and dusted sculptures in cold demand,
fierce presence of ghosts in dust...

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Categories: 12th grade, nature, senses,

Pisces rising
Able to see into other worlds it seems,
the star at dawn or a bubble in the streams.
The psychic nature in its spirituality,
highly sensitive to all...

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Categories: 12th grade, imagination, inspirational,

The hemlock ritual
As Socrates calmed the council by speaking up,
Í, slow and aged, being sentenced to drink from the cup.
Being condemned by truth as guilty iniquity,
injustice phenomena...

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Categories: 12th grade, introspection, tribute,

Camino Poetica
Camino Poetica  

Punching letters and keyboard penetration,
fostered dreams convey as salvation.
To that land of sacredness beyond mountains,
tasting sweet mothermilk healing fountains.
Visual rendezvous with colors...

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Categories: 12th grade, innocence, symbolism,

Intimate immortality
In remembrance of that virtual dream,
clear impressions like a movie stream.
Time in different sphere filling impressions,
something of another mind expressions.
Living about in a world not...

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Categories: 12th grade, hope, science,

The Garden
The great architect provided the perfect garden,
given us the responsibility as nutrient warden.
The exchange of energies of great intelligence,
divine organism and operational reference.
Wisdom and care...

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Categories: 12th grade, garden,