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Depression Ballad Poems

These Depression Ballad poems are examples of Ballad poems about Depression. These are the best examples of Ballad Depression poems written by international poets.

Shadows of my past crawl up to my heart dark at night 
Ripping the wounds which have disappeared from sight
In the cover of blankness I...

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Categories: anxiety, dark, deep, depression,

One Shot
Both truth and lies.
Resides in darkest white.
Stays in solitude.
In need of none.

Until someone came in.
Changed the very core.
Shaded with dazzling colors.
The someone became everything.

Lived happiness...

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Categories: blue, depression, growing up,

You may linger over certain thoughts of the past
But the time will simply run as waste
Worries may lead you to land in depression
Stop wasting life...

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Categories: education, imagination, life, peace,

The festival of nothing
I woke up from a deep slumber 
Saw my father alive and sober 
Saw my mother proud for being asleep 
And seeing these unpredictable things...

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Categories: age, courage, dark, death,

My Sonshine
All I do all day is think about you & check your school app to see how your day is going, don't ever let anyone...

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Categories: black african american, black

The Story of Possum, Legend of the Riverland
There is a story from Renmark in the Riverland
Of a man in the bush as his legend began
He was a shearer from New Zealand in...

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Categories: community, life,

Author Dana Redricks 
April 17, 2019 

Myself got in the way
I knew I to go somewhere 
and pray 
Drawing in my sorrows 
thinking tomorrow 

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Categories: blue, christian, deep, depression,

Fairytale lies
It was always too good to be true 
Fairytale love only exists on TV
I was a wrong to think I've found my princess 
What a...

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Categories: 12th grade, betrayal, break

Lonely Is My Lover
Lonely is my lover
She's all I've ever known
So comforting, familiar
I'm meant to be alone 
She's a jealous lover
She makes me hide away
Far from all the...

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Categories: angst, depression, heartbroken, lonely,

5475, The Butterfly Effect
5475 (The Butterfly Effect)

Took away my sanity, 
amongst all your depravity-
Everyone told me she’s a new leaf on the tree now
do everything you can do...

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Categories: abuse, betrayal, corruption, loneliness,

Poems from the trap too
Sitting here smoking a Dutch I find myself reminiscing about you too much, not the good times mostly bad thinking about how I messed up...

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Categories: black african american, black

Suspending Gravity
Somebody save my soul.
Somebody save my soul.
It's tattered and torn.
It's hung in a hole.

Somebody save my soul.
Somebody save my soul.
Deeply scarred,
carved to your benefit.
Whittled away...

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Categories: addiction, dark, depression, i

Will be mine alone
I am embittered now
No more excuses
The end is nearer
Than the beginning
So it doesn’t matter any more

Catch the look in my eye
The sparkle has gone 

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Categories: death, depression, suicide,

My Stuff
My Stuff

Had some friends
Advise me to go
Said I been acting strange
Past week or so
First I declined
But then, I said alright
Signed into the group
For councelling night


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Categories: addiction, christian, faith, imagery,

The Greatest Generation
They are slowly leaving us
With every year there are less
Built of stronger stuff
Honed through Depression Years

Disciplined through War Years
They had a strong constitution
And a gentleness...

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Categories: parents, remember, war,

Salute them too
Salute them too.

As that old clock struck six, on that cold Winter's morn.
An unjust bullet ripped through his tunic bloodied, tattered and torn.
They said he...

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Categories: abuse, dark, death of

Tempestuous, turbulent, terrifying trouble,
A mere existence, trapped in a bubble.
She can’t break free, she can’t abscond, 
She can’t escape or see beyond.

The demonic man inside...

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Categories: anger, depression,

At the worst times
In the darkest possible night,
When the shadows creep
And the winds howl
The deep dark orchestrates a song.  
And I would like to...

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Categories: anxiety, depression,

Control Blues
I have so much control, I don't know what to do
I have so much control, I don't know what to do
If I get any more...

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Categories: cheer up, conflict, confusion,

running dry
I’m running dry
I have used up my hope.
Something blocks my flow
As another hinders my glow.
Weary of heart and drenched of soul,
Sorrow knows my name.
I am...

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Categories: depression,