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Allegory Ballad Poems

These Allegory Ballad poems are examples of Ballad poems about Allegory. These are the best examples of Ballad Allegory poems written by international poets.

A poem about vanity in life inspired by Ancient Greek Wisdom

As I wake up abruptly every single dawn
With my body still asleep on futility’s lawn

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Categories: allegory, life,

Mythologized Sun Child Persona Incarnate
Samson reborn within
brand name garden variety
twentieth century Homo sapien
hirsute trademark characteristic
electrified, empowered, enamored
mirrored reflection validated

substantial flowing luscious tresses
superseded body, mind, and spirit triage
prioritized as most...

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Categories: adventure, allegory, analogy, fate,

The Ballard of Paul McCartney

I remember once when I was not me
I could have been any one of three
Driving around until I hit a tree

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Categories: allegory, allusion, analogy, death,

She Lay There

Grievances were given
Everyone proceeded by
She lay there
The people talked
The people cried
She lay there
Memories of long and close
One in particular just stared
She lay there

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Categories: allegory, community, confusion, fate,

After Blake
O snail thou art a thief!
Why dost thou devour
My daisies by night,
Then by day, 
Curl-up in thy house,
And sleep,
Well out of sight.

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© Desi Gall  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: allegory, animal, earth, evil,

Modern Day
Modern Day

Got up this morning
Prep for another day
Shoes tied, door locked
Headed out on the way
Then all of a sudden
World had gone insane
Never noticed the people

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Categories: age, allegory, analogy, change,

Temptation Site
Temptation Site

Into the Wilderness
40 days, 40 nights
Ahungered, weak
The temptation site
He heard a voice
Look there, a stone
Command it bread
Your belly groans

Get thou behind me Satan
Your tempt...

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Categories: allegory, bible, christian, faith,

Pumps my heart to see you take a 180 degree turn,
Lumpen and thinking of the wonders your acts had
done to me.
That a life is made...

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Categories: 10th grade, adventure, age,

Wandering One
Oh wandering one, where are you going?

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Categories: allegory, religious,

or leave a clue to my love
or you stay inside me for lifetime as knot
it is not easy to take part in a heart

or leave...

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Categories: allegory,

Poverty Shot Opportunity

Word on the street is,
Poverty shot Opportunity
Killed him dead
My ghetto homies said,
Poverty shot Opportunity in the head
Always feeling like he had the raw end of...

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Categories: allegory, perspective, truth, wisdom,

Message in a Bottle
She stood out by the water,
Her toes in the sand,
Staring out at the moonglade
With a bottle in her hand.

And inside that corked glass
Written on a...

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Categories: allegory, angst, cry, hurt,

Simply Trust
born again
I was scared 
my insides were shaking
my heart was numb
every moment, 
every event that passed through my eyes
what can I say?
this was something to...

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Categories: allegory,


In a remote village
There lived a handsome boy
That has come of age
He likes to play toy.

One day, he sat on a tree...

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Categories: adventure, allegory, allusion, analogy,

Roland's Tower Part II
The gunslinger entered the tiny town of Tull
A town that was cast under his enemy's spell.
First smiles, then lies, last gunfire came,
Then Tull lay dead,...

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Categories: adventure, allegory, analogy, boy,

Roland's Tower Part I
There was a gunslinger, Roland Deschain, by name
From Gilead, in the barony of New Canaan, he came.
He won his guns at the tender age of...

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Categories: allegory, growing up, strength,

Chyann Rose
Chyann Rose, the elegant and beautiful rose
That grows in the wilderness beneath the trees,
Its memories floats high over all our country roads,
Fluttering its leaves, dancing...

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Categories: allegory, beautiful, daffodils, first

Mourning Glory
As light breaks through mountain ridges
It touches upon pastures and cobblestone bridges
On top of the summit, tall it’d tower
a small and reclusive edelweiss flower

With kin...

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Categories: age, allegory, emotions, friendship,

Left With A Folded Flag
Left With A Folded Flag

Have been at wall with all of the enemy,
Including one that existed inside of me;
Have begun to  prepare myself for...

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© James Horn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: allegory, analogy,

refugee in no man's land
wish it were raining pots and lots,
  that when it rains or dark comes ,l leave;
because sometimes I do not want anyone to see...

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Categories: absence, allegory, allusion, anger,