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Religion Atheist Poems

These Religion Atheist poems are examples of Atheist poems about Religion. These are the best examples of Atheist Religion poems written by international poets.

Various Heresies 11
Various Heresies 11

The beauty of the flower fades,
its petals wither to charades...
—Michael R. Burch

the U-turn poem
by michael r. burch

Life so defaulty,
Life so unfair,
why do wee...

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Categories: allah, america, atheist, bible,

Burning Devotion
The rows and pews, the uproar of pain
Saint's can't tame
Hold your hands,
pray for the one up above-- confess your sins before the statue
The symbol of...

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Categories: angel, atheist, corruption, devotion,

An Apology From God
Dear God, my love for you flickers in wavering shadows,
Caught between the whispers of evening prayers
And the intoxicating allure of liquor’s path.
I am well aware...

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Categories: allah, america, atheist, bible,

Ahsan Hadith
I learned from Speaker Shaikh sahib's lecture that the Quran contains the recorded Sunnah(practices)of all times.The essence of the Quranic verses conveys the Sunnah of...

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Categories: allah, arabic, atheist, books,

An Atheist's Mind
When I tie the noose,
will you stop me from defying gravity,
perhaps I shall hold my own hands whilst I try to descend high above the...

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Categories: 8th grade, anger, atheist,

Reflections Upon Mine Gender Identity Redux
Reflections upon mine gender identity redux

Although heterosexual 
predilections punctuated
physiological pulsations 
about five inches below
innie belly button of mine 
showcasing undersize
male member, when fully erect 

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Categories: age, analogy, anxiety, atheist,

Family Strokes
1.The dogma of atheist does not contain any stance
(positive nor negative)about any form of incest.
about pig eating,about swine soup,about fried frogs,
about consensual gaang baang etcetera.

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Categories: abortion, atheist, brother, native

Premium Member The Atheist
A married man inside a hospital suite is in comatose after a car accident.  He is being attended by his wife and daughter.


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Categories: atheist, death, life,

Which Fire Is Eternal
Which fire is Eternal,  
Ignorance always mislead millions of people on earth, 
Don't  astonish when you find some psychologists, philosophers, scientists worshiping Fire, Animals and...

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Categories: atheist, 12th grade, angst, bible,

A Wise Woman
 A Wise Woman

They say a wide woman should build her house, but what about the piggish man with mannish mannerisms? He’s filled with doggie...

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Categories: abuse, atheist, betrayal, depression,

Premium Member An Atheist's Rant For God
I woke up this morning with this thought in my mind,
there must be a God somewhere.
In school, I was taught that there is no God

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Categories: atheist, faith, imagination, inspirational,

We love those church bells,
do we not? Such chimes, such rings!
Are you a churchy type?
Or, like me, are you not?

Those bells we hear here
do have...

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Categories: atheist, feelings, history, joy,

God, Do You Understand My Language
God, my mother told me,
You are the embodiment of love.
Since then, I have adored you most.
But I wonder do you understand me?
I read your book...

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Categories: atheist, bible, discrimination, faith,

No Heroes
There are no heroes 
Just people ,gods and the devil
There are no heroes 
David couldn’t resist peeping 
Moses couldn’t stop running 
And Obama really did...

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Categories: allegory, assonance, atheist, society,

Premium Member Pootidoodle
God's name is Pootidoodle
Don't use it in vain.
He had a limp noodle -- 
This caused him psychic pain.
He took a blue pill that made him...

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Categories: atheist, allah, christian, fantasy, god,