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Antagonism Poems

Antagonism Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of antagonism poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for antagonism.

New Poems

In Me I'm Positive
The dream
broken down in immature time
with puzzling notices;

Never I was negative
Positive is truth veins

They make enigmatic all loyalty
Their all fidelity to God as detestable scaffold

But it's true
I was never with their charlatan truth
where they inflamed a vindictive hellfire
for antagonism desire!...Read More
Categories: antagonism, perspective, self,
Form: Free verse

Eldest Daughter Bore Fallout Sans Brunt Marital Contention
Eldest Daughter Bore Fallout, Sans Brunt Marital Contention

An article posted in TIME Magazine
(VOL. 193 NO. 19 MAY 20 2019)
underscored_impact progeny keen
to experience when parents mean
with one another, badmouth, critique demean...
each other, asper yours truly and missus,

who only recently declared mutual
surrender,...Read More
Categories: antagonism, abuse, anger, appreciation, daughter, i love you,
Form: Dramatic Verse
W-eapons of soldiers
A-re used in the hostile fight,
R-ifles gun down foes.

Form: Haikustic...Read More
Categories: antagonism, poems,
Form: Haiku
The imprisoned soul
In the castle of flesh and bones, 
Held by the chains of antagonism,
She dreamt of freedom,
For he was who she was yearning.

On the door stood guard arrogance,
"I'm the best, you can't escape" he said,
She denied and he grew stronger,
What fed...Read More
Categories: antagonism, 12th grade, freedom, imagery, prison,
Form: ABC
The opinion of and worship of a controlling power, 
The belief in and worship of a god or gods;
With designated behaviours and practices,
Disciplined by priests, preachers and other sods.

Love and hate, animosity and respect,
Antagonism, enmity, loathing and hostility;
Desire, warmth, ardour...Read More
Categories: antagonism, emotions,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member sign of the times JUST A FEW SINS
things are happening do you believe 
is it near the end of the world
blood running yet flowing warm
down the streets hope seems hopeless
what's the use am I denying...

the sign of the times

what's why you crying are you in a bind
stop...Read More
Categories: antagonism, addiction, assonance, betrayal, change, engagement, environment, world,
Form: Dramatic Verse
That day would only be like a tale
Told by an idiot
Full of sound and fury
Yet, signifying nothing

For a start,

It would be like trying to surf the internet without data
Which is namby-pamby for mental equilibrium
It would only mean that 'Garri don...Read More
Categories: antagonism, water,
Form: Free verse
Favorite Quote5
Not long after my 19th birthday, was continuing to read Anna Karenina. This was one of the happiest times of my life. Was in love and had just finished up my freshman year of college. Everything was new and exciting....Read More
Categories: antagonism, deep, history, inspirational,
Form: I do not know?
Discord Ruins Harmony
I was challenged to write a poem with 10 syllables per line, without using the letter 'E.'

Squabbling with words; spats in opposition
can bring about discord and suspicion
It's painful, living in disharmony
soon concord and union will atrophy

What kind of world must...Read More
Categories: antagonism, introspection,
Form: Rhyme
Glittery Oblivion
The corridor is darkly invasive
usurpation knows not where it steers,
my nightgown caught on wildfire, 
ending was indubitably a flimsy inferno
dreaming phantasma went up in smoke
i was flying naked in my captured head,
blissfully feverish in comfortable suffering
chose not to wake as...Read More
Categories: antagonism, allegory, dream, hyperbole, imagination, satire,
Form: Imagism
Poetically Inclined Delusions
She's the closer in her
   own intangible talent,
came upon an absurd
   assumption she
might be a poet, merely
 discernible as conveyed
  ill-drifting  imagination 
betwixt dispersed antagonism
    and magniloquent coercion,
her mediocre existence aced...Read More
Categories: antagonism, allusion, conflict, confusion, fire, hyperbole, identity, poetess,
Form: Personification
Premium Member My mind walked down a one way street
I walked along a one way street,
A one way street inside my head.
I was in charge of every thought I made, every step I took,
I knew exactly every word I said.

But people mistook me, didn’t listen,
Mistaking the meaning of what...Read More
Categories: antagonism, growth, hurt,
Form: Rhyme
LOVE is raw
Really raw
HATE is raw
Really raw
Both with four letters
Bind and break
Through opposing tunnels…

What you love you can hate
What you hate, love
Love is white
Hate is dark,
One letter short
As meaning drifts
Into the gory folds,
The wrinkled face
Of the old antagonism,
Hate and spite
Love...Read More
Categories: antagonism, allusion, art, color, dark, hate, truth,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Healthy Wealth of PrickleGoo
Alan as Buckminster
delivers Fuller Watts.

Left-Brain partisans of deductive "prickles"
and Right-Brain partisans of inductive "goo"
have reduced their mutually antagonistic arguments
into something resembling a pile of boorish poo.

Prickly Republicans are tough-minded,
rigorous competitors,
precise calculators of economic wealth priorities.

Gooey Democrats are tender-minded romanticists
loving wide...Read More
Categories: antagonism, culture, nature, philosophy, political,
Form: Free verse
Practical Cliche
I long to drive an impractical car
     a convertible
with seats for two
and wear impractical clothes
     Chanel suits that say
“Dry Clean Only”

I want to live in an impractical house
    ...Read More
Categories: antagonism, children, conflict, love, mother daughter, my children,
Form: Verse
The fatherless cry
Shame was simply seen after two fuse in.
Father! I called aloud for heaven's sake.
Sorrowed tears adhere to path with no chain.
Born days passed and shared were chocolate cakes.

Mounts couldn't reply, then anger aroused.
More often, callous is that agony.
Little one grew...Read More
Categories: antagonism, absence, anger, confusion, father,
Form: Sonnet
Light On the Devil's Chord - Day 7
I…breathe again…
Meditating on flowers of my pasture, plucked with my eyes,
Resting…open, like buds blooming, and resting…

“Take me…” he said weakly, so softly in my ear…

I greeted the demon with the warmth in my eyes, 
Upon opening them to its crippled...Read More
Categories: antagonism, abuse, adventure, allusion, anger, angst, anxiety, deep,
Form: Free verse
Beautiful Affection
Yes! I become frail 
Yes! You pushed me hard 
Yes! I fall; 
Yes! You made me stronger, 
To the point that i think you are fortuitous, 
I pray, I pray you to be the one 
When you feel betrayed; 
I...Read More
Categories: antagonism, absence, betrayal, blessing, grief, happiness, heart, prayer,
Form: Light Verse

Love is pain, thereof I speak.
Hide the dirts underneath the sheet
Turbulent waters and sandy winds.
Such is my cursive feat.

Enjoined into man and woman.
Flee from societal antagonism.
We against the world and its beliefs
Cling onto the volatile emotions.

In one fell...Read More
Categories: antagonism, anger, betrayal, deep, depression, love, pain, philosophy,
Form: Free verse
Song of Peace
Dark circle of night
When touched by the light
Life begins, life begins,
Life begins,

Push everyone, come and push everyone

From the backward thoughts and ignorance
From the cruelty and dishonesty
From deception and oppression
From antagonism and violation

Come to the light and begin your life
Come to...Read More
Categories: antagonism, peace,
Form: Lyric
1.Unaware of loving others’
woman, among learned.
2.Among unvirtuous, idiots wait 
Others’ woman gate.
3.Loving unsuspected others’ woman 
considered as dead.
4.unthinking adultery of great 
what can he?
5.Presuming adultery easy, adulterer’s 
defamation is constant
6.Adulterer deserves incessant antagonism
sin, fear, slander
7.Righteous detests the fascination
of  other...Read More
Categories: antagonism, hate,
Form: Couplet
1.Unaware of loving others’
woman, among learned.
2.Among unvirtuous, idiots wait 
Others’ woman gate.
3.Loving unsuspected others’ woman 
considered as dead.
4.unthinking adultery of great 
what can he?
5.Presuming adultery easy, adulterer’s 
defamation is constant
6.Adulterer deserves incessant antagonism
sin, fear, slander
7.Righteous detests the fascination
of  other...Read More
Categories: antagonism, hate,
Form: Couplet
Be an eagle and fly
Never let yourself be held back
Soar high
Keeping to the track
As higher you fly
Be blind to unjust antagonism
With it be on a level of parallelism
Soar high above the cloud
For you are success bound....Read More
Categories: antagonism, dedication, flying, success,
Form: Rhyme
aspirations and antagonism
In aspirations and antagonism
Silently flows lubricity mingled in lack of perception
Experience watches man of energy and tactics
Indebted to senses in real and constant virtue of the senses
Unfolds the beauty of laws
...Read More
Categories: antagonism, allegory,
Form: Blank verse
Incomprehensible Love
The incomprehensible love of God
Softens the heart and mind;
Leads us to repentance,
So forgiveness we do find.
Upon the cross of Calvary,
The mystery of redemption began.
God’s love for all humanity—
The whole wide world to span.

We can choose to resist God’s love,
But without...Read More
Categories: antagonism, love, religion, heart, heart, love,
Form: Rhyme