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Every Time

Every time I hear the gospel story, every time I hear how Jesus died,
How He left His throne in glory to be crucified;
Every time I hear how He was punished by the angry crowd who watched Him die,
I cannot...Read More
Categories: angry crowd, christian,
Form: Lyric

Go India , Go Back
Go India , Go Back
My three-year old son
Is chanting the slogan 'Go India Go Back!',--
Seeing the crowd protesting in the street .
(His articulation is a melody to ears you know!)
While I sit inside 
 In the meadowy silence of my...Read More
Categories: angry crowd, political,
Form: Free verse
The Boldest Human Spirit
Today the humblest and kindest men are few,
surprisingly the proudest ones also knew
that without their faith they were condemned and lost,
but reading the Bible they learned not to boast.

Behind the boldest human spirit which God redeemed,  
one sees that...Read More
Categories: angry crowd, christian, evil, faith, gospel, jesus, men, strength,
Form: Rhyme
Protected in Pain
protected I sit alone
lacking the comfort of love
no one to soothe my isolation
surviving an angry crowd
i want to scream out loud
where is my equal
someone strong in spirit
able to find love under the pain
pain from slights of countless people
love not gone
just...Read More
Categories: angry crowd, break up, change, depression, growth,
Form: Bio
Power of the Pen
History has often shown, that with acumen,
the sword pales in comparison to a Poet’s pen!
It cuts, not as does the sword forged from steel,
but with a piercing words, a conscience can feel!

With subterfuge and sweetness, it can hide
the acrimonious jealousy...Read More
Categories: angry crowd, poetry,
Form: Rhyme

The Battlefield With no Face, no Beginning, no End
when scorpions crawling on the boiling sands 
dance the dance of death with tail culled up 
the gaudy toadstools grow in the dark and dampest spot
in the wasteland, and as day progresses the never-ending 
merciless killing under the very same...Read More
Categories: angry crowd, anger, child, death, war,
Form: Free verse
Many years ago I read a book entitled “Accidental Empires"
Of how a few men, from garden sheds, became multi billionaires
How could this be, what did they do, did they invent something new
Not really but if I say Bill Gates, Steve...Read More
Categories: angry crowd, business,
Form: Rhyme
Those Words He Said To Me
Yes, there were three of us that day 

All being crucified.

A King was in the middle and 

Was one on either side.

No doubt, I got what I deserved

For the crimes that I had done.

I robbed and stole all that I...Read More
Categories: angry crowd, christian, death,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Rumor Has It
Returning to India, with a prestigious Award,
From USA after a long period of three years.
Some friends in Bombay desired and insisted
That I should stay at Bombay for a few days.
They insisted I should throw a garden party
To celebrate the Award...Read More
Categories: angry crowd, fun,
Form: Free verse
The rain is falling down on me,
I’m standing barefoot on the battlefield,
The blood is frozen in my veins – the blind fear,
And I’m standing without move – 
And all I hear them scream.
I fight for ashes, no one's bride,
I could've...Read More
Categories: angry crowd, love, me, me,
Form: Sonnet
Imagine yourself as a raindrop
 Sharing space in a cloud 
Will I be part of a morning shower 
Or the member of an angry crowd 
Will I fall to earth on a gentle breeze 
Or ride the currents of a...Read More
Categories: angry crowd, natureearth, storm,
Form: Light Verse
My Lord Is Risen Indeed
Master and Lord, born of such a lowly birth,
You came and lived a human life on earth.

Loved by some, hated by others,
Opposed and doubted by Your own brothers.
Ridiculed and mocked by those You adored,
Despised and rejected - Your words, they...Read More
Categories: angry crowd, death, faith, forgiveness, happiness, hope, inspirational, life,
Form: Acrostic
The cavern of solitude
The echoes reverberate, bouncing off distant walls like little rubber balls
Until they slowly conjugate into a meaning that’s leaning towards sanity
Dripping with profanity, as it slides inside my mind with its insidious intent
Hell bent on creating distress, as the shadows...Read More
Categories: angry crowd, depression, introspectionlight, light,
Form: Rhyme
A blue ski, purple outskirts and and a blue green in the vast horizon
The sky wept that frigid night, icy winds paved the streets, homes and ways
Fireplaces lit from home to home
Source of warmth that can always be counted on,...Read More
Categories: angry crowd, artblue, cry, sky,
Form: Imagism
Writers Block
I put you down for quite a while
To please an angry crowd.
I sat you in a cluttered pile,
And left you disavowed.

I promised to restore your pride,
Your valour and your flair.
I put my paper by your side
To keep you warm in...Read More
Categories: angry crowd, forgiveness, friendship, on writing and wordsme, me,
Form: Rhyme
The True Meaning Of Love
Just a man like you and me,
When he hung on the dogwood tree,
Feelings of pain,I know he felt,
When a blow from that spear was dealt,
Beaten and thirsty,hanging there,
The angry crowd did not care,
Gall and vinegar they gave him to drink,
Son...Read More
Categories: angry crowd, caregiving, death, faith, father, forgiveness, inspirational, love,
Form: I do not know?