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Writing Alliteration Poems

These Writing Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Writing. These are the best examples of Alliteration Writing poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Introspective Indecisiveness
Introspective indecisiveness
Ignoring ideal intricacies
Intelligent indigents ignoring ideas in idleness

Sage sensuous silliness
Soaring significantly succinctly, sassily
Sashaying sensitively scoring sensibilities savagely

Words winging wildly 
Wildflowers writing winged words.

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Cat Mass
I Past Paws

My tuxedo charm…
Echoes of purrs and meows linger in my lamenting longing heart.
Floating my fingers upon her feather fur…I now trace her feline...

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Categories: cat, christmas, death,

A fiery flaming flashing  pen,
Feazes a blistering burning fire,
Sending brave whistling whispers,
Whilst inking brilliant brightness in the dark.

A pyre pen is magma mighty sword,

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Categories: fire, poetry, writing,

Life and Writing
Writing the worse wired words
That comes in thou commonly sounds in though
In its common gives sense and assured sensibility
I love the living words in the...

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Categories: life,

Premium Member SPIRING

jumping over hoops,
getting caught on iron needles high.
dogs nipping, gnawing,
clawing at skin and rags,

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Categories: writing,

Twilight Has Entered My Life
Twilight  has entered my life,
realizing that the aging process 
is real and not to be shelved
and put away for someone else
to contemplate about.

Twilight has...

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Categories: perspective,

Premium Member Whimsically Whacky Wonderful W

Wisps of
Waywardly into our
Writs of
W, you are so

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Categories: poetry, write,

Me and My Poetry
Poetry is like the air I breathe,

Reading is breathing in and writing is breathing out.

Two of which I cannot live without,

Poetry is like my heart,


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Categories: memory, poems, poetess, poetry,

Poets sports
We are poets,
We are happy,
We are magnets and sharpener,
We sharpens people,
We are poets,
We are happy,
We are great,
We are poets,
We cannot cover our faces,

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Categories: beautiful, inspiration,

Forgiveness For Ridiculous Reader
He had a darn, decent education
Though given to a prehistoric passion
So, when it came to reading prose
He thought he simply smelled like a rose

Now, he...

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© Anil Deo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abuse, allah, brother, dad,

Lightening The Dark
Where would I be if the light shines that seeps the darkness to the trunk of a tree, corner of the road where wayfarer stops...

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Categories: corruption, dark, philosophy,

21st Century Love
The nitty-gritty about LOVE it is that she is willing and submissive to render bright light to the world of mine.
Butterflies are buzzing their LOVE...

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Categories: memory, poverty, surreal,

Premium Member Mnemonic Devices: Rhyme and Alliteration in the THIRUKKURAL, Canto 4, K35
Mnemonic Devices: Rhyme and Alliteration in the THIRUKKURAL, a random example: Canto 4, K35 by T. Wignesan

alukkaaru avaavekuli innaacchol naangkum
ilukkaa iyanrathu aram (refined, shorn of...

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: alliteration, memory, poetry, tamil,

An Alliterative ABeCedarian Composition
Abecedarian poems are also known as alphabetical sequential writings.
Being deviously different and difficult to
Compile, compose and complete.  Consequentially combining
Determination and deviant, driven poets devote...

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Categories: fun, words,

She's exceptional
You seem smart, you look special,
You are unique, you are beautiful!
For the first time I am impressed,
For the first time I got influenced.

I could conceal...

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Categories: confusion, cute love, lost

Million Minds
a million minds meandering
wondering whether wise
can continue in chaos
till onus openly overhauled
then doubt duly dissipates
fear fizzles finally
eventually everything eases
finding beautiful baseline balance....

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Categories: world, writing,

Premium Member The Book of Brenda Bates
The Book of Brenda Bates

Her name was Brenda Bates, a novelist
bewitched from burrowing inside her book
of fiction 'bout a boatman, Bo Barist,
the character who botched...

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Categories: confusion, emotions, writing,

Homonym Practice
I write so when i'm wrong i'm still right, 
I fly words like planes the wright brothers rite?

This is nothing new you could of knew...

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© Key V.  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: repetition, write, writing,

Premium Member Puppet of Pain
My back was a large piece of wood.
Suddenly a wrong jerk
sent a happy ax running through my body.
The splinters of amber pierced my muscles,
my brain,

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Categories: age, conflict, pain, recovery

Wondering at life i mused, it is stage by stage
Worrying in life i echoed, add nothing to the gauge
Weighing the life i noticed honour comes...

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Categories: africa,