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Song Alliteration Poems

These Song Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Song. These are the best examples of Alliteration Song poems written by international poets.


Lucent is new light waking laced leaves,
        When  rays descend upon diamond dew

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Categories: morning, uplifting,

Premium Member Star Lace
Scintillating seeds interweave with silk of saturating sky.
Stars quiver as climatic clouds of every evening.
Each as singing fairies as the frost of dusk rises.
As mother...

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Categories: appreciation, fairy, moon, poetry,

I got up early this morning
as I have a job
I went to look at the sea
as one person waits

they said that loneliness is difficult
as easy...

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Categories: allegory,

Premium Member Secrets of Concealment
Drums of doom boom in sunset, demanding their commanding presence of marching cancer. 
A haunting horror heartbeat begins.
The brutality of duality of secret fiction versus...

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Categories: bereavement, cancer, death,

Premium Member Flute Tune of the Jeweled Moon
Rising at twinkling twilight, oh what a serendipity sight!
Laughing lapis rays play with settling setting sun
Trees breeze, reaching with their seeking bold boughs
Moody mist twists...

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Categories: moon, music, nature,

between new nightmares
and day dreams
of a better life
lay reality resurfaced
tight with taut brutality
unspeakable thoughts drift
down through time's flash
triggered not there
not then
but now and here
her mind...

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Categories: conflict, courage, dark, hope,

those who wait in distant nooks
galaxies,like this
they still smile at each other

you sing a song for them now...

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Categories: analogy,

Last night
In the cradle of our candle light last night...
We settled and sizzled in the moonlight.
We danced through the dense of the darkest night.
Like a cutest...

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Categories: cute love, humorous, husband,

A traveller
a traveler , frightened by tomtit
and entered into the bushes which is petite
this is it 
it not a tomtit is a bush tit
singing song in...

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Categories: 1st grade, 5th grade,

Figure as much
equal more so this time
seprated in more even parts
she championed his cause doing so
and made the opputunity to allow all those
involed to gain access to...

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Categories: adventure, appreciation, celebration, creation,

Premium Member LOVELY DREAM

Seek swift streams
Dream deep dream

Sing song sweet
Glimpse grand greet

Joy joins jest
Quaint queer quest

Bright blooms beam
Dance deep dream

Seek sure smiles
Set sound style

Live love lines
Feel form fine


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member When A Lark Sings
I listen attentively when a lark sings
Singing never a sad song
Singing fondly to fools, kings, all and sundry
Always singing with melody and mirth
Calling at the...

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Categories: assonance, bird, happiness, Lullaby,

How desperately dull my dreary life.
I wonder will I ever woo a wife.
Working wearily the whole day,
how can I hope to find a way?

I'll book...

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Categories: romance, wedding,

It’s time now to leave my lovely, lonely bird
Bravely soar, your sad songs should be heard
Born in the hail of a horrific hurricane
Harboring hallowed cries...

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© Judith S   Create an image from this poem.
Categories: freedom,

River Run

Triple dribble from the clouds 
Hitting rocks skyward bound 
First a splash becomes a dash
Dribbling tickling mountain rock
River run souring song has begone 

Contours valley...

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Categories: magic, mountains, river,

Sometimes and Always
Sometimes, it’s just a whispered prayer;
In times of desperation
You intercede, you meet my need
And loving kindness flows.

Sometimes, it’s when I speak your name;
Like times of...

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© Tom Valles  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: bible, christian, engagement, faith,

A Revered Gift of Reticence
Having heard the harping howls 

of a hungry herd on the prowl

I realized reticence is a revered gift

like the sweet love song of a swift

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© Lin Lane  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: animal, nature, , sweet

Life is
Life is a pile of misfit clothes leaving a walkway to my door
it is a series of unfinished to do lists lost on the floor

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Categories: analogy, change, endurance,

Stars Will Shine
Stay strong enough for me 
I'm not going anywhere !
Be sure to show you care
About life.
Shine bright like the new 
Version of the best you.

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Categories: absence, anniversary, appreciation, beauty,

An Excercise in Alliteration
The garrulous, Greek grape gatherers,
Joined joyously with jocund japes,
The olive pickers and Ostrich plucker’s,
Celebrating the seasons success in song.

The querulous quiver of musical quavers,
From a...

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Categories: allusion, humorous,