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Sometimes Alliteration Poems

These Sometimes Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Sometimes. These are the best examples of Alliteration Sometimes poems written by international poets.

the target board was full with your missed
road was not important
answer was a question sometimes

birds were take off together

the fishes didn't know...

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Categories: adventure, allegory, art,

rotten wooden stairs as life
sometimes you fall into the void
what many torture tool
the words and eyes burning
your boat put to a bay
see your damaged...

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Categories: allegory,

eyes looking up in an open window
you shut the curtain,don't obstruction
when the all roads was open
demolished the bridges,don't ask why
like a storm on my roof

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Categories: allegory,

free birds
sometimes on sky
sometimes in lover's cage

why do you object to love

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Categories: allegory,

you already know
the changing things
sometimes you are not aware
important or not important
not clear color

you are already asking
you know the answer
what you expected
every dream doesn't happen

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Categories: allegory,

the man rode the horse
he left the reins
sometimes he had to live like this 
like everyone

woman looked very long from after
to go was unknown
some questions...

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Categories: allegory,

Premium Member When The Sun Bids Goodbye
Sometimes when the sun
Hovering on the horizon in the eventide
On a cold, windy winter day
Is bidding goodbye at the close of day

I watch it almost...

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Categories: desire, imagery, longing, sun,

When hate is love
When up is down
When hot is cold
When young is old
When boring is fun
When drunk is sober
When high is low
When wake is to...

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Categories: relationship,

Frost is a fashionable folkway
Rather resented by Reason.
Offish, often obtuse
Snippy, snooty, sometimes sour
Terse,  temperamental

written May 12, 2018...

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Categories: 11th grade, friend,

Premium Member A Glorious Alchemy
Silent Shadows On the Snow

Night's silent shadows softly fall
     from moonlight's muted, mellow glow,
that shroud the land with sunless shawls

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Categories: moon, night, winter, word

Sometimes and Always
Sometimes, it’s just a whispered prayer;
In times of desperation
You intercede, you meet my need
And loving kindness flows.

Sometimes, it’s when I speak your name;
Like times of...

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© Tom Valles  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: bible, christian, engagement, faith,

Mirror Mirror
Mirror Mirror, they're 
always claiming 'bout thou.
They pronounce that
you're unfair to them, 
because you don't 
change anything faces 
You're not the only 
one that reflects,...

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Categories: africa,

Premium Member Soothing serenades
Pained piano keys compose 
a chorus-less composition.
Melancholic moods crave
to sway back and forth  
like bluebells and lilies dancing,
when kissed by the morning breeze

Forlorn flute...

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© Silent One  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: analogy, deep, sad,

A River Streams Straight Through Her
She slow- slips feet in poems

Tears trickle from sky- high eyes
down earth's cheeks to find the stream

I love your long water veils
abseiling splashed self down,...

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Categories: change, imagery, poetess, poetry,

My angels,
My hands are in the,
Air for you,
Pardon me for abandoning,
You for some times, age,
Like Ojukwu properties,
In Lagos state.
My angels,
I am sorry for sometimes...

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Categories: beauty,

morning rush hour
The image of morning mapping from the four cardinal points at the center of 
busy pedestrians running ups and down to the bottom of their...

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Categories: courage, perspective, remember,

An attempt to play with words; pun intended.

    The first stanza is dedicated to persons who feel aloft themselves i.e. place of...

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Categories: anti bullying, appreciation,

21st Century Love
The nitty-gritty about LOVE it is that she is willing and submissive to render bright light to the world of mine.
Butterflies are buzzing their LOVE...

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Categories: memory, poverty, surreal,

Premium Member Eddy

I try to see 
back before 
to who Eddy once was
just barely before when
the bending began
Eddy was after all
a cute child 
wide eyed
hugging kissing and...

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Categories: angst, cute,

A Tale of Tears
Tired of talking too much
I wish to rest my rhymes.
Now is time to give ears
To your titanic tale of tears.
The heart that was under constraint

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Categories: desire, destiny, life, love,