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Smile Alliteration Poems

These Smile Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Smile. These are the best examples of Alliteration Smile poems written by international poets.

To My Valentine
These roses are red and the vase is blue.
Your beautiful smile makes me want to know you.

I hope it doesn't hurt
That I may try to...

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Categories: valentines day,

Premium Member CHILD TALK

Curious care
Funny stare

Vivid voice
Cranky choice

Spicy smile
Piquant pile

Playful pout
Oozing out

Clever charm
Anxious arms

Rowdy romp
Sultry storms

Curious craze
Dazzle daze

Crawling cruise
Fleeting fuse

Tantrums test
Zany zest

Wonder wakes
Silly stakes

Learning lots
Touchy thoughts

Playthings pile
Screaming style


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Categories: allusion,

A Glorious Alchemy
Dewey decimals assemble our common presence. Your horticulture hands hide that landscaping manual's lengthy title, but this is my isle and I've held that identical...

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Categories: books, desire, earth, garden,

Recuse Me
The feeling is deep inside 
Calling as a helpless innocent guilt
It has become too much for me
Falling down like a cracking mountain
I imagine it as...

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Categories: africa,

Premium Member Black Shepherd

Pray, why?

Scrape them off
The "little" people - your sheep
Pied paupers of your parochial perspectives
Mud off a work boot, scraped on the sill

Washed cowardly clean by...

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Categories: analogy, child abuse, corruption,

Premium Member Moon Glade Ocean Mermaid
I Wondrous Waxing Mystical Moon 

Splashing and sparkling upon cool cerulean crystal coast line,
I flirt with memorizing mermaid slinky scales of sensuality where
spying sailors forage...

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Categories: adventure, boat, color, moon,

only you will walk on my streets
the darkness will end

to follow the traces of abandonment
it will be finished in one place
gave a whistling mark
nobody will...

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Categories: allegory,

those who wait in distant nooks
galaxies,like this
they still smile at each other

you sing a song for them now...

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Categories: analogy,

Premium Member ENTROPY

Curious cheer
Dangles dear

Chaos crafts
Dizzy draft

Spacious smile
Sensuous style

Dreamy drift
Spicy sift

Wonder wakes
Telling takes

Pleasant poise
Vibrant voice

Lovely lines
Feeling fine

Buzzy best
Flaming fest

Misty mimes
Tasty times

Leon Enriquez
21 October 2018


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member WORDS

Set style
Moist miles
Sweet smile

Deep dance
Grand glance
Taut trance

Cheer change
Ripe range
Sip strange

Fond fest
Rich rest
Quaint quest

Keep kind
Move mind
Feel find

Craft chimes
Rest rhymes
Tough times

Dream dwell
Word well
Touch tells

Leon Enriquez
27 September 2018


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Categories: allusion,

my kitty
in life pain is invertible 
no matter how much we try 
or no matter how sad we cry
we cant run away from pain
someone once said...

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Categories: allusion, anger, blessing, boy,

It was different back then
As a child, morals are all about black and white,
Will this hurt them or give them a fright?
It was simple back then when everything was...

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Categories: analogy, change, childhood, confusion,

course you can't be happy
I will not endore your relationship
with the Harlot Hashi, she wishes
to be will some else
and desires not to be with you
her mind is conditioned
to use...

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Categories: absence, conflict, creation, culture,

Premium Member ABIDE NOW

Style syncs smile
Praise prompts pile

Dance deep dream
See swift streams

Prize pure play
Wit works way

Reap rich rhymes
Taste taut times

Feel fine fate
Daze dream date

Lift loud laughs
Spread sound stuff


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member WISE WORDS

Prize pure play
Dance dream day

Love lives loud
Poise prompts proud

Charm clear calm
Boost bright balm

Set sure stakes
Move mind make

Lift loud laugh
Set sure stuff

Style sure smile
Mull meek mile


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Categories: allusion,

This is poem to my unborn son
With tears flowing fluently like the Xithuve river, I wrote this
To let my son know that everything is never...

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Categories: beautiful, birth, boy,

Don't let me Fade
Don't let me Fade

If we're walking side by side, take my hand
If we're standing side by side, place your arm around me
If we're sitting side...

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Categories: hurt, love hurts, sad

I love you again and again
See how your face grins and makes the world better in lights.
Your smiles make the others's smiles smile.
Your tone is like the melodious songs of...

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Categories: 10th grade,

Twilight Has Entered My Life
Twilight  has entered my life,
realizing that the aging process 
is real and not to be shelved
and put away for someone else
to contemplate about.

Twilight has...

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Categories: perspective,

Premium Member Love You Lusciously

Darling, your little lamb dressed naughtily in lace
lies here languishing endlessly on satin sheets,
with loosened locks spread upon a silken pillow case.

I sail into a...

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Categories: romantic,