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Poverty Alliteration Poems

These Poverty Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Poverty. These are the best examples of Alliteration Poverty poems written by international poets.

The Masked Faces
“The Masked Faces”

We peeling off the foreskin of our rich culture,
Ignorance is the reason we feed on the carcass of a Vulture,
The more we fail...

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Categories: innocence, political, power, violence,

Premium Member PAN HANDIER- -
Poor, pink pan handier 

Perfect, pleasant pan handier 
Most self thought less people can’t stand ya!
Proud, powerful pan handier 

Pretty, pointless pan handier 

Perfect, purple...

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Categories: adventure, america, analogy, appreciation,

Indices Of A Loon

Gutless muffled monarch wooed millions to the poll, 
Our feeble lord enforced by pathetic speech of poverty (I once had no shoes) 
On congruent grounds...

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Categories: corruption, crazy, culture, heartbroken,



Rick Folker

Here on these mean streets...
The palpable lack of love
Threads through the alleyways
of brutal loss and unanswered prayers;
The anguished cries of despair rise
with the unforgiving...

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Categories: america,


I hate being normal
'Cos normal is abnormal.
It throws norm-man into abysmal.
I'd like the sun in the night.
To shine,see the wicked's breast.
I'd like the stars,lay above...

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Categories: anger, art,

A Remnant Remains
What Remains
Rick Folker
June, 2017
Kansas City, MO

When the crowd clamors
And the tocsin clangs

When the mighty and powerful
Crush the weak, the vulnerable,
The poverty that chains and shames


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Categories: hope, inspiration, political, power,

21st Century Love
The nitty-gritty about LOVE it is that she is willing and submissive to render bright light to the world of mine.
Butterflies are buzzing their LOVE...

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Categories: memory, poverty, surreal,

The vampire suck the blood

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Categories: discrimination, hate, lost,

Sound of change
I feel that someday there is gonna be a change
          A change of mind

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Categories: dream,

the jew and the samaritan
in a world of many nations,
may we learn to understand
that non can survive in isolation
but together we stand.
Ti's my ideal wish,
that a Jew and a...

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Categories: anti bullying,

The Lost Light
This is a story too difficult to tell
It makes my eyes well
But to the world it must be said
For a saint is lying slain
Her life...

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Categories: death of a friend,

I've Got Fire In My Soul
I know what it means 
To go to bed without food
To go to school without shoes
To yearn for Eqaul Education 
to free your mind
Just to...

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Categories: africa, class, courage, growth,

Premium Member Prerogative
Please, you have put my progress on pause and caused me prolonged poverty-Put the keys to my persona back on the dresser,need my personality back-...

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Categories: emo, growth, perspective,

Hope Drunk
Hope Drunk
Kenneth Alexander

It’s harder, than ever, these days to see the bright side of life, what with reality the way it is.

Suffering imminent, never ending...

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Categories: poverty, society, spoken word,

Powers That Be
To the powers that be. 
I've allowed you to view 
my weakness like an 
opportunity. Give school 
children fatherless 
babies, and preach their 
nudity to...

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Categories: conflict

Kith and kin
Have a heart and heartless be not. 
life is fleeting forlorn in hopes unfulfilled.
Seek truly caring kith and kin,
who love you still though flawed.
Loneliness by...

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Categories: freedom, friend, friendship, life,

Respect My Integrity
Bare me out
Why all these doubt
I dare you to 
Respect my integrity
For they say i am mad 
Because of poverty
But whither rich or poor 

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Categories: abuse, inspirational, integrity,

I am blessed
He has bless me
My God has bless me
Not with women nor money
But he has given me glory
He has given me wisdom
To attain freedom
That nations might...

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Categories: faith,

A slave country

Slaves has limitations 
In their thinking and actions 
Their life is full of 
Poverty and illiteracy 
They don't have a reason of life 
So they...

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Categories: satire, life, life,

Her name is Poverty
She tells me, 
Of the belt of hunger that clings to her waist, 
Of how it's only ever loosened by rampaging and rummaging through waste.


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Categories: loss, social, sympathy, riddle,