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Metaphor Alliteration Poems

These Metaphor Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Metaphor. These are the best examples of Alliteration Metaphor poems written by international poets.

Fermented Pollen
                    The beer gardens of hatred

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Categories: dark, imagery, metaphor, truth,

Open roof
It never scares anyone to live in open roof
The earth is a house but with open roof
We cover ourselves but wind blows off open roof

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Categories: earth, life, metaphor,

Let them know
Let everyone know
let my nation know
let my continent know
let the world know
let humankind know
let you know that Africa is a boiling volcano
let them know that...

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Categories: africa, metaphor,

Premium Member Alliteration rain and sunshine--
Alliteration rain and sunshine--

I’ve gotten caught in the rain again
Coming home from school was sunny alas.. the
Rotten, rich Rain or silly, single Sunshine 
Romantic, ruthless...

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Categories: analogy, assonance, metaphor, rain,

Premium Member Curtain Call

		Maple trees on both sides of Nineteenth Street
		closed down the evening sky.
		In a slight uncovered slice a single star
		was made to burn the brighter
		by this...

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© Bill Keen  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: assonance, metaphor, star, symbolism,

Premium Member Diamond Light Diamond
Lighthouse gleams from full moon pearly beams,
rising as regal hope from lapis lilies lapping the luxury sands.
Ships sail through nighttime gales as wood burned hearts

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Categories: bird, light, metaphor, moon,

Premium Member METAPHOR

Charm creates choice
Prize primal poise

Wise words work writes
Calm craft cruise cites

Stream succinct stuff
Live lavish laughs

Glimpse grand good grace
Frame feisty face

Time travels tight
Reap rapture right

Sense spacious...

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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member Trinity
I Body
The presence of the essence of flesh, blood and bone.
Flesh feeds the needs of energy, space and filigree lace.
Veins are trains of life with...

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Categories: imagination, inspiration, metaphor, moon,

It was different back then
As a child, morals are all about black and white,
Will this hurt them or give them a fright?
It was simple back then when everything was...

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Categories: analogy, change, childhood, confusion,

Premium Member Ubiquitous Utterances

A sanguine sun slowly sinks, slipping away
silently as shadows swallow silhouettes.
And a melancholy moon, mourns loss of day
rising as a spent sun sets...with no regrets.


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Categories: 8th grade, imagery, imagination,

Premium Member To These Times

time took time
to think;

Then truth
took thinking time
to task;

Testing teasing themes
that today taught;
trouncing telltale tragedies.

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Categories: 12th grade, allegory, analogy,

Premium Member Temperance Rising
I Dove Determination-Body

Dazzling pearl flight in eternal dancing delight
Doves! Season me in the Four Seasons

Spring-Unfetter the umbrellas perched upon my mountains of pain and
exculpate me...

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Categories: appreciation, bird, body, courage,

Sounds of Something

          Sounds of something somewhere sound so absurd

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Categories: education, metaphor, sound, spoken


lemon drops and lollipops,
spoiled lady with curlicues,

trilling lattice in garden
of words, dreadlocked with

little keys and lovely lyrics,
dulcet and vainglorious.

eye clouds lifting long...

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Categories: boy, girl, metaphor,

Premium Member Fallen Flower Flame
I painted the pests of parasites onto my own petals, blossoms and buds.
Wilted and weak, I remained bleak from all the blackouts.
Nauseous from ignoring mother...

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Categories: addiction, birth, books, metaphor,

You've been a peon, lowly pawn your whole life
Never amounted to much,
nothing much ever went right
Grew up dirt piss poor,
never knew the reason why
you were...

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Categories: allegory, allusion, life, metaphor,

rising above the fray
i read indulgence mid scripted words

breaking all the rules and then some,

what be greater than gutting & swallowing

uttermost concentration of language

critically consummated or otherwise,

communing within...

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© Paloma P   Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hyperbole, metaphor, muse, poems,

Premium Member The Wide Window
A bright green breeze rustles among tired trees,
	Through the wide window.
Fall morns and noons find a dearth of bright blooms
	Through the wide window.
Hellish heat before...

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Categories: metaphor,

Premium Member Just Moseying Along

Just Moseying Along

 In the fullness
of time
the empty scales
of justice
crave balance:

Waning reconciliation
awaits full emancipation.

As the pale sun fades
frail freedom flashes
upon the horizon:

Liberation continues
to wander.

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Categories: allegory, analogy, black african



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Categories: flower, metaphor, nature,