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Kid Alliteration Poems

These Kid Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Kid. These are the best examples of Alliteration Kid poems written by international poets.

© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: fun, kid,

How could you, Mr. Barnoby?
How could you give me  a math example?
You know I don't do math.
YOU'RE  My math teacher, you know that.

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Categories: anger, angst, anxiety, betrayal,

Suburban Summer
riddles N' rainbows paintbrush the day
summer's heaviness invades
rain circumvents geraniums 
ant's N' azaleas dance through sidewalks 
where tiny green grass creep 'neath weeds...

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Categories: community, emotions, family, june,

Charm a Child part one
When all he sees is your 
smile during campaigns,
only to get sighs whenever 
he cries and complains;
the time you would know 
you are niether wise...

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Categories: political


Pleasure, like the flowing of a gentle stream

Happiness, like the joy of a lively kid

Power, like the rule of a mighty king

Freedom, like gentle journies...

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Categories: nature, on work and

Pre Pumpkin Pie
Peter Pumpkin petted pink panthers' paws
Plastering purple push pins on pissed poetess
Producing panic in preheated porridge pot...

***Entry for Gwendolen’s  "Big Kid Tongue Twister” contest***


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Categories: funny,

Patty's Proclamation
Partly patient possibly passionate pretty Patty played prissy.
Rarely romantic rugged rakish Randy reacted with rejection.
Quickly quashing questions quixotic quietly quitting this quandary
she sashayed skirts and...

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© Deb Wilson  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: people, romance, giggle,

Premium Member THE gODS
`The 112th congress quibbles, fickle, frizzing, drizzle of dubious dribble, while we wait, …on the sick, fickle, trickle of  dribble ,from their quibbles of...

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Categories: funny,

Thirty Thrifty Thieves
Thirty thrifty thieves furtively foraged through their filthy things finding fifty thin forks
though the thieves find of fine thin frilly forks thriftily foraged failed to...

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Categories: funny,

Becky Bubble Brown
Becky Bubble Brown builds a beautiful bungalow before
Beyonce Baker in buffalo boulevard.In buffalo boulevard
Becky Bubble Brown builds a beautiful bungalow before
Beyonce Baker;But Becky Bubble Brown...

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Categories: funny, life, beautiful, beautiful,

Premium Member Fickle Freddie
Freedom fighter Fickle Freddie's
forced to freefall on foe's field.
Freddie flirts with foe's fetching filly.
Fickle fighter falls to "friendly fire."

*Entry for Gwendolen’s Big Kid Tongue Twister”contest


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Categories: funny,

How many times
How many times do we say to ourselves?
I will make a change in things even out of my range
Make what is unjust to be adjust

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Categories: inspirational,

The Ballet.
When I was a kid I wanted to be in the ballet  I just love the ballet.  I really wanted 
to be in...

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Categories: inspirational, places, love,