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Happy Alliteration Poems

These Happy Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Happy. These are the best examples of Alliteration Happy poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Backyard Barbecues

A splendiferous songbird sings,
at the rise of a sanguine sun.
And as summer starts its first day,
happy holiday hopes, are spun.

Morning mist mourns the loss of...

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Categories: 10th grade, 9th grade,

To My Valentine
These roses are red and the vase is blue.
Your beautiful smile makes me want to know you.

I hope it doesn't hurt
That I may try to...

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Categories: valentines day,

White Cane
The Cane am talking about is a third eye,
The third eye for the blind,
It illuminates the path of blind,
Forever it remains a silent helper,
The White...

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Categories: 10th grade, 12th grade,

Being happy in being the first
Happy the woman who is the first wife
Happy the son who is the first born
Happy the pupil who is the first in class
Happy the soldier...

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Categories: earth, satire,

Laughter is the Voice of a Rainbow
Why do people thank the care provider?
They only wipe the treasures on the luxury-loser.
Shower their new normal, an exhausting mortality,
as the person struggle to clean...

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Categories: absence,

Premium Member -Humanity just keeps running-
Stop standing still
Humanity just what do you fear..
'Humanity just keeps running'
Hyper, humid humanity just keeps running 

Horrible, hideous humanity just keeps running 

Holy, helpful humanity...

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Categories: analogy, anxiety, appreciation, humanity,

Premium Member Tromso

Your shiny streets, subdued footsteps, silent, snow -softened cars.
Plumply-padded pavements. Shuddering snow slips from the roof slopes above. 
Words softly spoken – hushed - heated...

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Categories: places, silence, snow,

Premium Member IN YOUR EYES

Crisp cheery charm
Apt ample arms

Meet mellow mind
Frame fleeting finds

Earn easy etch
Set succinct sketch

Ply profound prize
Set sweet surprise

Bright beauty beams
Daze dazzles d ream

Wise wonder wakes
Spice spacious...

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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member CURIOUS

Curious choice creams
Dance dazzles dream

Craft curious choice
Prize poignant poise

Chance curious craft
Dance deeper draft

Lovely lines lift
Sense sanguine sift

Glimpse glowing gift
Doubt dazzling drift

Reap rainbow rain
Grandeur grooms gain


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Categories: allusion,

Retrograde Liberty

You’re a consumer pawn on the cargo chessboard,
being merchandise moved 
by the mighty, 
free-market bellow powers-that-be:
The Babble Tower titans of industry

And the fawning, vote hopes...

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Categories: destiny, history, imagery, society,

Premium Member MYSTIC

Mystic moves magic
Knock knows kinetic

Living laughter leaps
Steady streamy seep

Touchy telling treats
Groovy glimpses greet

Primal posture peace
Lavish lasting lease

Dazzle dreamy dance
Cosmic changing chance

Wonder whispers write
Cheery charming cite


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Categories: allegory,

The freedom to fall
Look lick the luster lane 
It is often a shame to the
One who doesn't win the
Grand prize, gratuitously
Lame, it feels strange, alien

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Categories: anxiety, care, happy, life,

Premium Member LOVELY

Lovely love lifts
Glimpse gracious gift

Joy juggles jest
Feel feisty fest

Make moments meet
Sense something sweet

Laugh lavish loud
Prize pretty proud

Hurl happy hope
See success scope

Craft clever chance
Taste thrilling trance


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member SAVVY

Wonder wild will
Tasty touch thrills

Curious cheer crafts
Dreamy daze drafts

Weary words write
Crafty craft cites

Savvy strokes set
Gracious gift gets

Cluster calm choice
Pretty plants poise

Naked nude notes
Velvet vibes vote


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member FATE

Frames fond face,
Glimpse gaudy gate,
Touch tricky trace.

Claims calm cheer,
Lifts lovely light,
Nude nature near.

Such sweet sighs,
Feel funny flow,
Heap happy highs.

Wise warm ways,
Craft clever chance,
Draft dreamy day.


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Categories: allusion,

my kitty
in life pain is invertible 
no matter how much we try 
or no matter how sad we cry
we cant run away from pain
someone once said...

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Categories: allusion, anger, blessing, boy,

What if
What if all we know is a lie,
That what we see or we tie?
What if none exist to us,
Or all that we have are illusions?


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Categories: deep, emotions,

Premium Member WITHOUT WORDS

Sense silence speak:
Warm without words;
Prize primal peak,
Happy hope heard.

Vibrant verse voice:
Rich rainbow rhymes;
Charm clever choice,
Touch thrilling times.

Stillness sifts sight:
Zap zooming zest;
Bloom blessings bright,
Ripe rapture rest.


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Categories: allusion,

course you can't be happy
I will not endore your relationship
with the Harlot Hashi, she wishes
to be will some else
and desires not to be with you
her mind is conditioned
to use...

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Categories: absence, conflict, creation, culture,

Premium Member SEEING

Thought For The Day
By Leon Enriquez

Sift sparkling sights
Live lavish light

Word wonder well
Thrill tasty tell

Bloom blossoms bright
Notice nude night

Heed happy highs
Spill sensuous sighs

Vibrant vein voice
Prize profound...

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Categories: allusion,