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Fashion Alliteration Poems

These Fashion Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Fashion. These are the best examples of Alliteration Fashion poems written by international poets.

Premium Member FASHION

Meet moments mild
Wear wise words wild

Charm clever calm
Bright blessings balm

Keep knowing kind
Bright blossoms bind

Bear beauty bright
Live lovely light

Set simple say
Prize precious play

Lift laughter loud
Peace ponders...

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Premium Member CRAZY FEEL

Meet mindful maze
Craft curious craze

Words wander well
Time truly tells

Wild wonder wills
Face fumbling feel

Touch tasty treat
Speak sanguine street

Make merry mist
Glimpse gainful gist

Prize profound proud
Leap loiters loud


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member ASKING

Journey journal page
Anxious ample age

Dancing dreamy date
Fashion fleeting fate

Lavish lovely light
Settle succinct sight

Bubbles bursting boom
Gather gusty gloom

Gloomy given game
Sleepy slumber same

Complaint covers case
Better blunders base


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Premium Member STYLE

Success streams sound
Glimpse glorious grounds

Style sexy smile
Wear wit worthwhile

Lift lovely looks
Bright blessings book

Spice something sweet
Make movement meet

Fashion frames form
Nurture nice norms

Pique puzzle piece
Entice end ease


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Premium Member FASHION

Apt ample art
Seek sexy start

Sweet succinct store
Moves mystic more

Need happy heart
Sense sublime start

Hurl heavy heart
Prize puzzling parts

Each echo earns
Live lavish learn

Fashion fine face
Glimpse gathers grace


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Categories: allegory,

Premium Member FASHION

Feel fashions flow
Sense succinct show

Dance deeper dream
Sight swirling streams

Make moments mild
Work wellness wild

Craft clever course
Charm cheery cause

Bear blossoms bright
Feel fearless flight

Veer vivid voice
Cheer cheeky choice


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Premium Member SPARKLE

Seek sacred space
See sparkle seed
Feel fragrant face
Note nimble need

Prize profound peace
Fashion fine feel
Etch enters ease
Hurts humour heals

Sparkle sure sign
Be blessing bright
Frame funny finds
Reap ripples right


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Premium Member PRAYER

Bright blessings bloom
Rich rapture rooms

Sensuous sights see
Feel fragrance free

Live lovely lines
Frame feelings fine

Wise ways work well
Taste truth's taut tell

Fashion fond feel
Touch tensile thrill

Apt ample ask

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Premium Member SOLILOQUY

Restore reach
Echo each

Charming core
Mindful more

Seeker strains
Precious pains

Laughter lights
Sacred sights

Mystic moods
Grateful good

Shadows shade
Glimpses grade

Present past
Nothing lasts

Endow ends
Tricky trends

Wordy wit
Fashion fit

Willing writes
Curious cites

Tensile take
Moments make

Pretty poise
Vibrant voice


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Premium Member JOURNAL

Start something sweet
Sense savvy street

Walk willing way
Prime profound play

Lure leaping lust
Dance dazzling dust

Soul streams sure spice
Note nature nice

Work worthwhile will
Feel fashions fill

Joy journals jest
Bubbly blooms...

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Categories: allegory,

The Generous Bard
(The Merry Adventures of Robin Good)

Sherwood's Forest legendary, leading man 
up, down, tricking eggs between branches
slender, slander, his voice is growing thinner
twisting, turning heads 50...

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Categories: abuse, character, community, corruption,


       "Shimmering Sharon shows shining shoes at Shirley's shoe shop."


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Premium Member FASHION

Sweet siesta spreads
Dream dazzles dread

Puzzle piques peace
Effort earns ease

Fashion fine form
Nurture nice norms

Grace gathers gifts
Light laughter lifts

Vote vibrant volt
Bear booming bolt

Sure symbol signs
List lovely lines


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Premium Member SOMA

Cryptic clear creed
Nice nouveau niche

Fashion fond form
Notice new norms

Prime pristine play
Sensuous set sway

Live lasting light
See splendid sights

Soma speaks sweet
Grandeur's grace greets

Timeless tales thrill
Free fragrant feel


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Categories: allegory,

Premium Member LOONY

Fling frolic fierce
Ply pretty pierce
Trade thoughtful tears

Fashion feeds fame
Troubles try tame
Niche naughty name

Leave laughter loud
Pry petty proud
Aim art aloud

Sense surreal sights
Lines linger light
Freeze-frame free flight


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Premium Member Pretty Patty

Pretty Patty was a penny pincher of the worst kind
She saved every single cent that she could find
She carefully cut out coupons ,counting every one

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Categories: care, feelings, inspirational,

Premium Member CRAZY PROFOUND 12
Mind murky mire
Sense special sire
Free fleeting fire

Fresh funds fashion
Aim attraction
Mind moves mention

Why wrestle words write?
Clever charm cites
Busty blooms bite

See sunshine sway
Dance deer dear day
Prompt puzzle...

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Premium Member CRAZY PROFOUND 5

Live lovely looks
Bright blessings book
Craze consigns crook

Oomph orders ooze
Beer bottle booze
Senile sense snooze

Go gather good
Mix motive mood
Fashion fine food

Leapfrog lame lines
Flavours frame fine
Muse mellows mine


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Categories: desire,

a kiss from heaven
A kiss from heaven
A magical time
A true love is rare
But decidedly divine
My picture of love
Was carefully designed
Two parents and a home
That I could call mine

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Categories: absence, feelings,

singular glutton
Save your energy...
I've found my center a place to sit amongst the absent.
My mother-my best thought; says she made this all just for us.
Love your...

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