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Crush Alliteration Poems

These Crush Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Crush. These are the best examples of Alliteration Crush poems written by international poets.

Premium Member POIGNANT

Taste touch
Move much

Sense strain
Voice vain

Deep dance
Crush chance

More mulls
Dust dull

Feel frames
Grand game

Words will
Toss thrill

Worn way
Spice say

Now niche
Ripe reach

Blown bits
Form fits

Leon Enriquez
16 October 2018


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Categories: allusion,

Its a myth
Sitting on top of th tower 
Beside the window 
Down my eyes gaze on the way we met
Tears run down my cheeks like a sad...

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Categories: allusion, crush, cute love,

Premium Member Illusions to Conclusions
Discreetly, I perceived a profile of precise agate eyes
I manipulated my first impression of instant infatuation
...Inside bruised breath expanded within me

We convened, almost cuddling, whispering...

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Categories: 12th grade, courage, crush,

A Remnant Remains
What Remains
Rick Folker
June, 2017
Kansas City, MO

When the crowd clamors
And the tocsin clangs

When the mighty and powerful
Crush the weak, the vulnerable,
The poverty that chains and shames


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Categories: hope, inspiration, political, power,

Light up my lonely world with love, 
Wipe out my sad unworthiness, 
I am begging you to
Escape the reality with me,
I don't believe love...

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Categories: art, crush,

Premium Member Faithful Figure of Fantasy
Each day a detectable desire of devotion
escapes from my fervent fever of fantasy. 
I ache to embrace your exalted existence.
My insensible soul shivers with sensations

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Categories: crush, fantasy, feelings, passion,

Song for a Lady
I see you there, I see you clear
What have I to love but you my darling dear?

Your empty mask, your hard set eyes, your raven...

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Categories: fear,

Premium Member CRAZY PROFOUND 19

Lift lovely lines
Dance daze divine
Feel finesse fine

Frame form fiery
Drool deed dreamy
Zeal zooms zesty

Loiter long looks
Browse blurry books
Niche nurtures nook

Do define day
Speak simple say
Prime profound play


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Categories: blessing,

Premium Member CRAZY PROFOUND 13
Live loving light
See scented sights
Be blessing bright

Please pretty play
Mime moments may
Speak salient say

Alien aims ask
Treat toilsome task
Blooms brightly bask

Inspire in ink
Boom buffers brink
Live laughter links


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Categories: beauty,

Prompt primal play
Sync sensuous stay
Yield yesterday
Calm cheery choice
Heave healthy hoist
Ease empty tray

Profound peace primes
Seize spacious signs
Yonder yields yes
Coast charming chest
Heed humdrum hatch
Edge easy etch

Place puzzle...

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Categories: imagery,

Nigerian Independence Celebration
As October 1 approaches, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY……………………
I have enormous tracts of land and vast volumes of water, but cannot feed myself.
So I spend $1 billion...

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Categories: celebration, freedom,

Letting you go
In the very very beginning
Our crazy crush was 
Our love life deeply 
depicted true love's 
In the dark clouds coding 
codes for love raining

Your lightining...

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Categories: sad love,

Pains Of Love
It hurts to love and not 
be loved in return.
lt hurts more to love and 
never find the courage to 
express your feelings.
Love hurts when...

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Categories: betrayal, pain,

Beyond Barriers
God's love is a light, it lives 
beyond laws of
location and languages,
His love is a creed that 
cruises beyond the
corridor of colours and 
His love...

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Categories: devotionlove,

It starts out as a hello
  you walk an talk an act 
like your dating then you realize.

the person you like is talkin to...

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Categories: adventure,

So close
but kept so far away
by boundaries
that will break some day.
The question
still remains in mind
but I'll wait
until you're mine
I'll never know
what's planned in fate
but I...

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Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, hope, life,

Susie sassed some stupid scoundrels 
they tried to take her treasure
Bobby blew back barbaric barbs
Susie shook some soot off her sweater
lovely little lights lit the...

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Categories: love


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Categories: life, passion, people,


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Categories: childhood, confusion, friendship, life,