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Cat Alliteration Poems

These Cat Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Cat. These are the best examples of Alliteration Cat poems written by international poets.

Cruise Cat tastrophy
Cicely Catherine Charlotte,
Child of a cosmopolitan century,
Captain of the cruise vessel
Cooling its boilers in the cove.

Cicely dispensing catnip
creates crazy feline
cuckoo climbing, jumping with
crack me up...

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Categories: animal, boat, cat, fun,

Closed windows and open blinds
To get in...
you have to wear a hat
And remove the cat, fool!
Stuck inside the pool
All blue, but the crew wearing red
Guys at the back whispering...

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Categories: adventure, allegory,

Let Go And Be Free

A mindful mate of mine proceeds on the pebbly path 
as an angel with a mission flies in the skies. 
The childish fullness of his...

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Categories: motivation, senses, simile, spiritual,

The Crazy Kitten
The Crazy Kitten

The crazy kitten purred.
Its soft and slender  body 
Brushed around my skin.
It meowed as it juggled 
The ball of woolly yarn

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Categories: alliteration, 9th grade, animal,

Premium Member Cat Mass
I Past Paws

My tuxedo charm…
Echoes of purrs and meows linger in my lamenting longing heart.
Floating my fingers upon her feather fur…I now trace her feline...

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Categories: cat, christmas, death,

Premium Member Feral feline
O, feral feline, femme fatale 
   Her fancy footsteps faintly fall...

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Categories: cat, fairy, myth, nature,

Magnificently MAGIC mindful and memorable
That was my childhood, chasing dreams and 
Making wishes locked in and lost in love as
I grew regretful moments I still...

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Categories: life, love, lust, stress,

Premium Member Pampered Pussy
They call me pampered pussy,
“Such a PRETTY pet!” they purr,
All they see’s a funny feline,
Just a friend with fluffy fur.

Hear me humans! I AM HUNTER!

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Categories: cat, fun, funny, humor,

My Cs poem
Clumsy chubby chimpanzee counts cherry cheesecake cases covering corner combined clear ceramic counters.

Canny cat catches canary 

Cunning cat chases crazy chattering chipmunk clumsily can't close...

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Categories: animal, humor,

Carny Cat
Circus cat Cecil
Fantastically flew free
Soaring sailing sourpuss 
Projecting piercing paws 

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Categories: cat,

Life is
Life is a pile of misfit clothes leaving a walkway to my door
it is a series of unfinished to do lists lost on the floor

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Categories: analogy, change, endurance,

Nigeria prisoners
We are Nigerian prisoners,
We are not happy.
Where are our counterparts?
We are Nigerian prisoners,
Here we are,
Here we are like a cat.
We are calm and cool...

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Categories: beautiful, celebration,

My angels,
My hands are in the,
Air for you,
Pardon me for abandoning,
You for some times, age,
Like Ojukwu properties,
In Lagos state.
My angels,
I am sorry for sometimes...

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Categories: beauty,

Premium Member Tabby Tabor Taunts
Tawny tabby Tabor taunting tiny tadpoles and tantalizing tasty tempered toads 


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© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: bullying, cat,

Fabulously furtive
Frisky and ferocious
Fear of feeling foolish
Feel flustered if they fall
For food they favour fish
Fancy themselves flawless
Fluffy, friendly favourites

Sept 23, 2016...

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Categories: animal, beautiful, cat, cool,

Premium Member His Hunger
Is he absurd to appreciate the abnormal?
Is it admirable to accept her appreciative acrobatic antics?
He's a cool cat, she's his celestial canary caught.
A kept creature...

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Categories: abuse, addiction, desire, psychological,

Deep sea
As for that sky far
In the shoreline of the summer when I like
The spectacle of the orange field which clings and
Calling voice of cat, in...

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Categories: myth,

Balloons, Cats, Drinks Except the Curry
better to be back in black
said Brett Boe
Coca-Cola for coy cat
replied Carla Coe
draw the duck down in dew
whispered Donna Doe
fries feed feisty firebugs
claims Frankie Foe

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Categories: surreal, word play,

Chris' Creepy Cats
Chris’ Creepy Cats
By Curtis Johnson

Cautiously, Chris came crawling and calling, carrying crying creepy cats. 
12102015 ( One Liners Five Contest)...

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Categories: animal, care, cat, hilarious,

Premium Member CAT CALLS - one liner

The caterwauling cacophony of a cadre of cats copulating in a can.


submitted to – One liners five – Poetry Contest
sponsor – Silent One

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Categories: cat, humor,