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Blue Alliteration Poems

These Blue Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Blue. These are the best examples of Alliteration Blue poems written by international poets.

Buoyant Belonging
If I am the sea bird, 
Then you are the ocean— 
Coolly suffused sapphire,
Reflecting shimmers of sunlight, 
Revealing only a small portion
Of your immeasurable profundity


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Categories: allusion, destiny, longing, lost

Are you sure
am attracted to the inner beauty
but i should confess damn ur face is beautiful
i love everything about you
even though i do not know you

but i...

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Categories: africa, age, anxiety, black

Premium Member By the Water's Edge
By the Water's Edge

Georgia, with gilded glow imprinted in my mind.
Lake Lanier an island paradise divinely dwells
By the water's edge in haunting hue of cerulean...

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Categories: beauty, devotion, love, romantic

Beside a babbling brook I browse
By a bridge braving bleak winters breeze
Beaver is busily burrowing beneath 
Before bitter blizzards batter beaver’s bunker
Beaver busy beavering as...

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Categories: animal, cute, nature, water,

Premium Member Cherub's Jubilee

When the ninth hour of night is cloaked in velvet
And small star kisses sprinkle the Junie-moon sky
The ambling amber moon glides with Glen Miller...

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Categories: celebration, dream, love, romantic

between new nightmares
and day dreams
of a better life
lay reality resurfaced
tight with taut brutality
unspeakable thoughts drift
down through time's flash
triggered not there
not then
but now and here
her mind...

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Categories: conflict, courage, dark, hope,

Premium Member AMUSE A MUSE

Word wit
Bit brews bit
Frame fine fit
Tat treats tit

Glimpse good
Mind meek mood
Feast fond food
Bleed brave brood

Sense sight
Lift loud light
Flame full flight
Boost blue bright

Proud price
Next nude nice

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Categories: allusion,

Its a myth
Sitting on top of th tower 
Beside the window 
Down my eyes gaze on the way we met
Tears run down my cheeks like a sad...

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Categories: allusion, crush, cute love,

Premium Member COLOURS

Love lights
Blooms bright

Hope hues
Craft cues

Faith frees
Soul sees

Set stage
Red rage

Briskly booze
Orange ooze

Bullish bet
Yellow yet

Mull maze
Green gaze

Still sight
Blue bright

Tasty tribe
Violet vibes

Bloom brave
White waves

Nude noise
Pink poise

Mellow make
Turquoise take


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Categories: allegory,

Rain thunder rain
Falling down sounds
Big clapping thunder
Rain down unrestrained
Sandy beaches of sun and sailing
Salty seas SUNSHINE unrestrained
Let it rain better dreams  ahead
Angry thunder BANG...

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Categories: angst, blue, environment, mountains,

Charming Brown
Charming brown it's the smell of a cocoa, 
the brown suit , the caramel perfume,
pouring of a caramel on a brown tea that the
brown shoes...

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Categories: africa, appreciation, beautiful, bible,

Purple, Revisited
A gentlefellow and maiden intermingle
on curiosity's swing-seated rest.

Vulnerableness is compressed between them,
as if a violet's caress requested their presence.

Harmony's tones are blown through the air,

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Categories: beauty, dance, happy, love,

Premium Member SPIRING

jumping over hoops,
getting caught on iron needles high.
dogs nipping, gnawing,
clawing at skin and rags,

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Categories: writing,

Premium Member Love You Lusciously

Darling, your little lamb dressed naughtily in lace
lies here languishing endlessly on satin sheets,
with loosened locks spread upon a silken pillow case.

I sail into a...

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Categories: romantic,

The Silken Snowflakes
The silken snowflakes swinging by the sweet champagne
Your impish image sits inside the icy wine glass unique
The cinnamon passion switching the saffron surges insane
The night...

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Categories: life, love,

Premium Member - Evil Deeds -

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Categories: dark, deep,

Premium Member Good Evening Promenade

This night the moon cast a light
for just a moment, a trust, a lust,
a gaze at the lingering lazy crowded stars.

The wind decided to play,...

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Categories: nature, night, wind,

By Cather for Rye
by Mark Miller © 08/17/2016
Sable of night repeals our
Hidden mirrored abuse
Puzzle pieces draw out 
Fancy flights made bliss
Can't you hear as fear
Drowns the solar rain...

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Categories: august, bereavement,

Waves beating on the sand
There we sit hand in hand
Waves crash down
And I wipe away my frown

The sun begins to set
It seems like we've just...

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Categories: allusion, beach, blue, christian,


TUNDRA tunics
holding hot
sentient swaddling,
stirred with
warm waves of
cocoa cresting charm,
bathed in barometric
sweetheart neckline
netted nefariously
close -
charm capitulated.
frowns forever forlorn,
as aromatics allure —

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Categories: relationship, winter,