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Age Alliteration Poems

These Age Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Age. These are the best examples of Alliteration Age poems written by international poets.

The witch
She is so wicked
And does everything in a snap

She is my bestfriend
Just the friend I always needed

She makes my bed and irons the clothes
Gives my...

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Categories: age, allah, america, anxiety,

Are you sure
am attracted to the inner beauty
but i should confess damn ur face is beautiful
i love everything about you
even though i do not know you

but i...

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Categories: africa, age, anxiety, black

Today is a memory
It is a commitment
In the scented valleys of time
Between the human and the

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Categories: absence, age, allah, anti

Life is a cradle
Life is an unhappy child
Life is a pimple with pus
Life is a speeding bus!...

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Categories: abuse, age, allah, allegory,

Life is a story book,
It's a mystery of a fairy,
And Captain Hook,
One has to look in,
Every corner and nook!...

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Categories: age, appreciation, autumn, beautiful,

an atomical labour
tight thoughts toil,
as threads in head uncoil
ideas plaited, intent's tug
escort through dilate pupils.
umbrella lashes shady look
was all it took-
inception outspooked
at artful spirit's raid, 
inkling's snapline...

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Categories: introspection, life, work,

A traveller
a traveler , frightened by tomtit
and entered into the bushes which is petite
this is it 
it not a tomtit is a bush tit
singing song in...

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Categories: 1st grade, 5th grade,

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Journey journal page
Anxious ample age

Dancing dreamy date
Fashion fleeting fate

Lavish lovely light
Settle succinct sight

Bubbles bursting boom
Gather gusty gloom

Gloomy given game
Sleepy slumber same

Complaint covers case
Better blunders base


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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member Hanging Mistletoe
Hanging Mistletoe  

The time has come when
I must take my place with that
Inner grace and years.

A light breeze blows 
And the mistletoe hangs low,

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Categories: age, imagery,

My angels,
My hands are in the,
Air for you,
Pardon me for abandoning,
You for some times, age,
Like Ojukwu properties,
In Lagos state.
My angels,
I am sorry for sometimes...

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Categories: beauty,

Premium Member COLD COFFEE
He slowly sips every drop whilst he dissects the morning news
Coagulating cream congeals in his china cup
Coffee coloured rings form with every sip
If the cup...

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Categories: drink, life,

My Head Full of Stars
Lost in a dream I was 
The only way you want me too 
By far the best thing ever is 
Me waking up to a...

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Categories: addiction, age, analogy, anxiety,

my true boyfriend
my true love name Im break down each letter with reason why
e ffortless supporting his family
d determined to never give up
d diversified for his age

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Categories: addiction, age, emotions, boy,

Our Benue our future
Our pride our Nation
Our dreams our hope
Our home our hut. 

Our Benue our future
Our food basket of the nation
Our Benue from which...

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Categories: africa, age, analogy, anti

Premium Member Puppet of Pain
My back was a large piece of wood.
Suddenly a wrong jerk
sent a happy ax running through my body.
The splinters of amber pierced my muscles,
my brain,

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Categories: age, conflict, pain, recovery

Strokes of pens, create new life:
Strokes of brushes, recreate the life:
The soul of music, ignites this life:
Stroke of the gun, dissipates the life,
But poetic stroke...

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Categories: age, analogy, art,

Premium Member My Whispering Old Cemetery: A Collaboration With Broken Wings
I came across an old cemetery today while exploring,
     Full of broken, toppled headstones and tangled weeds;
There was a deep hush,...

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Categories: adventure, community,

I've dreamt
I've dreamt, dreamt of being what I've wanted
Failures have been more then success, they've kept me haunted...
Scared if I've messed up or would be stuck...

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Categories: cheer up, deep, growing

christs return...

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Categories: age,

Wondering at life i mused, it is stage by stage
Worrying in life i echoed, add nothing to the gauge
Weighing the life i noticed honour comes...

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Categories: africa,