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Africans Poems

Africans Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of africans poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for africans.

New Poems

Marks of an African woman

Upriver - a place where she goes to fetch water and firewood 
Hair is neatly decorated with a collection of cowries and coins 
Stretch marks that cover the entirety of 
her growing belly

Beautiful eyes - eyes that possess a power...Read More
Categories: africans, 12th grade, africa, beautiful, character, culture, deep,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Innocent Children are the Largest Victims
No blood would ooze out if cut by blade
No flesh below to sink, nothing inside shakes
Bare bones protruding here and there like spikes
Vacant look in the eyes
Yet the body breathes and survives;
Skeleton like children of Somalia, one of the African...Read More
Categories: africans, africa,
Form: Free verse
abortion, advice to young women and men
At this hour ... without any planning I write because I got up to use the restroom, but switched on my text messages and saw one from last night. A great friend could not believe what happens in marriages when...Read More
Categories: africans, abortion, abuse, addiction, america, bible, forgiveness, jesus,
Form: Prose
The year of Rats
2020 is the year of lassa fever 
Or the year of rats as I've heard somewhere,
For as innocent as they might seem They are now reservoirs,
Of these dreaded virus Causing lassa fever
That  has spread widely in Africa
In Nigeria benin ghana
And...Read More
Categories: africans, 11th grade, africa, black love, community, grief,
Form: Prose
Hallo, 'ello Mate, Hi and Howzit
Greeting people on the street
Reason cannot assess how
Even a quick American "hi" in retreat
Elevates someone's mood, and the State's
Truth be told, can't say how Americans started
Ice-breaking among strangers on the street
Now, in England, silence (on tubes) is not rude
Given...Read More
Categories: africans, america, appreciation, bible, black african american, blessing,
Form: Acrostic

Blood don't lie
Blood don't lie 
Too many places
Africans are found 

Theirs is always 
This signal of connection

Is so great how 
Our different tribes
Countries languages

Can't change this signal 

We are all same 
Were ever we settle 

Our energy never change 
Our struggle...Read More
Categories: africans, africa, dedication, deep, encouraging, humanity,
Form: Epic

The Africans of old
At night, slept and of Africa 
For Africa they dreamt
Of a day to come 
When Africans will be free 
Uhuru Uhuru Uhuru
From every form of enslavement 
And oppressions. 

The Africans of old
In peace and...Read More
Categories: africans, africa, allusion, black love, books, deep, identity,
Form: Didactic
Her name is Hope
Her name is hope...

He came in with a devilish look in his eyes , it was the lust 
that separates men from Christ, I am talking doing time 
for what crime?

Your skin color got you trapped in the same place,...Read More
Categories: africans, africa, america, appreciation, art, encouraging, environment, extended
Form: Free verse
Premium Member 1733 INSURRECTION ON- St John

Lament Danish West Indies
Bring yon, those terrible humans
Who’s to say that there’re of humanity?
Amidst this day of 1733

Akwamu islands
Home of no proper human
Run darken skin one

Revolting as it may
Ghana Danish West Indies
Capture, imprison and enslave, them
Place...Read More
Categories: africans, adventure, community, discrimination, irony, slavery,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Still searching for our world
Still searching for our world 
Who are we 
What do we represent
In this world 
Are we the victorious
Are we still sleeping

Still searching for our world
Who are we in this world
Black people am asking you all
Are we here just to always
Carry...Read More
Categories: africans, africa, confidence, courage, dedication, deep, freedom, humanity,
Form: Epic

Premium Member Streets of Juhu, Mumbai
On the streets of lively Mumbai,
Close to the sandy Juhu,
They serve Chaat and Masala Chai,
To make your heart go Yoohooo!!

The English, Locals and Arabs!
Jews, Africans and Chinese!
Gather to the aroma of the herbs,
And to relish the Indian Cuisine!

Vending stalls have...Read More
Categories: africans, arabic, beach, color, feelings, food, jewish, leadership,
Form: Ballad

I know you have ears,
Listen before you end up in tears,
Hatred is cancerous,
Segregation is dangerous.

No need to murder a brother,
Born by a mother,
We all belong to tribes,
We can live in unity and thrive.

Tribalism promotes nepotism,
It fosters Satanism,
Again, favoritism is evil,
A...Read More
Categories: africans, evil, love,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member We Were Slaves--1619
Over 400 years ago, the arrival of 20 or more enslaved Africans are called ‘The Beginning of USA Slavery', which are much more complex than that.
We were kidnapped from Angola, forced on a Portuguese ship, tied from head to toes,...Read More
Categories: africans, africa, age, america, black african american, death
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Remembering Four Centuries of Africans in America
Fields where the bondman’s toil
No more shall trench the soil,
Seem now to bask in a serener day;
The meadow-birds sing sweeter, and the airs 
Of heaven with more caressing softness play,
Welcoming man to liberty like theirs.
A glory clothes the land from...Read More
Categories: africans, anniversary, celebration, history, racism, slavery,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Bravery And Tragedy

In their epic struggle for freedom
thousands of South Africans
lost their lives in the anti-apartheid movement.
Ordinary people stood shoulder to shoulder,
against tyranny and bigotry,
and it cost them dearly.
The hopes of a nation fueled their zest
to shuck the yoke of oppression,
and gain...Read More
Categories: africans, 10th grade, africa, angst, conflict, courage, emotions,
Form: Free verse
Who cares
Who cares?
Those were days past 
When Africans used to be brothers
When everyone shared when something bothers 
When we all united against immorality
When a child belonged to the community
Now everyone on his own
Because none cares 

Gone are days of blood brotherhood
When...Read More
Categories: africans, africa, community, encouraging, faith, family, forgiveness, social,
Form: Verse

South Africa has a high rate of crime, anything is probable,
Keeping out determined criminals is impossible!
This is the house that my parents built 40 years ago that we 
We live in,
This is the house that we built a palisade...Read More
Categories: africans, fear,
Form: Rhyme
New Zealand all over Sea and land,NEWS

On blood bath of Kiwi ever since her birth,1856 

On killing 50 lives settled to fight their bellies battle

“Land of long white cloud” mean New Zealand

How truth this? 50 bodies lined up on land...Read More
Categories: africans, blessing, character, creation, emotions, feelings, inspiration, people,
Form: Blank verse

Blondes  are plain ditsy and redheads just rage
Every boss wants to own you, make you work for no wage.

Asians are useful when you need to do sums;
and all Catholic priests like, are little boys bums.

Not Aussie go French, if...Read More
Categories: africans, society,
Form: Couplet
Africa for Africans
Africa for Africans

Down the rivers of the east
the soothing wind blows in our minds
shaking our busy brains to rest
making worthwhile living in Africa
bare wind of our own making

Africa of the winkled hands
white teeth under shiny dark skin
gold hearts of marvellous...Read More
Categories: africans, africa,
Form: Free verse
Knowable Unknowns
Do you know, static clocks move faster than moving clocks?

Do you know, silence is not the best response to a fool?

Do you know, a man is also a woman?

Do you know, snakes don't  like to bite?

Do you know, monkeys...Read More
Categories: africans, humanity, imagination, irony, nonsense, nostalgia, patriotic, visionary,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member They have taught me
Venezuelans have taught me to laugh
   Assyrian refugees how to cry
Russians have taught me diligence
   Hindus to face hard times with a sigh

Koreans have taught me courtesy
   Thais a sense of wonder
Mongolians have taught...Read More
Categories: africans, character, how i feel, student, teacher,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Why Frank's Hot Sauce isn't
Why Frank’s Hot Sauce isn’t
and Daylight Savings Time doesn’t
and times they ain’t changing
in a land where all white men
are created equal.

Between 1500 and 1800 
to this New World came
2.5 million Europeans 
12.5 million purloined Africans 
while 55 million Indigenes succumbed
to...Read More
Categories: africans, america,
Form: Free verse
Africana, a poem that details the pre - colonial, colonial and post -colonial Africa, her rich history, struggles and  unique cultural heritage in a picturesque execution.

Africa will Rise Up Tall,Bold, and rule the Earth again
But first Africans must be...Read More
Categories: africans, africa, black love, books, corruption, culture, history,
Form: Prose Poetry
I love AFRICANAMERICAN Christian Culture: Forgiving slaveholders and Tyrants
Some serious religious sophomores claim Christ ('Witness' Bluff)
Almost like Columbus: to hit the Other, take their STUFF

Nothing Doing here; I am a Minister of Jesus' Gospel
For the same Reason they fled HERE to Native Indian lands

Catholics to Lord Baltimore's Maryland,...Read More
Categories: africans, africa, bible, black african american, columbus day,
Form: Verse