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Afresh Poems

Afresh Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of afresh poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for afresh.

New Poems

Nature's Trio - Wonder, Love, Beauty
North star that shines on clear night.
Sat still, at peace, on moon's right. 
How does the small moon prince thrive? 
At night flies a bright, white kite.

In comes the wash of high tide. 
Two pairs of feet side by side....Read More
Categories: afresh, appreciation, beauty, imagery, love, nature, nostalgia,
Form: Jueju

Begin Afresh Every Morning
Begin afresh every morning, 
After the sweetness of sound sleep; 
Meet the new light with open eyes, 
Leave the twilight so dark and deep.

Just start over every sunrise, 
To feel the warmth of the beacon; 
The cold eventide disappears
Into thin...Read More
Categories: afresh, poems,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Performance
I heard it again.
The music I enjoyed
kept me at it
reading studying
with the rhythm and throb
the melody for company.
Associations tingled back:
my social life
emotions pulsing
carried from bar to bar
as I lived it afresh
enthused once more
fully attending.
This time I also saw it
the intricacies...Read More
Categories: afresh, music, senses, sound,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Pile Of Wood Chips
From life to vivaciousness
wood chips will nourish with nutrients' fix.
Ah... whiffs of fresh pine sift as temperature rises,
steam swirling from this pile higher than I.
Should I climb upon it and slide down,
I could drown in the sweet smelling heat.
Woodland bits...Read More
Categories: afresh, childhood, environment, happy, life, nature, senses, tree,
Form: Free verse
The Transformation of My Inner Self
Life was OK before this moment
nothing exciting but again not bad
I'd started to go to church every week
hearing the gospel! hey this is no fad

God's truth grasped me afresh
like nothing else I've known before
I wanted to understand this so much
for...Read More
Categories: afresh, change, self, spiritual,
Form: Rhyme

It's your life

Mom, how he could do like this to me,
the girl murmured while sobbing;
My dear, don’t cry, the Mom said;
know, you’re unhappy facing betrayal.
Never expected such acts from dear ones;
Shaken, feel such acts are unforgivable.

In this complex society such things are
going...Read More
Categories: afresh, life,
Form: Verse
With A Thousand Lights

Light the skies with a thousand lights and bolts 
dismember every fear and talk to the stars  
watch the golden orbs appear from far remote  
and glide yourself home down the river of Oz 

Feel every stroke, draw...Read More
Categories: afresh, analogy, appreciation,
Form: Free verse
Relationship :: Margerinesoar Noir Form

Relationship doesn't happen in one day.
It evolves; It can't be ruled anyway.
Surely needs a lot of work, it's not play.

Relationship doesn't happen in one day.
Can we give up thought of attack, dismay?

People always sought to be loved but may
not express...Read More
Categories: afresh, relationship,
Form: Verse
get a hobby and find happiness
Get a hobby and you will think it is Christmas most days,
Get a hobby and happiness will be with you to stay,
Get a hobby and you will see the world afresh each day,
Get a hobby and your life will never...Read More
Categories: afresh, appreciation, bible, blessing, celebration, christmas, devotion, love,
Form: Didactic
Premium Member Dream Sequence
I dreamed when out on a fine sunny day,
I saw a man who was holding a lute,
He was dressed like a troubadour of old,
As though some fair maiden he would salute.

Perhaps, I thought, he may have lost his way,
He does...Read More
Categories: afresh, clothes, day, dream, music, old,
Form: Quatrain

I hope you fall in love with being alive again
Put the misery behind you, start afresh
From this day forward, feel blessed.
I hope your coffee tastes like magic,
I hope you stop to smell the flowers
Ponder in your thoughts
Let it take hours.
Hope...Read More
Categories: afresh, appreciation,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Our God Flies
Our God who lives, flows in the waters,
tumbles in rivers, and drifts in snows,
flashes as silver from shoals of fish,
darts in darkness round rugged rocks,
blooms afresh as showers bring flowers 
with fresh aromas for bugs and bees.
With all the creatures...Read More
Categories: afresh, christian, creation, environment, inspirational, spiritual,
Form: Verse
Seeking Release
Set me free from my pen and thoughts
They enslave me
And keep me bound to the sheaves of paper
Lying atop one another on my stilted shelf 
Undusted, forgotten and yellowing
Stop me from writing the no-one-understands
Stop me from thinking about the inevitable
Cheer...Read More
Categories: afresh, freedom,
Form: Free verse
Aromatic Ambiance Accessed

Along the ambrosial garden alleyway 
of assorted colors, it appeared we ambled together 
for ages, until an atrocious angst of afflicting storm 
blew away all the flowers abloom for us.

As apathy rent asunder my dreams gone awry
the embrace of the...Read More
Categories: afresh, angst, emotions, heartbreak, inspirational love, lost love,
Form: Free verse
Evolutionary Sequel - full circle
Act 1: Earth

Droplets fall to earth
Meniscus lens on the world -
Wellspring of life born

Gaseous brew forms
Invisible elixir - 
A breath of fresh air

Destructive, cleansing
But giver of warmth and light – 
Fire’s dual perspective

Act 2: Plant

Spring buds burst afresh
Summer leaves decay...Read More
Categories: afresh, animal, earth, environment, fire, nature, world,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member A SAPPHO SONG tribute
    of the night
       upon hearts
of loneliness
      soft spoken
the light
...Read More
Categories: afresh, poetess, tribute,
Form: Ekphrasis
Premium Member Another cup of loneliness
We all live with the choices that we make but do we realize what is truly at stake? Hearts some times yearning for what we gave up, starting afresh but no longer a pup. Come here my new friend, another...Read More
Categories: afresh, depression, divorce,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member ''Lolita'': A Poetic Study in Seduction
*(A lyric on the sweet seductions of a lovely, vampish nymph and man-eater named Lolita.).

With a body so fine and rare
     like a lover who comes afresh
with a glow that's both sleek and fair;
  ...Read More
Categories: afresh, desire, evil, love, lust, passion, power, sensual,
Form: Lyric

Man was born to die continually
And start afresh.
As kids we were told that 
'God help those who help themselves'
Well this is said with fingers pointed
at  self - made men or women
Who...Read More
Categories: afresh, africa, age, allusion, anger, change, child abuse,
Form: Verse
Black and Blue
	(To the tune of “The Blackboard of My Heart”)

There was a time when I believed
That you still cared for me
But now it seems those foolish dreams
Are just a memory
Your promises were cruel lies
And you said nothing true
That’s why I’m here...Read More
Categories: afresh, guitar, heartbroken, music,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Are You Hungry For GOD
How Hungry for GOD Are You?

How hungry for GOD are you? Do you pray and read the
Word daily?  Do you stay in an attitude of prayer throughout
the day?  Do you stay in fellowship with other believers?
Do you support...Read More
Categories: afresh, analogy, appreciation, fire, wisdom,
Form: Narrative
The Good Effects of Nature
Are you lonely afraid or unhappy
then you need a remedy fix
but what's best that will do it
something that will hit you for six

Get out there into nature itself
go and find the great outdoor
whatever it takes, go the extra mile
follow your...Read More
Categories: afresh, happy, life, nature,
Form: Rhyme
The Jacket
It still hangs there,
		     there on the back of my door.

“Wa d’y lev ut thur?” I can hear you say 
in that Chatterley-esque accent of yours,
rippling through me.

“It’s so I can smell you” 
I’d reply if...Read More
Categories: afresh, lost love, love, love hurts,
Form: Personification
Premium Member Spring
heart packed season yearn

free wrapped afresh in Spring's sweet -

grown up's main child bloom

... CayCay
March 2, 2019...Read More
Categories: afresh, change, childhood, earth, emotions, freedom, seasons, spring,
Form: Haiku
The Complaint Part 6
Despoiled of raiment green, each branch in nakedness now stands forlorn;
Unmoved by passing seasons’ change, the songster sits and sings alone:
Would there were in this garden some could feel the burden of its moan!
This life no more its joy retains,...Read More
Categories: afresh, allah, faith,
Form: Heroic Couplets