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Adversary Poems

Adversary Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of adversary poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for adversary.

New Poems

Premium Member Silence cries for my Untouched Lover
Death's malodor dances 
with winds of lament

heart wonders, mind ponders

watching sunset lose her grace,
time has become an adversary,

pulsating in our misfortune,
orchestrating a tragedy of love

heart wonders, mind ponders

in the hope of tomorrow,
silence cries for my untouched lover.

How unjust life would...Read More
Categories: adversary, angst, death, love hurts,
Form: Free verse

Cold creeps
from swift whirlwinds
left me quivering with chattered teeth
and drenching with sweat.
foreshadow of war. 

There I was
aghast on the battlefield
accoutered with no armor or shield
and no cavalrymen to deploy;
ashen with fear.

Venomous arrowheads
seared me with scars
as a sword ravaged my heart.
I...Read More
Categories: adversary, imagery, strength, writing,
Form: Free verse
Mary Mary Contrary
Why Mary Mary is being so contrary.
Her husband Larry joined the military. 
His twin brother Barry married her twin sister.            Carrie.
Perry and Jerry Stole Gary, her pet canary.
Sold him...Read More
Categories: adversary, humorous,
Form: Monorhyme
The Interlude of Aphradere: Remember Me Always
Does anyone consider my times of tribulation?
The waters of her oceanic figure guides me still
She leads me beside quiet streams of jubilation
Desolation is nowhere to be seen anymore, for she's a keeper of the radiant rivermill
For you and I to...Read More
Categories: adversary, deep, desire, emotions, encouraging, endurance, passion, remember,
Form: Free verse
The face of grace looked upon the world.
twas not perfect till he made a replica of his being.
and called him man.
came then an offender who caused his creation to sin. 
His deceit and true intent unbeknown to the woman.

A heart...Read More
Categories: adversary, appreciation, baby, celebration, child, christian, jesus, love,
Form: Blank verse

Aliens on Earth

And so the darkest age had fallen
they knew not the friendly from the enemy
but each and everyone one of them
had become the foe

In dim lit rooms they tally their coin of economy
and gave complaint to the price of life
kevlar wrapped...Read More
Categories: adversary, humanity, society,
Form: Free verse
Our Tainted Leadership
Our Tainted Leadership 

We have come to believe in the lies we have been sold
Within the ramblings of untold truths, never to be told
Becoming weathered, unsure of the truth we hold so dear
Keeping us all locked in a world of...Read More
Categories: adversary, leadership, political,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme

In a world where change is inevitable we never see it coming 
new and more advanced search engines 
hairdos that shock us with color and multi dimensional form 
faster cars that run on solar energy 
foods syringed with synergetic fibre,...Read More
Categories: adversary, analogy,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Acquisitions
                                       ...Read More
Categories: adversary, friend, hate, people, soulmate,
Form: Diamante
My Favorite Professor
When considering a favorite teacher or professor, immediately,                      one high school teacher and one college professor come to mind.
Since...Read More
Categories: adversary, 1st grade, teacher,
Form: Narrative

Premium Member Lifes Upheavals
Life’s Upheavals
Written: By Miracle Man

I’ve had both Cancer,
and Sudden Cardiac Arrest.
And after having them both,
I can readily attest.

My two worst crises,
in life they’ve been.
 Cancer yanked me,
from a life of sin.

S.C.A. was likewise,
a redoubtable adversary.
Leaving things in life,
much less arbitrary.

Jesus...Read More
Categories: adversary, god, health, jesus, life,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member MENACING--
Much I marvelled the infecting threat;
And its eyes have all the prospecting;
While I pondered, minatory and heavyset;
The hazards came respecting;
I crave the bombastic, beastly belligerent;
And the potential never digging;
And the potentiates never adhering;
The harmonious ultimatum upholding indigents;
The prospects came clearing;
It...Read More
Categories: adversary, conflict, confusion, perspective,
Form: Free verse
Might Marry My Adversary
Might Marry My Adversary

Suppose a certain person I should marry,
Who had turned out being my adversary,
After we proposed,
Each other opposed,
And the two of us were different and very.

Didn't realize that a husband marries a 
husband and a wife can marry...Read More
Categories: adversary, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member In Search of Peace
Never part in fierce anger, my friend.
Life is so short, let love be your end.
Anger is just a cluster of cold thunderstorms,
Let love be a show from various platforms.
For anger like storms are dark, black and sinister,
Rather pour down soothing...Read More
Categories: adversary, peace,
Form: Couplet
Cut Bigger Slice Horn Haiku and More
knew what will suffice
then encourage and entice
to cut biggest slice

Instead of Trump cutting
us out of everything, we
should have Christ cut
him out of everything.

Trump everything he seems to know,
For his Bible has been telling him so;
Thinks is strong,
Always wrong;
Off deep end...Read More
Categories: adversary, allegory, analogy,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Vanishing Mustangs

Nine wild mustangs canter across the prairie
Old West symbols of animals on free range
Known to them is only one adversary

-- Pounding hooves fade into history’s pages

Magnificent specie appears unwary
Victim of habitat infringement and change
Government roundups so unnecessary

Protection not offered, to...Read More
Categories: adversary, horse,
Form: Roundel
Premium Member Shortsightedness

Many times, after thinking my adversary
Was another entity or individual
I have discovered that it was
The horse I had hobbled in my barn.
...Read More
Categories: adversary, me,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I died a little inside
In the silence of sadness,
what will the winds bring tomorrow?
In the sadness of silence,
my soul sighs soft breaths of sorrow.

Where did those rainbows go,
reminiscing happier times?
Thunder brings further misery -
am I victim of my own crimes?

I must have betrayed the...Read More
Categories: adversary, angst, heartbreak, sad,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Goeth, Ye Patriots

No jovial banter? No easy give-and-take of rivalry? Naught there be a good-natur'd ribbing between courteous competitors? Nay a rusty-edg'd petulance on propriety's behalf? No acrimonious innuendo f'r the sake of the game? Nay there a parry and thrusteth of...Read More
Categories: adversary, analogy, football, fun, humorous, sports,
Form: Free verse
What Heaven Sent
I've walked at a peculiar

As I've laughed at peculiar

I've aged in the most peculiar
of vacuums

And went on to love in the most
normal of ways

I've worked in a spirit
of defiance 

As I've traveled the many miles
from compliance

I've lived within the confines
of...Read More
Categories: adversary, life,
Form: Rhyme
Reduce Strife
Reduce Strife 
Ancestors, ancestors long gone but closer u get.  A great deal of young women is left with the check.  No charge, says the Lord!
…but we regret our sons are being taken by the family for less....Read More
Categories: adversary, absence, angel, black african american, faith, moving
Form: Imagism
Screwed Up Little House
I was born to be the dark horse...the underdog. 
But, I'm nowhere near endearing enough for people to root for me. 
Some look at me pitifully like I'm a blind puppy, others see me as a disease, and still others...Read More
Categories: adversary, mental illness,
Form: Bio
Pity,something you can give a lot,
but can never be proud of.
pty aint worth a penny.
thunder evokes lightning
lightning evokes rain.
pity evokes nothing
but hatred and pain.
pity the pauper,
pity the kings.
Pity the world
For what she brings.
None shall escape
past her porcelain nape
Deep in her...Read More
Categories: adversary, emotions, feelings, sad,
Form: Free verse
adversary rhyme
Little miss muffet sat on her tuffet
Alone with no one to play
Along came a spider that hid just behind her
Keeping well clear of the fray
Little jack horner who lived round the corner
Heard an ear piercing cry
With jack and gill his...Read More
Categories: adversary, nursery rhyme,
Form: Rhyme
Halloween night
Throw me to the wolfs 
And I will surely lead the pack
Some lead it from the front 
But I will lead it from the back

Watching every move 
The adversary makes
Hear my ghostly howl 
When the full moon wakes

When I sink...Read More
Categories: adversary, animal, dark, dream, halloween, howl, identity, scary,
Form: Rhyme