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Activated Poems

Activated Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of activated poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for activated.

New Poems

COVID 19 pandemic analogous how indigenous peoples got felled
COVID-19 pandemic analogous how indigenous peoples got felled...

Woebegone, enraged spirits
holographic images taciturn
journeying somberly aghast
at their stolen sacred lands... mourn
dead souls impossible mission

sabotaged aery mission endeavor
happy hunting grounds upheaval
witnessed gaunt bloody sojourn,
perhaps collective aboriginal ghosts return
to haunt cruel innocent heir/heiresses
regarding interlopers,...Read More
Categories: activated, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, america,
Form: Elegy

If you abide in Jesus Christ
My fellow believers many temptations enter into our lives on a regular and reoccurring basis.  The closer we draw living water through our beloved Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The temptations seem to only intensify.  The distractions and...Read More
Categories: activated, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Narrative
At any given moment countless thought processes
Soundlessly ricochet to and fro
hither and yon
roundly bobbing within squarely donned
talking heads of psycho killers,
one pyromaniac burning 
down the crowded house
sparking magnificent conflagration
towering inferno emulating

caterwauling, kickstarting, ululating
(think) stray cats on a hot tin roof
nsync with 10,000 maniacs
intense heat and duraflame
long...Read More
Categories: activated, 12th grade, assonance, deep, imagery, psychological, solitude,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Or Would We

Oh, Lord, I think we need a magic knob
that's somewhere on one arm discreetly placed.
When activated, it would sofly throb,
alerting us to nearby pain it traced.
At this time, we'd adjust our hidden disc,
permitting us to live another’s woe
with comprehension flowing,...Read More
Categories: activated, humanity, pain,
Form: Sonnet
The Curse of a Motor Mower
They’re motives of the weekend - they’re a gardener’s saving grace,
buzzing up and down and ‘round and ‘round cleaning up the place.
There’s nothing like the latest smell of a freshly mown down lawn,
once you ease a hiccup which can cause...Read More
Categories: activated, humor,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Teachings Of New Year 2020
morning of new day of the Year-2020
I don't find the bed-sheet of fogs around me
this morning is not new to me
this fairness of dawn is not new
everything and everyone as usual activated

last night 11: 59 minutes brought nothing
heard some carefree...Read More
Categories: activated, life, love, new year, poetry,
Form: Free verse

Morning Mode of a Poet

                Morning Prayer.      Check
                Taking a...Read More
Categories: activated, fun, how i feel, poets,
Form: List
Needle less explanation concerning
Needle less explanation concerning...

Fabled, faded, and faint scars courtesy varicella,  
a highly contagious infection caused 
by varicella zoster virus can still be seen
unlike kids today inoculated during childhood,
thus youngsters deprived mild fever and 
rash of itchy inflamed blisters yours truly
contracted said infection bedridden, and
served tall glass...Read More
Categories: activated, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, kid,
Form: Free verse
Head of two person patriarchy 2nd guess
Domestic chargé d'affaires
became mine bailiwick
dint of the missus being
disinclined and less quick
budgeting, hence I inadvertently
accepted lickity split,
subsequent obligation did

smoothly clack and click,
which minimized conflict
whereby we shared equal intrinsic
reciprocity complicity, culpability
then at playtime, thee enigmatic
one whipped out adult toys
stashed in the...Read More
Categories: activated, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 8th
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Ketchup

A child scratches a spacecraft in the dust,
He does not call it a 'spacecraft'
because it is 1911. The Colt Firearm Company
has patented the first reliable semi-automatic pistol;
it does not look like any other handgun.
Decades earlier, Karl Drais invents
the meat-chopping machine.
Delmonico's...Read More
Categories: activated, poetry,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member who am I
who am I

in love 
a knowledge 
a power 
an emotion 
a mind of dear 

in hate 
an ignorant 
an ego 
a tension 
a mind of foe 

in life 
an activated stamina 

in death 
an imaginative quota

-December 03, 2019 Chattogram...Read More
Categories: activated, death, hate, i am, life, love,
Form: Free verse
My Bleating Heart
Modern day scoffers say,
only the strong will survive
That the weak will be eaten alive
Only T-Rex,
cold-blooded logic will thrive

The talking serpents e-vol hiss, 
instincts of compassion and kindness won’t abide
Forgiveness is viewed as fleece clothing
to bear skins 
sin cloaked in naked...Read More
Categories: activated, religious, spiritual, truth, wisdom,
Form: Narrative
Wood burning stove weather
While outside nor'easter
howls like banshees
vents temperature dips
into low double digits
fire breathing friendly
dragon (cue Barney

purple dinosaur)
crackling hearth,
yours truly snuggling
close proximity warming,
thawing, quelling...
cockles and muscles

atavistic visitations hover
brushes within subconscious
purring, mew zing catacombs
kickstarting, harkening,
dawning... Homo sapiens
lion eye zing forebears

dormant memories thaw
predators vastly outnumbered
scattered...Read More
Categories: activated, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Words
the human
natural focal engine
of the idea
activated since the birth
which lives in the
imaginative kingdom of me

by phase of time the idea grows up 
as the loving shape of words
and spreads its light, power
upon the entire universe
touching through the nature

o it's the...Read More
Categories: activated, poets, words,
Form: Free verse
Acid reflux 7:00 post meridiem September 24th 2019
Acid reflux ~ 7:00 post meridiem September 24th, 2019

Ah... nothing more enjoyable than acidic gastric fluid flowing backward into esophagus, resulting in heartburn, disrupting pleasant dreams, nor unsure how successful literary endeavor crafting poem regarding aforementioned will yield.

While deeply asleep
during...Read More
Categories: activated, 11th grade, 12th grade, angst, health, humorous,
Form: Free verse
Self prophecy
Child born to be used
Born with a veil over its face
Born protected from birth 
God designed they life 
Life to appear one way
Held them back 
Run them through situations 
Situation average Joe...
Average Joe couldn’t handle
Gifts placed upon that child

Run another...Read More
Categories: activated, angel, beautiful, blessing,
Form: Free verse
Charge d affaires struck by lightning bolt
Charge d'affaires struck by lightning bolt

While high falutin dip low matt
flying his kite insurgents
planned coup d'etat
clear out of blue, a devilish
forked, jagged, knifed
dagger "O" type electric current licked

more'n the pants off harried envoy
clear rants heard
all the way to Timbuktu
damn donnybrook...Read More
Categories: activated, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, conflict,
Form: Political Verse
Encapsulation Versus Elaboration
Encapsulation Versus Elaboration...

Therefore, I opted to
reduce heavy sedation
within unsuspecting reader rabbit
summarization superseded elaboration,
less reason spurring salacious secretion
i.e. a-z expletive epithet, et cetera laced

verbalization crucifixion subsequently,
neither nameless nincompoop (me)
crossing verboten drive,
nor this ditto anonymous
poetic purveyor to burden heavy
onlookers with elegiac colluding...Read More
Categories: activated, addiction, appreciation, beauty, confusion, crazy, creation, identity,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member TIC TIC

We’re all ticking time bombs
With activated fuses
Sometimes doctors
Will sit us down
And assign us some disease
Ominously reminding us
About the ticking of our clock
But in the meantime
Other bombs go off around us
Often without warning
Why would we need
A reminder
To live life to the...Read More
Categories: activated, angst, anxiety, death, future, health, life, time,
Form: Free verse
Harmonizing the act
Piercing the asunder
A wood that fires
A fan that burns

Keeping the fire burning
Smokes higher unto the sky
Eating it raw
Digesting it saw

A wood that must not finish
A fan that must not stop
It doesn’t only warm you
It keeps wild beast away...Read More
Categories: activated, christian, faith, fire, spiritual,
Form: Free verse
Why must you continue 
To harass me 
When after a full investigation 
It has been Scientifically proven
You and I by no means 
Meant to be 
Assuming I would 
Be your Savior 
But it’s only your behavior 
That has you in...Read More
Categories: activated, break up, hurt,
Form: Free verse
Pumped Up

A robotic boyfriend she dated
Was ‘blow up’ and voice activated
She had a quick grope
And said up periscope
And that’s when his doo dah inflated...Read More
Categories: activated, boyfriend, humorous, rude,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member AND SO IT BEGINS
And so it begins
The game of life
The dominos of love
Falling where they may
The timer activated
Fresh out of a box
Learning the rules 
As we go along
No plan or ruse
No rhyme or reason
Just out for some fun
Moving game pieces
Taking turns
At winning and...Read More
Categories: activated, destiny, emotions, fun, games, life, passion, uplifting,
Form: Free verse
Dracula And The Witch
A child of the moon she was
But quite the troublemaker she also was
Practicing forbidden magicks
While her older sisters did sleep
And what a big bang it was
That sent her into the ether
Shrouded in blue light
She did fall into a slumber she...Read More
Categories: activated, adventure, halloween, magic,
Form: Free verse
Elusive Ephemeral Ethereal Expansive Timelessness
Elusive Ephemeral Ethereal Expansive: Timelessness

Analogous to mobius strip -
     measured passage of existence
     only took precedence
     with Homo sapiens ascendent
busting forth upon
     the figurative...Read More
Categories: activated, allegory, allusion, cousin, creation, destiny, old, race,
Form: Free verse