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Activate Poems

Activate Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of activate poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for activate.

New Poems

Don't clog,read this blog
Careful with the pipes
Don't stop up the toilets,
Cause aint no plumber coming'',
That bad tooth, that hurts to the root,
News flash, ‘ain't no dentist open'.
Separate your garbage,
Garbage man aint doing extra,
No has mask suits or gas mask,
They aint...Read More
Categories: activate, crazy, deep, fate, giggle, imagery, truth,
Form: Iambic Pentameter

File 1: The Coronavirus and the Food before us
Revolutionary results can occur
The coronavirus will not endure
The food before us is something we can trust!
Understanding its impact for future generations is a must!

Cat’s claw can help your immune system before 
The coronavirus claws its way back to full function
The...Read More
Categories: activate, health,
Form: Didactic
Inertia 2

                                       ...Read More
Categories: activate, change, people, science,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Stoic Poet
Stoic Poet
Life is like philosophy
"all we are is dust in the wind" said Socrates,
one fleeting moment were here and then were gone 
so even if you win, in the end, no one ever truly won,
so when you rise in the...Read More
Categories: activate, imagination, truth,
Form: Rhyme
We wait
And we wait… we wait for things to get shway
For life to get sweeter
For water to get warmer 
For air to get gentle

We wait for oxygen to fill us with extravagance energies
For the breeze to activate our Neurons

We wait… we...Read More
Categories: activate, time,
Form: Free verse


Chill the champagne
Activate the festive flair
Turn on our tv set
Tune in to Dick Clark’s
New Year Rockin’ Eve
Enjoy the lively entertainment
Times Square becomes
The center of our universe
The crowd is jubilant
Excitement roars
And culminates
The old year almost over
We join the countdown
Wholeheartedly and loud
There...Read More
Categories: activate, fun, future, hope, moving on, new year,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Prejudice
Why are you prejudice
Why do you discriminate
Why do you hate
It's time for us to debate
Just you wait
I am about to alternate
The things that racism
Love to activate
Did you know it's wrong to hate
Don't even try to debate
Hate cannot educate all it...Read More
Categories: activate, anger, culture, hate, race, religion,
Form: Free verse
Going on a journey to renew my mind
Ready for distraction from the daily grind
Everybody needs a chance to get away -
Activate their senses on a holiday
Time for liberation from my heavy load
Energy is rising as I hit the road
Singing karaoke...Read More
Categories: activate, adventure, fantasy, freedom, holiday, work,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member Ketchup

A child scratches a spacecraft in the dust,
He does not call it a 'spacecraft'
because it is 1911. The Colt Firearm Company
has patented the first reliable semi-automatic pistol;
it does not look like any other handgun.
Decades earlier, Karl Drais invents
the meat-chopping machine.
Delmonico's...Read More
Categories: activate, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member to read minutely
there are many books

though sneaking whisperth
all are
through the all books 
I have to go
go thoroughly the books of me
to read minutely 
the inside of me; 
to activate the wings of freedom..

-27/10/19 CTG, BD...Read More
Categories: activate, introspection,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Your grown-up mood
The sky's slate gray
   It's rained all day
Though children can't go out
   They don't sit around and pout

Kids paint, they draw
   They learn to cook
Curl up with their favorite book

So, if ever rain dampens...Read More
Categories: activate, children, emotions, rain,
Form: Rhyme
And ignoble prize trumpeting hubris awarded to
And ignoble prize trumpeting hubris awarded to...

Bourgeoisie donning ersatz
overstuffed ego freezer bewigged pate
"FAKE" grotesque humanitarian
bribed corrupt judges will vindicate
jimmied cracked corn
land of "milk and honey"

red hot button he spoils to activate
countdown to Armageddon
leaving nation prostrate,
all the more reason to axe...Read More
Categories: activate, 11th grade, 12th grade, abuse, fire, freedom,
Form: Dramatic Verse
In the jungle alone
Wicked mountain side
Screamed freedom echo 
Echo to the heavens above
Scent of nature glade my soul
My soul wondered 
Wondered the jungle 
Connected with the tiger 
Tiger lick my spirit 
Strength restored to conquer 
Monkey dive on my back
Shook and dodge obstacles...Read More
Categories: activate, adventure, beautiful, blessing, celebration, change, courage, forgiveness,
Form: Free verse
July 25th, 1996 tied the Gordian knot
July 25th, 1996 tied the Gordian knot,...
(I spent noose cents)
begot deux daughters, the major events
both since flew cuckoo's nest,
the eldest angry at papa for offense

sieve behavior fatherly bond
forever sundered permanent rents
unforgiving progeny vents
bile, explosive vitriol whence...

Aye yen for bachelorhood every
now...Read More
Categories: activate, 12th grade, anniversary, celebration, humorous, judgement, july,
Form: Dramatic Verse
The Chinese store has everything 
so be observant when you walk in. 
The Chinese store has everything, 
Matchbox, paper bag and red watch
The Chinese store has everything
Wall clock old keys and old lock
The Chinese store has everything 
If you look...Read More
Categories: activate, anxiety, business, community, culture, emotions, people, technology,
Form: Narrative
Suspended Transcendental Meditative State
Suspended Transcendental Meditative State...

Temporarily relieves, loosens,
and detaches worldly weight,
albeit bearing heavily straight
away upon well balanced,
awk credited miniature oblate
spheroid, sans cranial

dome to help alleviate
this principled capital one citizen banker,
whose penurious plight
seeks to make lightweight
oppressive burden clawing
(with razor sharp talons) 

tete a...Read More
Categories: activate, allusion, body, deep, father, happiness, heaven, imagery,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Paradise trip
Hello and congratulations!  You were picked for a four day cruise at no cost to you.
Yes that’s right, you and a partner will enjoy a needed vacation that 
includes 3 nights and 4 days on one of America’s best...Read More
Categories: activate, travel,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Ahm Your Medicine
Every day you awake you need to give thanks, I am the past
and the present; You are the potential.
I am the essential.
You are the future; I am the now!
I am the reality in that order - Means I am sequential.
If...Read More
Categories: activate, culture, deep, education, endurance, health,
Form: Lyric
Wisdom of Art

The rain
Is steady
As I let
The dog in.

Playing with her
I activate
Tender hemispheres –

Just unwinding
In the nothingness
Of being –

The Divine
Reaches down
Like a hand

And lost,
Or perhaps found
In peaceful

I seem
To reach
Earth’s atmosphere –

A glimpse
Of the expanding

In my mind

So I am torn...Read More
Categories: activate, poetry,
Form: Free verse

South Africa has a high rate of crime, anything is probable,
Keeping out determined criminals is impossible!
This is the house that my parents built 40 years ago that we 
We live in,
This is the house that we built a palisade...Read More
Categories: activate, fear,
Form: Rhyme
Dinosaurs are great, they are the present fate, imagine how many people they have ate. years from eight they have not skate but we should not hate because they have a heavy weight or else they'll put you in their...Read More
Categories: activate, 4th grade, strength,
Form: Rhyme
Battery for Hyundai Sonata Needed Today
Battery (for Hyundai Sonata) Needed Today

Frugality worn by fiat generated
by alternate fickle finger of fate,
the plus side being said vehicle
parked here in public Salem's lot,
where I live with said diabolical mate

at highland manor apartments
penury run me underground in potter's
grave adversity...Read More
Categories: activate, anxiety, blue, fate, humor, life, technology, word
Form: Free verse
way distant the voice
the book DELBO, is a story about a Docter who did a 
" word gathering study" which measures the degree of
a woman's deceit. Instead of saying that certain
patterns were derived from
DNA, the Docters attached microphones to sons 
of unmarried mothers
and...Read More
Categories: activate, encouraging, science fiction,
Form: Elegiac Lyric
Having Faith To Continue
It's been there for as long as I know
now here I am in my sixty-fifth year
and its still showing it's ugly head
daily confrontation comes so very near

But believe I'm here for a purpose
even when the reasons are not seen
receiving real...Read More
Categories: activate, endurance, faith, god,
Form: Rhyme
Virgin boys

Amongst others we are virgins
Their quest is to devour virgins
They claim to be the saint
Yet we are truly innocent

We don't activate like slay kings
Who will never wear you rings
They will wear you lice 
But virgin boys don't lie

Always in...Read More
Categories: activate, 7th grade,
Form: Blank verse