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Woman Acrostic Poems

These Woman Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Woman. These are the best examples of Acrostic Woman poems written by international poets.

Run So Others Can
L-et twenty-sixth February
O-pen the early Sunday; 
R-ise of the sun begins, 
N-ight chill fades

A-nother dawn has broken, 
V-ile weather turns fine; 
E-vening shadows disappear, 

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Categories: birthday,

Litany of do this and don’t do that…
My dearest mother is a champion of verbalizing such 
Not as a loquacious orator, but as a virtuous...

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Categories: appreciation, christian, faith, god,

Written by: Rodgers Ja Brown

You are the omega of my heart
the foundation of my conception of love

When i think of what a black woman should...

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Categories: black love, dedication, friendship

She knows from an early age, her mother’s hand upon her shoulder, she
Understands what is expected, what is right, what her role is: to be

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Categories: emotions,

Premium Member Leave Me Alone
Leave me alone please, the disturbingly patient but truly sick woman said.
Every time she was mysteriously interrupted, she was brought out of bed.
After the six...

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Categories: how i feel,

Premium Member MISCHIEF

M   My soulmate is a miracle woman
I     In Conception and in contraception
S    She’s born three children...

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Categories: birth,

Rasbeery jam is better with toast
Romiao was a bassoon player for the Getdown Groove
orcheastra, they were selected to do a gig for a famous
singer who was coming to town, they

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Categories: adventure, business, clothes, creation,

evil woman
she curses him
insults and curses
she speaks ill of him
and makes him target
in her verses
she screams to curse
and speaks to unravel
and her mind is sultled...

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Categories: adventure, analogy, angel, anti

Pure Heart Of A Minister s Wife
A-pril fourth early Tuesday, 
N-ew dawn leaves the twilight; 
N-ight cold chill disappears, sun sets everything aright. 

P-ure heart of a minister's wife 
A-ims to...

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Categories: birthday,

Premium Member The Last Laugh
The girl he dated briefly
Had pulled some shenanigans
Everyone liked her at first

Loved her, until she showed her true colors.
Always laughing, making fun, teasing, playing
She made...

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Categories: character, encouraging, moving on,

Premium Member S O S
Saviour save us from

Our sinful wrong choices

Surrendering man woman and children



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Categories: 7th grade, adventure, beautiful,

Premium Member My 1970's Acrostic
T	The wide belts, hip-huggers, bell bottom pants
H	Hip people dress like Sonny and Cher
E	Everyone loves Carol Burnet, Harvey Korman,  and Bonanza

S	Singers cannot compete with Barbara...

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Categories: nostalgia,

Premium Member Summer Cooking
Cabal’s Cantankerous Carnival

Carefully they plot the final climax before midnight falls at summer tides

Anticipate what is brewing in the potty vessel of self-righteous ritual

Bellow the...

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Categories: death,

Premium Member Mother
M	Mamas, Mommies and Moms

O	Often otherworldly, and ordinary

T	Turn to each other for guidance

H	Help the neighbors learn new ways of doing things

E	Enthusiastic about their children and friends

R	Raise...

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Categories: for her, joy, mother,

Premium Member Friendship Acrostic
F	Friends have each other’s backs
R	Real friends build each other up
I	I escape in my friend’s problems
E	Enthusiastic together and on the phone
N	No is okay, between friends.
D	Doing things...

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Categories: abortion, anniversary, for teens,

Premium Member Nurse Acrostic
N	Naturally caring.
U	Understanding and Kind.
R	Realistically diagnoses
S	Sees things others miss
E	Enthusiastic about helping people

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member JOYCE
Joy is found in the name of Joyce, our beloved poetess friend.

Only one who lives life well can happily reach their one-hundredth year.

Young at heart...

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Categories: friend,

One Woman Will Win
M-orn twenty-third February 
A-ims to meet the Thursday; 
Y-es, her birthday has come, as the night walks away. 

O-ne woman will win, 
R-ain of tears...

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Categories: birthday,

One Woman
One woman in acrosti-C 
has walked in the right pat-H 
She has no time to wast-E 

She stays away from wrat-H 
Maintaing an amiable aur-A...

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Categories: birthday,

One Lady Wears A Mustache
C-rimson sun up above
L-ights up the Tuesday; 
A-fter Monday night is gone, 
R-aindrops fade away.
I-t's a beautiful birthday, 
S-eventh February morn; 
S-hadows have vanished, 

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