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Nostalgia Acrostic Poems

These Nostalgia Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Nostalgia. These are the best examples of Acrostic Nostalgia poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Watch Children Laugh
With an open heart and a loving mind
Affection flowing from my grateful pores,
The sight that so beautifully spends my time,
Children laughing and playing out of...

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Categories: child, grandchild, joy,

Premium Member Casuistry
Combination of different fine flowers is also forestry
Angels are mere waiters of one big imaginative eatery
Scoring only family members high is help, not bigotry
Under the...

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Categories: character, how i feel,

Premium Member The Eighties
Time traveling Delorean
He-Man and Hulk Hogan
Eddie Murphy and Eurythmics

Excellent Bill & Ted
I want my MTV!
Girls just wanna have fun
Huge hair and van Halen
Thriller, and Tom...

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Categories: appreciation, fun, nostalgia, remember,

Premium Member My 1970's Acrostic
T	The wide belts, hip-huggers, bell bottom pants
H	Hip people dress like Sonny and Cher
E	Everyone loves Carol Burnet, Harvey Korman,  and Bonanza

S	Singers cannot compete with Barbara...

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Categories: nostalgia,

Premium Member My 1960's Acrostic
T	The Beatles and the Monkeys are here
H	Hippies are spreading free love and good cheer
E	Everyone recognizes the yellow happy face

S	Signing up for the draft is a...

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Categories: nostalgia,

Premium Member My 1950's Acrostic
T	Think about the ponytails and clean cut crews
H	He is your main priority, there are books that prove
E	Everyone smokes. It is sophisticated and fancy.

F	Feeling truly patriotic...

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Categories: nostalgia,


Keepsake from my dear kindhearted uncle
Abroad he travelled, absent for so long
Leading a fun life, loving his stories
Extravagant and eccentric he was
Idealistic, impulsive, that too

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Categories: crush, family, inspirational, niece,

Happy days
H-igh spirits with friends, groups of teenagers full of life.
A-imated laughter echoes around them.
P-layful fighting, teasing and taunting.
P-riceless memories made.
Y-oung love beginning.

D-eepening affection growing.
A-rdent kisses...

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Categories: childhood, happy, love, memory,

Long Ago
"Long Ago"

Long ago
on a hill so high
nothing could be finer
gracing my soul complete
And now
going back in time
onward we go

Loving what stands
only between you and me

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© Lisa Ricci  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: blessing, fantasy, nostalgia,

A Good Day To Celebrate
G-ood day to celebrate, 
R-emembering your birth; 
A-lmighty God has made, 
C-reated you on

E-arly light starts to shine, 
N-ew dawn has broken; 
I-nclement clime turns...

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Categories: birthday,

     Cumbered with a load of care,
     Not knowing with whom to share,

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Categories: art, life, nostalgia, poetry,

Premium Member Nostalgia



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Categories: nostalgia,

Premium Member Nostalgia
N umbed and obnubilated are the five senses
O btused by the feelings that haunt in the nights
S uffering unnecessarily as a tormented soul 
T aking...

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Categories: feelings,

Divine Providence

Ruminating over a golden era gone by and over possessiveness filled me with nostalgia
Ultimate luxury of vying for a car as well as owning a...

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Categories: absence, car, care, death,

Premium Member Rusted and Busted Forgotten Old Friend
Facial expressions change
Obscenities silently uttered
Reliving growing pains
Goosebumps cause me to shudder
Outlaws back in the day
Together we made quite a pair
Two classics finding our way
Enslaved by...

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Categories: nostalgia, sad,

Glory Days
Gleaming in the sun, my cherry-red skin 
Low, throaty purring, ready engine’s sound
Over the chalked line, tires screech, we begin
Road blurs, turquoise Mustang fades, I...

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Categories: age, car, nostalgia,

A Mother's Day Memory
Made me love the word of mind
On Moby Dick and Pinocchio time.
Tripping to a Radio City line.
Her hand at the fair I find.
Easing the stress...

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© Tom Arnone  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: caregiving, childhood, family, love,


Softer than fresco snow silently slide
Newness reigns supreme as baby's breath
One and all in awe we do look up
Wishing everyone winter wonderland.


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Categories: beautiful, nostalgia, winter,

Minute after minute, hour after hour
Every moment of my sanity is you
Loving you is more than a fantasy
Incomparable among the rest
Some might tell me you're...

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Categories: desire, dream, love, love

W inter at times became a paradise lost-and-found  
I recall huddling over a static, crackling old radio
N ews announcement: School canceled tomorrow!
T he yard...

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Categories: childhood, nostalgia,