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Cry Acrostic Poems

These Cry Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Cry. These are the best examples of Acrostic Cry poems written by international poets.

Room At The Moon Far Away
S-eeing the moon up high
H-as made one amazed; 
A-musing view of shelter, 
R-oom in a far away place.
M-oon has a safe room, 
I-n seventeenth October;...

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Categories: birthday,

Because He Lives
Bore the burden of my sin on the cross
Emptied Himself that I might gain through His loss
Calvary, epitome of unconditional love
Almighty God left His splendor...

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Categories: appreciation, death, how i

Premium Member Righteous Love So Grand--
Righteous Love So Grand--

Ragouts doubting dreams
Individual starlet does scream
Grilled tourneys resources
Hot linguine imagine voices
Tourneys inter-vision bloom
Exultant roundelays run
Owns penned ricochet bouts
Understandable spangle shouts
Spangle glimmer goes...

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Categories: analogy, appreciation, love,

Rise And Reach The Sky
R-ise and reach the sky, 
E-ven though the clouds are gray; 
N-o reason to worry about, 
E-arly thirty-first of May. 

U-se your wings and glide,...

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Categories: birthday,

Walking constantly toward them that are without.
Instructions of mine heeded, can turn one about.
Some acquire me through the rod and reproof.
Dolts and simpletons will hold...

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Categories: cry, spiritual, wisdom,

In Sadness and Sorrow I Now Weep
In Sadness and Sorrow I Now Weep

I  In sadness and sorrow I now weep
N  Never to see the one I loved so deep

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Categories: bereavement, death of a

Dealing With Discouragement

Do you feel downhearted at this time now in your life?
Is your heart all burdened from the trials and the strife?
Set your focus...

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Categories: depression,

Premium Member WORD PLAY

I attempt to make other people smile

Melancholy days - forget them for a while!
A real belly laugh is good for your soul
Keep on writing humour...

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Categories: humor, me, poetry,

Refrain From Careless Mistake
R-efrain from careless mistake, 
U-sing your heart and mind; 
T-he wrong choice in life 
H-as already been left behind. 

J-ust refrain from careless mistake, 

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Categories: birthday,

before i cry 
before i die 
before i fry
back to heaven 
why don't my profile awakens
in the mildest of your medulla oblangata
why cant i be...

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Categories: anxiety, best friend, betrayal,

Acrostic on LAUGH & CRY

L-ike to laugh I would in well and woe
A-cross all aim in life step forward too
U-pon my urging I am wondering...

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Categories: cry, smile,

Erasing Your Cry


Topic: Birthday of Hershey Candice(July 19) 
Form: Vertical Monocrostic...

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Categories: birthday,

A word with my soul
 So vivacious you are, 
Purifying and invigorating,
Changing, becoming bewildered, 
With despondent moods perplexing.

Stimulation to cry, urging sadness, 
A misunderstanding with confusion,
Encircling the shattered body...

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Categories: 10th grade, parents, passion,

My dearest love, why do you cry in the morning?
Are the sharp rays of light hurting your eyes?
Remember times when we were young, spry, full...

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Categories: cry, love hurts, marriage,

Pool Of Tears
R-iver or pool of tears
I-s drowning the pain; 
S-econd of May Tuesday
S-tarts to smile

N-ever swim in the pool of tears, 
O-r you will surely sink;...

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Categories: birthday,

Pleasure To Your Birth
M-orning rays from the sun
A-re brought to the day; 
R-ise of the early beacon
I-s taking the night away.
V-iew in the sky above
I-s painted with blue...

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Categories: birthday,

Eyes Of A Child
I-n the eyes of a child
N-othing is a deep secret; 
C-hasing rainbow is a dream, the view is far from fret.

L-et the eyes of a...

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Categories: life,

Part Of Life
C-rushing grief is part of life, 
H-eartbreak makes one cry; 
E-ven anguish gives sorrow, as woe and fret come by.

P-art of life is debacle, 

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Categories: birthday,

Laughter Is A Key For Happiness
Ha Ha Ha Ha What is it?
Nothing but you need it
It makes us healthy in any manner
This is the benefit of laughter...

It spreads happiness all...

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Categories: happiness, happy, heartbreak, poems,

Truth shall hold, and set one free
Righteousness shall reign, and let one be
Ornaments that fold, unfold at three
Under father of rain,  Son Spirit be

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Categories: angst, cry, depression, scary,