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Brother Acrostic Poems

These Brother Acrostic poems are examples of Acrostic poems about Brother. These are the best examples of Acrostic Brother poems written by international poets.

Joyous Morning
Joyous morning awakened me today and I salute the sun
Over fried eggs and caffeine delight, to stories of
Yesterday’s, long gone.

One day I’ll awaken to
Find a...

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Categories: appreciation, earth, environment, morning,

Please Don't
Even drugs make me happy.
Dont do them though if you do i will be sappy.
Great things await you as long as you dont do drugs.

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Categories: 9th grade, addiction, drug,

Sign Of The Times
Sacred Scriptures and the seers of the yore
Inspired or in the throes of divine revelations 
Garnering premonitory precursors of the coming times 
Nation rising against...

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Categories: bible, blessing,

Five Papayas And A Basket
Five papayas and a basket
Are brought by Granda Mel; 
The sweet fruits are given
To her five friends very well.

The first fruit is handed to Raquel,...

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Categories: birthday,

Earnest Valiant Minister
E-arnest valiant minister
A-ims to lead God's nation; 
R-ight decisions he makes
N-ever bring confusion.
E-arnest valiant minister
S-imply fulfills his duty
T-o feed the entire flock with words of...

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Categories: leadership,

Faith Of God's Messenger
F-aith of God's messenger 
E-xpresses the work of the Creator; 
L-ove of the Father Almighty 
I-s exactly the 

M-essenger of God had passed away,...

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Categories: birthday,

Ever Vigorous Minister
E-ver Vigorous Minister
D-espite the tribulation; 
U-ndaunted in spite of pain, 
A-nguish and persecution.
R-eady to protect the flock, 
D-efending her from predators; 
O-ften threatened by wolves,...

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Categories: birthday,

Bro Erano G Manalo Toward The Promised Salvation
E-lder Brother Eraño G. Manalo
R-emains in the heart of the fold; 
A-s the second leader is now
Ñ-inety-two years

M-onday morn January second
A-ims to remind the flock;...

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Categories: birthday,

The Family
There’s one word that everyone should know and treasure
Hold in reverence for life long companionship and pleasure
Even on the darkest days when pain and distress...

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Categories: care, family, humanity,

life is short
Life is short
A day has passed
An hour is gone
A minute is consumed
A second still counts
Months have been washed away by rain

A heartbeat is still beating

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Categories: abortion, age, books, boxing

hidden power
     I appraise the literature, as I fixate upon the scripture...
as I begin to see...

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Categories: anxiety, crazy, , literature,

In honor of my grandson Adrian Michael
        To honor my grandson Adrian Michael
Apollo resides secretly even before he breaths life,
Determining what this special seed...

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Categories: grandson, love,

Premium Member BEING HUMAN
Boys, being mischievous, showing off on a skateboard and
Engaging in sports of all kinds, swimming and fishing 
In all kinds of weather, coming home tracking...

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Categories: childhood, humanity,

Premium Member ECSTASY
Even though I read tribute poems at your memorial service I still
Can’t believe that you both died aged just 19 and 20.
Staring me in the...

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Categories: abuse, death of a

Premium Member The Rusty Carcass
The Rusty Carcass

The shell remains, picked clean by
Hungry vultures, ravenous with greed.
Eyes, gouged out, now vacant in their stare.

Raw morsels of choice bits and parts,

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Categories: appreciation, car, sad, tribute,

Where is justice
In another time in another kingdom
We were three brothers all died
The first one was very pious
And went straight to paradise,
I was a man full of...

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Categories: age,

Under My Wing
Under My Wing 
by Max Sincere

You used 2 be my brother forever by my side...
I even pulled you out the matrix when the world left...

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Categories: best friend, betrayal, evil,

brother and sister love
Brother and sister love
Its a bird
Its a plane

No it looks like Sa-vannah
Flying in the air with duck tales
Who hoo

Saying come on mommy
Let's fly higher
So diontay...

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Categories: children,

black scar's
Black scar's
Asian glow
A lost women with a drum
The glow came from her  beating
Her drum
But the scar's came from her being
Beating on
The music from the...

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Categories: little sister,

Splashed carelessly aside 
poised, patiently resisting 
every earthen pull. Only you reside,
carved statuette persisting
tethered on stony mountain tops
asking much of fortunes favor.
Catching crisp sunlight, life...

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Categories: beauty, mountains, nature,